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  1. Today I just trained fishing, agility, and I cooked some of the fish I got. Also did a short bandos trips with my new rocktails, though I got pretty unlucky and only got 8 kills compared to the 18 I got before. Got 91 fishing and completed morytania elite, and I have 39 laps completed of 250 for barbarian course and then task master. I also got on my noob account even though it's f2p, and I trained a bit of fishing prayer, and runecrafting.
  2. Nice, I started a bit of runespan on my noob account even though it's not a member.
  3. Nice to see another DIYer. Too bad I'm not making my noob account a member until summer, but I'm still DIYiing on my main.
  4. I don't think I'm going to keep track of the day I'm on anymore. Simply because I can't remember which day I'm on now after not posting anything here in a while. Still haven't got any rare drops since tassets, but I've been working on getting the levels for task master. I've got 86 runecrafting along with a wicked robe top because of double points over the weekend. Also, I completed karamja elite with a stew for the runecrafting points. I don't think I'll get 87 agility for a while, so I used 2 of the xp lamps on slayer, because it is the slowest skill to train now, and I want to be able to get ice strykewyrms as a task. Also, I got 83 agility with 40 penguin points that I collected from randomly finding them over a while. 15k till 90 fishing right now, so I'll probably add that to this post when I get it. [hide=level ups] [/hide]
  5. day 26: Didn't get any rare drops today, but I got 96 range, and 88 crafting. Also completed an elite clue which got me a few more wild pies for killing ganodermic beasts. Also, I made some admiral pies, and I fished some rocktails, and cavefish. [hide=elite clue] [/hide] [hide=88 crafting and 96 ranged] [/hide]
  6. day 25: Today I started off by doing a bandos trip which I got 18 kills with no amazing drops. Then I went to armadyl and failed really badly, and I got only 3 kills. After that I afked cavefish. I also did a bit of herblore habitat stuff for juju gumbo, and baron sharks which I used at bandos, and armadyl. then I did a second bandos trip which I only got 13 kills because I brought a dragon defender. There were no free worlds so I ended up crashing some other noob using a bgs, and his friend. I normally don't crash people, but I got bandos tassets on the first kill there, so it was worth it. :D They hopped after 4 kills so I actually had to tank again. lol Then I headed to glacors with my leftover unicorn time, and I got 2 shards. Currently, I'm killing mutated jadinkos trying to get a whip vine, and wergalis. Should I allow myself to use my fighters torso after I get a barrows platebody? I'm still using that rune h1 plate. lol I'm going to have to train agility like all weekend to use my skoll boots which is gonna suck, since I need to make summer pies. [hide=bandos tassets] [/hide]
  7. Buy a scroll of life, and then efficiency maybe.
  8. Day 24: I did a ton of bossing including Glacors, TDs, and bandos. I got a pair of bandos boots which is a troll, but also 2 elite clues. The first elite clue got me a pair of armadyl chaps which will be useful for armadyl later. Then the second one got me a wolfstaff, but 9 antipoison++ makes up for it. After that I went to glacors, and I got 99 magic using fire surge. I bought both my defence and magic capes which was a bit of a waste of money, but oh well. Then I went to tds, and tried using an iron titan using range and mage instead of a unicorn. It worked pretty well though I need some practice and a steel titan would be alot better. I also did a bit of runespan, but I fell asleep while I was there. lol I'm out of unicorn scrolls, so I need to kill more unicows. [hide=bandos boots] [/hide] [hide=99 magic] [/hide] [hide=elite clues] [/hide]
  9. Day 22: Completed the fight kiln. Gathered supplies for it pretty much the same thing just alot easier. I did some barrows chests still no platebody. Also, I updated my bank picture. Set a lot of new goals. Bought a coal bag. Iron drops from rex, and coal from kingdom and drops is a great way to make cannonballs diy. bought a cannon, and I'm down to 98k coins. [hide=Kiln complete] [/hide]
  10. Day 21: Today I did alot, but jagex was trolling me. lol First off I went to barrows, and I got a second torag's legs, and then a karil's coif, but I also got a champions scroll from a skeleton in the tunnels. Then I went to Glacors got some okay loot, but nothing amazing. Then I Went to finish off my grifolic poncho, but I ended up having to bank after not getting 500 flakes in an hour. I went to zamorak because my friend wanted me to watch him solo it with holy water, but that didn't do any damage so I soloed fora bit and I got 6 lantadyme seeds, and a good amount of coins. I'm up to 930k coins now. Oh and I gota lucky DFH another troll considering how useless it is. Then I went back and completed my grifolic poncho. I'm not sure if I should buy a cannon, or put some money in my kingdom. Also, I did quite a bit of afk things like spinning flax, and fishing cavefish while watching Chris Archie's amnesia the dark descent lets play. I did a few clues, and I got a tan cavalier, and a rune h1 plate so I have a bit of a skilling outfit now. lol [hide=Champion scroll, and barrows loot] [/hide] [hide=lucky DFH] [/hide]
  11. day 20: +1 level 99 defence! I went to barrows for a bit with no items. Then I went to DKs, but I didn't get any good drops. Then I went to abyssal demons, and I finally got my abyssal whip. After that I soloed bandos to get ourg bones for my friend to bury for 95 prayer. Then I started doing some slayer to get 99 defence. I completed a desert strykewyrm, and then a jungle strykewyrm task, and I got it on my hellhound task. [hide=99 defence!] [/hide] [hide=Abyssal whip] [/hide]
