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  1. Congrats now you can bind primal boots :D
  2. How much Ranged XP from cannon? I am 200m ranged so not sure. Is there a way for me to see? edit- I am not sure how it works in eoc, but wouldn't I only get range xp if cannon gets last hit? which would mean I'd get close to zero. You could set your magic attacks to gain magic xp and range attacks to get defence xp so you can see both. Cannon didnt work like that before eoc and doesn't work like that currently They do give xp in range (or defence)
  3. I feel like you would have said 30k is a good sample size if there had been 20k logged with 1 of each glove dropped
  4. What information were you expecting? published drop rates from Jagex? 6550 is a large sample size, create a confidence interval yourself if you want more information.
  5. Maybe it'll be another minigame
  6. Avoidant logged 6550 kills and he got 1 of each glove and 1 cresbot
  7. Hooray. I finally got around to updating this, it now includes automatons and avansies but not the new task released 2 days ago. It is simplified a bit to minimise the amount of information you must enter and should also lag less.
  8. I remember a long time ago seeing a website which allowed you to view the information for your runescape toolbar without having to install it. It worked by you getting some code from the runescape website and entering it on their website, they could then access the toolbar information and display it on their website for you to view. This was safe because you only had to enter your password on the runescape website in order to get the code. I would like to develop something using this principle and it would help a lot if I could get another look at this utility. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the website that offered this and there is no guarantee that it still exists. If anyone knows of this website could you please direct me to it? Many thanks.
  9. Or maybe prevent all stored xp as they did with dungeoneering but Forget to exclude sof this time round
  10. I wonder what limits there will be on using sof lamps for the new skill.
  11. Relax would you. I've almost completed ports and I'm fine doing it at a bit slower pace.
  12. You still haven't completed the challenge, 3 oxheads with same flavour text! Challenge: http://forum.tip.it/...40#entry5402459 I myself have 2/3 as have a few others... I think I'll take a skip on that lol but well done to you getting 2/3 .... Dwarven ... Engineers? I'm putting together a team of 5 engineers because thats what I study in college, they are quite rare once you've unlocked every region lol
  13. I saved up a while to get 3 horseface in the crew roster :) http://puu.sh/31orX
  14. He could at least try to make it on topic saying "How do to players finish melee if they have 200m slay?"
  15. There's a help and advice forum you know.
  16. The hiscore changes mentioned in bts look promising
  17. I think you'd only be dging for xp anyways :P
  18. You forgot the most important part, the weekly [bleep]ing updates that some idiot does. :) I thought that idiot retired. Lets not forget Langer, A13d and everyone else who made an update in Langer's absense
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRcSDKuQzCM This video is not appropriate because he has gathered some data and if you were to find the probability of recieving 8 effigies it would be extremely low so he has reason to believe there is an un-nerf.
  20. His deep dark secret, he played pest control when he could have been fletching bolts and alching them while killing green dragons for the bones he needed for 99 prayer.
  21. 260k is including the smith and magic xp, I know its a bad way to present the xp rate.
  22. Loads of people have done it to be famous for a day or sometimes by accident and each time someone makes a big deal out of it.
  23. Out of common methods people use I'd say prayer is fastest.Excluding daily events because I dont think he's considering that as consistent.
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