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  1. Don't follow anything on my profile right now, I think my tipit account may be hacked. My RSN 2 Field just got changed to 'i got owned' and the bugabuse team advertised their website on my profile just now.

  2. I saw a few hunter bots walking past me whilst killing jungle strykewyrms for my slayer task :???: Hopefully Optimus will deal with them :wink:
  3. Agreed. I was surprised/shocked, but it wasn't unexpected either. Ironically I too find out about these things on RS or Tip.it before the whole world knows. I found out about Whitney's death today via a Runescape player. It was only 2 hours later that it was on the main news channel over here.
  4. Regardless of how serious it is, the fact is it's a bug. Players shouldn't abuse it. Tip.it'ers shouldn't encourage it. End of story. I am now going to start adding players to my ignore list who continue to flame me for not supporting or encouraging this bug. If that is being ignorant, so be it. Moving on... this should be about 200M skills anywho, how did we get onto this topic?
  5. @RoswellCrash, 10 year vet here too! :thumbup: Regarding the original post and question... I play for fun and escapism. Gone are the days where Runescape was competitive, due to effigies and the fact that if you have money, you can buy skills through cannonballs & effigy camping.
  6. I believe 1 hitting level 138 monsters is unfair. Players could rake in 10's, even 100's of effigies within hours / days of abusing this. You are right, no one is stopping me from doing the same. But unlike others, I do the right thing. I have reported the bug. You can thank (or hate) me all later. <3:
  7. I don't understand why people are encouraging others to abuse this bug. Is this Tip.it?
  8. Not quite. I feel there is a big difference between a glitchy agility wall that gave 10-20k more xp per hour compared to the best agility course out there, and this bug where players could potentially rake in MILLIONS of extra xp. Yes the agility wall was a bug, but should 10-20k extra xp be a bannable offence? I don't believe so. Perhaps a warning to never do it again (or else be banned) or be given 1 blackmack perhaps. This, however, takes the cake for an extremely unfair advantage over other players. Millions of extra xp, to me atleast, is unfair.
  9. Stev, go work for Jagex already :wink: Honestly, the amount of knowledge you have on programming blows me away.
  10. I have Dungeoneering, Mining and Runecrafting left to get to 99 but I despise dungeoneering and especially with groups, so that's out of the question. Mining isn't much of a bonus during the bonus xp weekend compared to how much xp you can gain from other skills, so that too is out of the question, and I get distracted with runecrafting easily, so that is also out of the question. I will probably train attack, as I am going for 200M Attack XP and I will need all the xp I can get.
  11. It is all over the news (including here in New Zealand) as well as the official world wide 'wikipedia' website, so she has definitely passed away. Also, @Nomrombom & RpgGamer, could we please keep the crack/drug jokes away from here? I already had to get a forum mod to lock my tribute thread to her on the runescape forums due to people making jokes and small digs like that. Thanks.
  12. I'm sorry if it's not available to you :-/ I have put another video in, let me know if that works ^_^ I chose the video from Whitney Houston's Vevo channel of her in 'The Bodyguard' movie. I cannot tell which videos are available to everyone, so if someone knows a video of Whitney singing 'I will always love you' in 'The Bodyguard' movie which has available viewing to everyone, please post it here and I will edit the first post :-)
  13. Today the world sheds a tear for the American singer, actress, producer and model, Whitney Houston, who died today at the age of 48 due to unknown causes. Whitney was world renowned for her amazing vocals and acting in 'The Bodyguard' with Kevin Costner, as shown in the videos below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWTaaS7LdU&ob=av2n http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRMbcQ3Kg3g Words cannot describe how amazing she was, so I will just say this... The world has lost another great legend. May you rest in peace Whitney <3 August 9, 1963 - Februrary 11, 2012
  14. Tif name: Triquos Runescape Name: Triquos Picture: Url: http://i44.tinypic.com/2istkhu.png Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the tips Thai_tong and 999134 :-) I thought about vyrewatch training too, however the blisterwood melee weapon doesn't train attack :-( there is the controlled option, but it isn't as much xp as training on attack itself :-/ I will try there though, they drop a good amount of death and blood runes, and I do have the maximum bonus for the ivandis flail.
  16. Thanks Saradomin_Mage :-P I notice in your signature 'Forget not Aclaw' did he quit? :o I am going for 200M attack xp so it was a bit of a shock to see that.
  17. Unfortunately not. They cost far too much :-(
  18. I used to train on the 'controlled' attack style for many years when guthans was the only thing that really healed players (and was the main armour for slayer at the time - familiars and the summoning skill didn't exist either), but since then I now just train attack. When I get 200M attack xp I will probably train on either 'strength' or 'controlled'. I haven't really made up my mind yet.
  19. My most recent 99 was Agility. I was 98 at the time and about 1M XP off 99 and thought I would let effigies do the work for me, however with the skoll boots update I decided to take advantage of the agility xp bonus and got 99.
  20. My first 99 was Attack, but at the time I wanted it to be strength. I am glad strength wasn't my first 99 now though :-P being as I am currently going for 200M Attack XP and it will be my first (and probably last) 200M skill.
  21. 1. Leo 'the gravedigger random' - the event takes too long to complete so I now skip it 2. Molly - stop teleporting me!!! 3. Ajjat - where is my master attack cape!?!?!
  22. For such a nice rank 1 player in Runescape it baffles me as to how you haven't been asked to become a player mod already. Especially considering the amount of time you have played and experience you have. I am still grateful for the time you responded to my question on Youtube regarding cave crawlers, the ring of wealth and effigies (I have since closed my Youtube account though) so thanks and I hope you are asked to be a player mod one day! Edit: P.S. You wouldn't happen to have any tips on getting 200M Attack XP as fast as possible would you? I am going for that goal as well ^_^
  23. Somehow players believe it is their right for others to immediately give them money when asked. However, I am not a money tree. Unfortunately I get this question pretty much everyday, and it always ends up with roughly the same dialogue :-( Caution Please excuse the language. One would assume a nicer player would have just replied 'Ok thanks anyway'.
  24. I have a few names on my friends list I am keeping an eye on :-P
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