  12. Yeah, some servers went offline.
  13. Taltin


    I log onto rs dced in 3 seconds, and w89 went down, so I won't be able to get on for 3 [bleep]ing hours.... I'ma change my home world to w119 or whatever tif's home world is. Really tired of w89 going down all the time.
  14. I don't know about the others but flax is definitely not worth doing. Well you might as well since it's pretty much right next to Arhein that you buy seaweed from.
  15. I don't know, they are cosmic, but you might as well. It's not long till the weekend anyways. Though it might actually decrease your chance of getting lamps.
  16. Probably, though I'd probably play a bit less, and I'd keep in track of more of the friend I've met through runescape. Also, like thus I probably wouldn't have much else to do. I've also improved my typing speed a lot through runescape.
  17. I used to be efficient, but then I took a w53 duel arena to the knee. I talk alot of skype, and I do troll a fair bit. Now I pretty much play for fun by diying.
  18. Grats on the prayer and mining levels! You should get 95 prayer at my gilded altar :D By the way, I totally didn't post this in school. lol
  19. @swedishboy5 Thanks, though I don't know how 4 items in 100 chests is all that great. lol Day 19: Today I did another 20 barrows chests without getting an item, and then went to grifalopines to get more polyporespores. I'm currently at 2k/3.5k grifolic flakes, and I also got a dwarfweed seed. After that I went to glacors for a bit, and raged at my wolpertinger killing unstable so I went back to using a unicorn. I have 9 shards of armadyl now, and made around 250k in alchables and coin drops, though I mainly wanted ragefire boots. I also cleared out what was in my kingdom and gave that too a friend and raised my approval to 100% and then I put 100k to start that off. I've been keeping a drop log of both my glacor kills and barrows chests if anyone wants to see those. Then I headed to abyssal demons for about 150 kills, and of course I still haven't got a whip. I'm now working on getting a dragon defender. I got myself killed there by the cyclopes to drop my 9 dragon defenders under my grave, but none of the stupid pures there would bless my grave, so I had to ask a friend to come and bless it. I'm currently on black defender which I actually won't drop once I get dragon because it's useful for tormented wraiths if you're maging or meleeing. I don't know if I'll actually go there much since I'll probably get a spirit shield soloing corp sometime. Also, I'm currently 300k till 99 defence, and maxed melee. I'm not really sure if I should have a small party for that or not. On a side note, With the release of google drive my school blocked google documents so now I actually have to bother using a flash drive. :( lol
  20. If you were diying like me it would have been a pretty decent reward, but since your not clue scrolls aren't really good money and should only really be done if you enjoy them.
  21. You should save your spins for the weekend, because there will be a higher chance to get the tattoos. I don't really care though, but you might as well. You'll even get more xp from lamps since your stats will probably be higher.
  22. Nice, I'd like some rare drop table drops on my from scratch thing that I'm doing. Also, lol at the number1boss fake talking.
  23. Get a tokhaar-kal! I can guide you through it over skype if you want too.
  24. hopefully my 30-40 fps goes to 50 when I get on later today.
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