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  1. The xp formula is not exponential it is this http://www.mirekw.com/rs/RSDOnline/Guides/guide.aspx?file=Experience%20formula.html Using Taylor series any differentiable function can be represented as an infinite polynomial (or well approximated with a high order polynomial). We all realise that Jagex don't use high order polynomials, if I could find a simple function I would use it but I can't so I'll use a polynomial instead. Being a little off the true answer doesn't matter for my uses and polynomials are also easier to use than a summation. Finding the xp gotten from this task is quite a niche use so it isn't much to ask someone to type 8 digit numbers when they need it. The xp from a perfect floor is a multiple of the base xp so we wont need to test every level for a perfect floor, we can continue using grimy's figures :)
  2. No dont you'll go insane from the incompetent coding thats already in place. On the bright side you might not have to use java after the html5 update and you can do research easily.
  3. It would make perfect sense if there was a jump when a floor was unlocked. I tried an exponential relationship of the form a*b^(c*level) but that didnt fit. I will try it again with a constant added. I don't know any exponential formulae in runescape that weren't added in EoC except for the effigy drop rate formula. High order polynomials should be a good approximation to any function because any function can be expressed as a polynomial. Edit. I generally don't search for non polynomial functions because I don't expect Jagex to use anything more than simple functions. When I can't find an exact solution then a high order polynomial will be a good approximation.
  4. Found your irl profile while link surfing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Hedges
  5. Ok I've got it :D I am still looking for xp rewards data to improve this estimate, particularly at low levels. The reward xp is related to the base xp you would get for doing your highest floor. This makes sense because Jagex's plan was to make challenge rewards similar xp to what you would normally do. Grimy has the base xp for each floor in his dungeoneering xp spreadsheet https://docs.google....NDdXpKaGc#gid=3 He has manually entered values up to floor 40 and then used a formula to relate floor number and base xp for higher floors but it is a differential equation which clearly Jagex would not use. His formula predicted values must be close though because there is a very strong relationship between his figures and the reward xp (R2=0.9995 which should be 1 for a perfect relationship) The relationship is Reward= 891.11+ 7.599B Where B is the base xp for your highest floor. From the data you guys have provided this is off by a max of 2435 xp. A quadratic fit does not produce much better results so I'm sticking to a linear fit. In the case where your dungoneering level is an even number, for example 80 then your highest floor is 40.5. Taking the average of floor 40 and 41 gives almost the same result as just floor 40.5 Grimy's formula is difficult to work with so I tried to use a polynomial to relate floor number and base xp. Neither a linear or quadratic relationship work well. I don't expect Jagex to use a higher order relationship than quadratic but it turns out that a cubic or quartic (degree 4) relationship work much better. To me this indicates that they don't use a polynomial but instead might have a formula like the one for the xp needed for a certain level. The best-fit cubic relationship is base xp= 6.536+ 54.35F+ 0.8515F2+ 0.07736F3. Where F is the floor number. This is off by a maximum of 66xp. The best-fit quartic relationship is base xp= 82.59+ 31.14F+ 2.531F2+ 0.03477F3+ 0.0003491F4. This is off by a maximum of 13xp. Combining these equations of reward as a function of base xp and base xp as a function of floor, and taking floor=(level+1)/2 the equation for reward xp becomes Reward= 1641.91+128.04L+4.901L2+0.033692L3+0.00016581L4 Where L is level. Comparing the predicted rewards to the data here I find that the prediction is off by a maximum of 7724xp at level 108. This is quite large but all the other errors are less than 2500xp. Or for the cubic fit Reward= 1149+209.97L+1.83817L2+0.734858L3 The predictions made by this are surprisingly far off You may have thought that I could just fit a polynomial to the original data collected on this thread but that polynomial would be skewed because all the data here is for high levels. I tired this and the results for low levels is either ridiculously high or negative. The intermediate step of using Grimy's floor data which includes low levels reduces the bias to high levels.
