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  1. I mostly played the game for the quests before, but now that I've had a quest cape for a while and Jagex hasn't released to many quests recently so I started bossing a lot and farming to get better gear and got up to around a 830m bank but I staked that away just 2 days ago and now I pretty much play to pk.
  2. More recently I've started pking alot because the game has gotten boring for me and I even staked my entire bank away in boredom. After 2 days of pking I've about 20m starting from a small amount of supplies and a set of gear that my friend gave me. I can't really be bothered to go to godwars now that I can't get a drop above 25m which doesn't even seem like much when I once owned 830m. Same thing with Dagannoth kings with berserker rings being under 2m. I'm probably going to sell everything I have pked put the money from my coin pouch in my bank and start a from scratch and before that do Runeshark's make it back from your hack challenge.
  3. Nice, I got 80+ a while ago though I probably won't get 90+ for a while mostly because I hate thieving and its still level 80.
  4. I'm not really sure. I use 3 month cards and by the time I'd need to renew the update may be changed hopefully or people will just stop caring by then.
  5. Just checked the price of a divine spirit shield and my precious shield has gone down 30m since the SOF update. Thanks jagex I'm also a bit ashamed to play runescape now.
  6. I can't wait till the dungeoneering and runecrafting updates, but the terrible SOF update overwhelms both of them.
  7. Even more people going to panic sell their divines and make my bank go down another 70m like last time?
  8. The Runescape toolbar tells you when you can do some of the dailies and weeklies again.
  9. My friend had the same problem he showed it too me screensharing and on lowest graphics settings you can't really see the patch. You might need to turn on ground detail or something like that, but I think its to the east of the livid farm and it does dissapear after one use.
  10. I'd just do mostly quests since thats what I find the most fun.
  11. It's alot faster than manually filling flasks as you can bring them to him noted.
  12. Borrow money from a friend for nex gear or fight kiln gear and do the fight kiln or nex for the 50m
  13. Only place I really ever crash at is bandos because it actually is almost impossible to find a world there, and when I was f2p I crashed bots at the iron ore spot you were talking about.
  14. My list is usually full so I just say that though recently I found about 30 people to remove from my list and I still say its full lol. I just don't want to delete good friends even if they haven't been on in over a year.
  15. I've got quite a few xp lamps which are nice for the rc xp but nothing else worth noting.
  16. Quests were alot more fun without the GE having to find all the items yourself. I would definitely go back to playing Runescape withouth the GE.
  17. Tirannwn, as I use teleport crystals for emergency teleports and on slayer. The quest series have been alot of fun and I'd love to see jagex finsh them morytania has been fun more recently with the task set trying things like shades of morton for the first time and doing even more temple trekking.
  18. My most recent 99 is attack and it was my 6th 99 next will probably defence or maybe herblore if I can get a split at nex to make some more overloads.
  19. I have one friend that I know for sure has botted and bought rsgp, and my brother has botted before though I never have.
  20. Got all the tasks complete up to hard, and this task set is actually motivating me to train fishing for freminik elite which I've wanted to complete for so long. I've got 528/594 total on temple trekking and I'm actually kinda looking forward to finishing it. Also, I got full lumberjack yesterday now if I could be bothered to get full golden mining armour to go with it lol.
  21. I wrote myself a guide on all the daily stuff I do so I don't forget them lol, but recently I haven't done nearly as many herb runs as I used to.
  22. Sounds llike fun I might try this sometime and go for a quest cape.
  23. I think I'm going to sell my claws to do crafting or maybe construction because I bought a divine I don't have much other money might even do a tree run for farming xp even though I'm already 99.
  24. Nice guide, I'm 16.5m farming xp and I even learned a couple things such as alching ring of duelings at 1 charge.
  25. I might have to try this sometime, but by the time to decide to I'll probably have bought back my claws that I sold for divine. lol Though korasi is pretty fun as I've 2 hit iron dragons with it using a spec restore, and you can't use a spec restore to spec twice in a row with brackish blade.
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