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  1. If there was a new pick it would make conc gold either 14% faster or 33% faster considering the trend Jagex have been following on pickaxe tiers.
  2. Yes! :D I know that 38% min hit is weird but my sample size is large enough to be confident it's not 35%
  3. After testing range abilities thoroughly I've found that each has a minimum and a maximum hit which are related to max hit. Piercing shot 40-125% of max Snap shot, each hit is 33-100% of max Deadshot, the 5 small hits add up to 261% of max, the large hit is 60-185% of max Snipe, 100-219% Dazing shot 40-120% Needle strike 38-120% Binding shot 33-100% Frag shot min his is 20% of max, max hit is 36.7% of max, a RNG creates a number between 1 and the max, anything below min is automatically set as the min. Works out as average 71.5% of max Rapid fire each of the 8 hits is between 31% and 93% of max Ricochet, the main hit and extra 2 hits are all between 33% and 100% of max Bombardment, Main hit and AoE are both between 80% and 240% of max Incediary shot, 250-350% of max, it has nothing to do with opponent's hp Unload, The first his is between 80% and 180% of max, 2nd his has limits 10% higher, 3rd hit has limits 10% higher than 2nd hit, 4th hit has limits 10% higher than 3rd. Death's swiftness, AoE hits are each 10-20% of max hitting up to 5 times, the shroud's effect boosts hits by 50% and stacks with abilities.
  4. If hunter is 280k/hr then that's 187000/280= 668 hours, 1 potion has 3 doses so it lasts 30 mins, for 668 hours you need 1336 potions, Divide by 1.111 to account for the scroll of cleansing (I use 1.111 instead of a 10% reduction because there's a chance you can save a herb and then save it again). Recalculate if you think 280k/hr is wrong.
  5. Equilibrium works quite well for combat, particularly when monsters have little hp. With abilities it seems to stack in a way that makes your max hit decrease by less than 25% and your min hit increase by more than 25%
  6. But ovl fishing needed to be nerfed
  7. In this calculation I take the fight cauldron to be 350k melee xp/hr and barraging dagannoth to be 170k summoning xp/hr. Frost dragons are 194 summoning xp/kill, 1085 melee xp/kill and 12000gp/kill (approximately including summoning pots and yak scrolls) Where Y is your income and k is the kills per hour you get, the productivity of killing frost dragons is 1085k/(1-(12000k/Y)-(194k/170000)) If frost dragons are better than the fight cauldron then 1085k/(1-(12000k/Y)-(194k/170000)) > 350000 Rearranging for Y the equation becomes (42*(10^8)k)/(350000-1484.4k)>Y Put income into millions so its easier to read (4200k)/(350000-1484.4k)>Y You thought that frosts would be around 2mil/hour which is 166 kills per hour (k=166) Evaluating the equation 6.7>Y It is better to do frosts if your income is under 6.7mil/hour If that's well below what they earn then you can take it that my assumptions will not change the outcome.
  8. Dragonseance used to have a thread about it on hlf but I think it died :( from what I remember suomi, dragonseance and elvis were near the top.
  9. You were right Q, tier does come into play as opposed to just damage figures shown for the weapons. Theory: Ability damage is only dependant on range level and weapon or ammo tier. The tier used in calculation is whichever is lowest of the weapon or ammo tier. If dual wielding different tiers they are treated separately, ammo and mainhand tier is compared then ammo and off-hand tier is compared. 2h is the same as using dual wield of that tier. When dual wielding you can see this is the case. Data to support this: First thing, either in the equipment screen or after a bit of testing you can easily see that using chaotic crossbows with mith bolts is the same as using a mith crossbows with mith bolts. There appears to be a glitch in the equipment screen though, for bronze bolts the damage shown when you equip a bronze crossbow is 108 and it will go up to 147 if you equip higher than a bronze crossbow but whether you equip iron or chaotic it will still be 147. This does not happen for iron bolts or anything else I’ve tried. Besides that glitch, ability damage is based off whichever is lowest tier. When you use iron bolts and a royal crossbow the max hit is as if you were using an iron 2h crossbow so you get the damage bonus which iron 2h has. (I hit a 348 with this setup using piercing shot in 10 hits, 348 is way too high for there to be 0 damage contributed by the weapon). This is different to using auto attacks where a royal crossbow and bronze bolts will let you hit 1000+. Now for the rest of the theory I tested deadshot's DoT damage because it is constant for a given setup. Hopefully the same theory applies to all range abilities (Their max and min hits). I tested all 2h tiers bronze-royal excluding karils, noting deadshot's hit. Then I got the damage done as a function of these variables 1. damage shown in equipment screen 2. weapon damage (indicated when hovering over the weapon) 3. bolt damage and 4. tier. I could tell that it was only a function of weapon tier, the DoT hit was equal to 76.5+7.5*tier which was close enough to be within multiple rounding errors. Using 7.55 instead of 7.5 gives results to within 1 rounding error but doesn't make sense for different tier mh and oh. Simply testing dual wield bronze, mith and adamant I found they were the same as using 2h. Testing with combinations of crossbows from different tier I found the more general form of this equation to be (51+5*[mh tier])+(25.5+2.5*[oh tier]), the 51 and 25.5 are likely to be a function of level. This equation was correct to within 1 damage. Keep in mind that using a chaotic crossbow, off-hand iron crossbow and mithril bolts will make your mh tier 30 and oh tier 10.
  10. Are you trying to set a record or are you stating the exact time so you can check yourself how well you did out of interest?
  11. I've fixed the monsters xp to bring it in line with the recent changes to slayer monster xp
  12. Haha never expected one of those curse spells to be worth anything. If you use 1 attack turn to cast it then I suppose it would be useful on anything that lasts more than 10 hits. Edit: the spell is in dg but you can't make soul runes ;-;
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBSCwxcoou0 This method isn't new we discussed it in 2011 after conesz made a video of it. The patch only fixed using overloads while under 500 lp which meant you didnt need to bank for more potions. It hardly affects speed since you need to bank fairly often but now with eoc it's easier to do it since you can drink pots with your action bar.You could also use the mechanic to fish fast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M5o0kHNhD0 Edit: Lol drowns is calling it new even though he has his own vid of the fishing and knows its been around for 2 years.
  14. The seasonal hiscores should bring back some competition among top players which has been missing since Suomi passed Jake
  15. Could you log how many effigies you get? Provided the other abyss monsters don't get in the way and skew the results. 60m range would be a nice 500k sample size :D
  16. Yes the only exceptions are polypore dungeon monsters. Waterfiends are done in the ghorrock fortress so a cannon is used there too.
  17. Mod Chris L revealed the assignment weight for ascension monsters so they are included now :D http://puu.sh/3nbxs.png
  18. As far as I know it was just collateral damage from the removal of the achievements system? No they did take it out pretty soon after the release
  19. It existed for a bit after the achievement system came out (The 1 that suggested what you should do next- around in 2010) it said "congratulations you have finished the game, now go outside". Or if you were ftp it said "Congratulations you have finished the free game, take a break, go outside, then complete the full game!"
  20. Too bad they took out that "go outside" message for when people max.
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