  6. According to dgs, to maximise hex's dps you should alternate between auto attacks and abilities. This makes you gain adreneline slowly and use fewer thresh holds. Rapid fire's effect is exaggerated because the monster will probably die before you finish the ability.
  7. Hardly. Having both an attack range over one, and dps equal to primal 2h, and frag shot/ricochet? Unless there is some weird calculation going on, you have your 2h at 2360 damage, average speed (393/tick) and shortbow at 1967 damage, fast speed (393/tick). Given that there's tons of ranged weak stuff in dg that is also very annoying (entangle, summons) I'd say it's certainly worth using a bow along with 2h. As always if you have unequal tiers it's different. Melee has better abilities and builds adreneline faster. 2h accuracy on range weak monsters is almost 100%. You really can just ignore accuracy in dg when comparing same-tier weapons.
  8. Hey, I've interested in finding formulae relating your skill level and the amount of xp you receive for completing a daily challenge. Some challenges are different so there is lots to investigate. I am most interested in the delve into daemonheim challenge because that is certainly the most rewarding at high levels so I think this is a good place to start. Of course I cannot test every level myself so I'm looking for your help in collecting a list of the xp at different levels. I wont need to know it at every level, just enough so that I can find a formula for it. At the moment I've collected these figures 70 dungeoneering- 50699 xp 80 dungeoneering 67681 xp 88 dungeoneering- 83915 xp 91 dungeoneering- 93012 xp 93 dungeoneering- 97822 xp 96 dungeoneering- 102000 xp 97 dungeoneering- 107993 xp 98 dungeoneering- 107993 xp 99 dungeoneering- 113364 xo 100 dungeoneering- 113364 xp 104 dungeoneering- 124k xp 112 dungeoneering- 149944 xp 113 dungeoneering- 156823 xp 115 dungeoneering- 163k xp 116 dungeoneering- 163943 xp 120 dungeoneering- 178932 xp I would prefer if you could give exact figures instead of rounding it to the neared 1000xp but it wont matter too much if the formula is a little off :)
  9. Actually the J mod post that explained how crit works said that it was a 75% hit with 1-50% added on so it would be 76-125% Not that it would make a difference.
  10. Lots of testing to do now after all these combat changes! I have enough slayer points to get an approximation of avansie and automaton assignment rates
  11. What do you mean 1% extra dps? I think you mean 1% added onto the cap.I believe that crit bonus increases the chance of getting a crit hit because with they seem way more common when I'm slaying compared to when I'm testing stuff with 0 crit bonus gear.
  12. As far as timing... they most certainly do. Agility shortcuts aren't the only thing affected, either. C'mon, man, this has been noticed before, so it's not like some fluke new thing. Hedgehog is talking about the graphics which is what animation refers to. Jagex could set the time to go from one end of a shortcut pipe to the other as being 3 seconds but make a 20 second animation of someone struggling through a pipe. If you clicked to go through the pipe you would see yourself going through a pipe for 20 seconds but after 3 second you'd be able to continue running, when 20 seconds are up you would see the graphics jump to where you had run to in the extra 17 seconds. This kind of effect is actually in the game in many places. When you go on the rope swing at the barbarian course you can run to the log 1.8 seconds before the animation for swinging on the rope finishes.
  13. One or two are worth using. Or were worth using, the time taken to climb them was changed twice.
  14. I 'd be surprised if any of the top 15 have kept qp up to date. Isn't it considered an xp waste? 1. A lot don't play efficiently2. If their goal is to maintain comp/ get trim as well as maxing xp then it is NOT an xp waste.
  15. The fine print said that you must 13 years of age and suomi was younger, hence the mute.
  16. If you had any wit you'd realise it was never about it being impossible.
  17. This is why I never get lucky So that's what I'm doing wrong. And all this time I've just been trying to date the girls. :P This is why I don't get dates
  18. Alkan why are you playing in low detail? Picture retaken in High detail http://puu.sh/2hyMO
  19. It will be a while before I can include automatons in the model :( but since they are good profit I expect people will be keeping logs so it might be easy to include their profits once I know how common their task is.
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