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  1. My internet fails sometimes, and doesn't load pictures so I have no idea what any of those are lol.
  2. Day 18: R3nnn: +1 level Wasn't on Runescape for too long today, so I only got 85 runecrafting which is really useful getting around runespan with the flesh platforms. Also, I did 4 more chests at barrows and broke my dry streak of 61 after getting a Verac's plateskirt on chest #102. :D It's an upgrade from Torag's legs, but I still need a platebody. While being completely dry of barrows items I got tons of runes, and a few more crystal keys. I'm currently at 14k deaths, 5k bloods, 31k chaos, and 65k mind runes, so I'll probably get 200m magic xp from scratch lol not really. I've been getting money from battlestaves daily but I've been spending it right away on all the air, water, and fire runes from magic stores around Runescape. I'll post the picture of the Verac's plateskirt, and the Guthan's chainskirt when I get on the computer with them. [hide=Barrows loot] [/hide] [hide=85 runecrafting] [/hide] Also, my brother won't be able to pay me back till around when my finals are starting, so I won't be making my second account a member untill summer.
  3. I'd suggest Verac's but your summoning, and prayer are too low for healing methods so maybe Guthan's. All barrows gear is really cheap now. Also make sure to use a dragon defender it really does help a lot. To train range it'd be best to chin or cannon slayer tasks, but both of those are expensive so you could use black knives on some slayer tasks and a crossbow on slayer tasks of monsters with more defence.
  4. Buying broad arrow tips, seaweed and battlestaves. Collecting sand from Bert, flax from seers elite, pure ess from Ardougne elite. Also, killing bork is worth it especially with Varrock elite, but don't forget your ring of wealth.
  5. day 17: R3nnn: +about 300k xp Was at runespan for a while and got wicked legs, and I'll go back there for the top tomorrow. I might also try and boost for karamja elite after that. After that I went to barrows and did another 9 chests still completely dry.
  6. See you started a blog too. I'll race you to max cape while diying, and I'll probably beat you. :P
  7. Sounds like a pretty great month, seems like jagex is updating the f2p game to try and get some new players instead of just getting current f2pers to become members. Finally a new quest been kinda annoying to not have one for a while. QBD should be really interesting for me to take on DIY. Also, It sounds like it might take a while to get there like DKs in the waterbirth dungeon which I like the idea of. Hopefully I'll have a whip by then and a barrows plate.
  8. Day 16: R3nnn: Forgot to reset xp counter +1 level First off I went to Runespan, and got 84 runecrafting, and bought a wicked cape for 2.5k points. The extra 25 pure ess, and runes charge will really help me getting all the fire and cosmic runes I've been needing to charge air orbs which make me money to buy more elemental runes from stores. I definitely don't need to worry about minds, chaos ,deaths, or blood runes because barrows. I'm currently 50 chests dry since that Guthan's chainskirt which is really annoying. If I get an Ahrim's staff I'll Probably just rage. lol :( My brother better pay me back soon so I can get membership on my other account again, though I think runespan is f2p so I might try that out.
  9. Wow, that really sucks. I could handle losing my bank, but not getting hacked at this point. I can't even remember how long ago my first account got hacked, because I shared it with my brother and he shared it with a friend. Even though I can't really do to much to help you since I'm diy now I'll add you in game.
