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  1. RSI

    6 Hour log. REMOVE IT!!!!

    Thats not a typical 6 hour log, a normal 6 hour log cuts you off from server instantly(during combat too, done it myself and witnessed other people). Your client probably crashed l
  2. Gold - It doesn't drop 19k-20k gold at all, the only drop it drops are from rare drop table, and thats around 250-3000 Misc - Pure essence , standard drop is 4800, 1.2k and 4k might be on rare drop table but im not sure Grimy Herb , its got 2 standard drops Which is 75 of grimy dwarf weed + 75 Grimy aventoe , Or 40 Grimy torstols Magic Logs, it drops 375 of them, not 200
  3. waterfiends, did a slayer task there and avg'd about 240 crims/h
  4. Zaros notes http://puu.sh/12vBf http://puu.sh/12vBT http://puu.sh/12vBV http://puu.sh/12vBZ
  5. I got a zaros, ill upload ss later
  6. Well then go ask the op not me, my suggested method fits all the criteria.
  7. Rocktails aren't great money or xp, but they're one of the most afk things in the game. If you value afk enough, they're efficient. But it's probably better to spend your afk time at runespan then make money elsewhere. What are some fairly AFK ways to gain money through skilling?
  8. If you made so much progress, can always get some friend to dupe it
  9. Your account is maxed, would you like me to request a lock on hlf? Nvm, saturday Also nowadays its impossible for someone to change your password without an email connected to their rs account. So they must have access to your Email whatever it is. I suggest you to use Gmail from now on and set up two step verification, this way they cannot get access to your email without having the access to your phone, and thus cannot change your rs password.
  10. Tormented Demon Requires active pray/style switching Sometimes need to deal with more than one General Graardor (Bandos GWD) Kril-Tsutsuroth (Zamorak GWD) Commander Zilyana (Saradomin GWD) Kree-arra (Armadyl GWD) All are Attack>afk>dead Corporal Beast Nomad Ok.... a bit more than afking, you need to actually drink brews!! But still lol TzTok-Jad and Har-Aken (counting kiln and fight caves together because you need one for the other) Wut is dis, i wouldnt classify har aken as a boss imo, and fight kiln is not a boss and requires complete different tactics. No commenting Queen Black Dragon Ok, so a bit more advanced than Nomad and corp, but still quite easy once you know how to avoid attacks. Nex Still possible to solo, not going to details here, but definitely the hardest So to rank 1> Nex 2>Tormented Demon 3>QBD 4+5>Corporal Beast +Nomad Rest> All gwd generals
  11. >have a dosser on your ass >stake a phat anyway ?????????????????? Btw they couldnt give a shit if their acc gets banned or w/e, getting another nowdays is easy as hell
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