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  1. http://www.canmag.com/nw/9071-halo-3-live-action-short not sure if this belonged in games/movies... but move it if necessary -edit http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0464037/maindetails
  2. ARE U KIDDING ME???? >36kg??? omg... u really need to eat man
  3. And I love it! :mrgreen: Is it just me, or are you a little plump or something? :anxious: Hell no. Yes, I just grabbed a camera and posted a picture of my stomach. Sue me. Thought it'd be better than just saying "I'M NOT FAT!", oh well. It's just, who didn't see this becoming another "post your measurements thread" o_O? (though I do not doubt any data posted, it's all the same teenage metabolism thing, me included) You have one nipple higher than the other. thats how his pecs are developed. i have the same problem, but its almost not even noticable. me at 180 lbs, not too fat imo height 6'0 and yes skinny >>> fat
  4. jogging/jump rope for weight loss
  5. :-w -_- wel we're pretty concerned to tell u the truth
  6. whats wrong with dem benchNcurls <3
  7. T-Roach

    The future?

    thanks guys, now i have some good material for my essay.. :) but keep on discussing the matter if u feel that its necessary :)
  8. T-Roach

    The future?

    I'm doing my Finnish essay at the moment and the topic is the future. What do YOU personally think the future will be like? pros and cons, thanks -edit this is def. not homework help. i was supposed to evaluate different views so i posted here to get views about the future :)
  9. i liked curtis more than graduate, both were decent CDs Curtis will also sell more
  10. clubbing <3 the music is usually good and u can dance to it
  11. T-Roach

    Wolf quest

    old but still, watch the trailer.. jesus christ i havent laughed that hard for a while
  12. got a lot of them but since its playing right now, 1 contender is dj tiesto-urban train
  13. vans/lacoste, how original! :evil: so far the winner is rick with his mountain boots :) :mrgreen:
  14. i was travelling around europe with 2 of my best friends : > started from helsinki, then berlin-prague-mÃÆÃâÃâünich-milan-rome-civitavecchi-mediterranean cruise to barcelona-paris-brussels-amsterdam-copenhagen-back to helsinki + different kinds of smaller cities such as zaragoza, bolzano and so on :)
  15. versace t-shirt D&G jeans j.lindeberg belt polo socks armani sunglasses (when i went outside)
  16. hawaii was cool but so was california but on monday im leaving for my interrail trip with 2 friends, so that will propably be the best ;)
  17. T-Roach


    hmm, Joseph <3 :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSmAcX6Q2wY ray0xide shud be banned from these forums for listening to poopy "music"
  18. cant be real, heavy metal isnt real music
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