  10. It's better to stay on turmoil the entire time even while maging at tds?
  11. I'd really like a green wicked hood lol
  12. Earlier I should have said that my barrows run doesn't end till I get an item since I don't use any supplies besides runes. lol The problem with that is that I'm 32 chests dry right now. Also, grats on 100 qp
  13. Day 15: Rennn DIY still doesn't have membership so I probably won't be on it much at all. R3nnn: 1,537,823 xp Gathered all the supplies for the fight kiln which I had to kill the mole for brews, wyverns for super prayers, Salarin the twisted for torstols, and about a billion aberrant spectres for the 12 dwarfweed I needed to make 3 overload flasks. I also used left over fruit bat from paying for my palm tree to catch grenwalls for the extreme range. Also used snapdragon seeds from drops for super restores. I actually did attempt the kiln after gathering supplies for what seemed like hours. The kiln was actually really easy in my pretty terrible gear mostly since I have the waves completely memorized. The only thing my gear actually mattered on was the boss which kept hitting me so fast I could hardly attack back, and I ended up using 15 brew flasks all on the boss and I died. :( Really big setback, but I'm still motivated to try again just really need to get a grifolic poncho mostly, but I'll get a barrows plate too. Having a korasi's sword instead of a whip actually didn't make too much of a difference so I won't worry about getting a whip before next kiln but I'll probably go to abyssal demons anyways to make barrows, and grifalaroopines less monotonous. After failing the kiln I pretty much went straight to barrows got a second guthan's chainskirt after a few chests which is really annoying. After, that I went to ganodermic beasts, and got a torstol seed drop, and I gathered more grifolic flakes currently at about 1.5k/3.5k. I then headed back to barrows saying I wasn't going to stop till I got an item which was a pretty bad idea, since I'm now dry 32 barrows chests, and my polypore staff only has 300 more charges. Although, I did gain alot of supplies like sharks and prayer potions, since I don't use any freezing the brother with ice barrage then farcasting with polypore. I'll post a picture of the Guthan's chainskirt when I'm on the computer with it. Can someone tell me how I can put a line through text to cross out goals on the front page? btw I totally didn't play for like 40 hours straight this weekend lol Chest 40: Guthan's chainskirt 2
  14. Day 14: Rennn DIY: Didn't do anything on here again since it ran out of membership. Sadly, I won't be able to get membership on it again for a while, since my brother blew all the money that he owed me. R3nnn: First I went to barrows again with polypore staff, and I got an akrisae's robe top which is exactly the piece I wanted, though a melee plate would be nice too. After that I made 230k alching battle staves, and 50k mining a star. Then I went to abyssal demons for about an hour and got nothing as always. After that I Bought a dragon halberd for tds. I made about 100k at tds which I blew buying fire, and air runes for a glacor trip already. I died there since I got in melee range of a glacor on accident , but I got back easily and didn't lose anything. I got 4 shards of armadyl, which I'll save in case I ever decide to make a staff, which will be after 93 slayer and a staff of light drop. After that I headed to the mole to get nests for brews. I might just do the kiln with a korasi since I'm really tired of killing abyssal demons. I also made ganodermic leggings after using 12 spicy stews to boost. Chest 21: Akrisae's robetop
  15. I'll do shield arrav, though it will have to be in a f2p world. My noob lost membership today, since my brother blew his money on random shit and can't pay me back.
  16. Nice, though curses won't help much at all at your prayer level lol
  17. Day 13: Rennn DIY: Absolutely nothing. lol R3nnn: +347,120 xp First I Caught around 50 more chompies and made 30 wild pies. Then I went back to ganodermic beasts. I got 2 palm tree seeds which I can use to get weapon poison++ and antipoison++, and 2 magic seeds which is nice too I guess. They really do have good loot so I'll definitely killing more even if I don't need more spores or flakes. I made a polypore staff after running around runescape buying fire runes and eventually crafting a ton of them which I did 20 barrows chests with, and I got a Guthan's helm and Torag's legs both slightly better than what I had before. Also, I bought a cooking cape to burn less wild pies, and I got quite a few crystal key halves from ganodermics and barrows. Chest 12: Torag's legs Chest 14: Guthan's helm [hide=Loot] [/hide] Updated bank picture too
  18. I used them on slayer before mostly because I just liked having the best gear.
  19. When I made my DIY account 12 days ago it didn't give me the option to start as f2p.
  20. I'd only use the Taverly shop method with gold charms.
  21. Looks awesome, and its obviously jagex with splitbark, and an elemental shield on. lol
  22. Welcome, I think I might have joined during a black out too. lol
  23. Dagon'hai pretty much has the same stats as mystic just a prayer bonus, but it does look a lot cooler lol.
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