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  1. Interesting, actually pretty happy with what they said about those rewards and the rewards themselves, I'll most likely get the dart, as for me personally, it will be the most useful. What's this about the 91 spins of the SoF? Is that just totalling all the spins we'll receive over the two months? It doesn't seem that way because they've said 'bonus'.
  2. Agility helps you in a lot more ways then you probably think, not only does it increase the time you can run for, you can use tons of short cuts that saves a lot of time when doing other skills etc, and quite a few quests also require a decent agility level. Certain areas also require an agility level to access, but yeah it can get pretty tedious.
  3. First off, welcome to Tip.it. For summoning, (I'm assuming you're still on your 14 day trial membership?) I'd recommend doing the quest 'Wolf Whistle' as not only does it get you a few levels to start you off, it gives you 275 Gold Charms which are needed to train the skill. There are plenty of decent guides online, here are a few that you can find on here (Archive of Wisdom): To get you started with Summoning: http://forum.tip.it/...g-mastery-bork/ Dungeoneering: http://forum.tip.it/...ips-and-tricks/ Goodluck, I'll add you next time I go on.
  4. I'd recommend doing a scan just to make sure, apparently with Gmail, you can ask for confirmation via text/call for added security. If the scan does turn up anything dodgy, then obviously change your password and recovery questions again.
  5. Awesome work, especially your most recent piece, I can empathise with you regarding how graphics is so time consuming. As you said, the faces could do with looking more realistic to give it a more 'serious' look. Keep it up :thumbup:
  6. Interesting read, especially the article about Jagex and their possible financial problems, never knew that they had so many different failed projects. The thing is, about the 'Right or Right now' article, the whole point of the G.E is the ease of use, and tbh, I don't think enough of the community care that their materials are coming from a bot to stop using the G.E. A lot of players won't be wiling to spend the time it takes to search the forum for a seller, meet up with them and buy the items they require. The G.E is far too attractive for players. I also recently started playing again, and this time around I'm using all the materials I get from one skill to increase the level of another (so they go hand in hand) - For example, Woodcutting and firemaking/fletching, Fishing and Cooking etc.
  7. Hey, massive Arsenal supporter here, just come to give you a few pointers ;) The clips were of high quality which is great because it makes for clear watching, however the text could be improved by being more 'attractive' to look at and the transitions between clips and texts could be improved (Sometimes the time you gave the viewer to read the text or for it to make an impact was too short) The clips you used were great though, as they showed some of his best moments this season, even though I think he should of had more playing time. Looking forward to next season with Podolski, Giroud and possible M'vila? Even if RVP may not be there any more..
  8. I understand where you're coming from, the excitement of it being new is now gone, but that will happen with pretty much anything, they are bringing out updates more often now to try and re-fresh those players interest who are now finding the game to be more of a chore. Sure, a fair few of the updates are pretty poor, quality wise (SoF being a major one currently) but there are still a lot of good up and coming updates (questing etc) Which brings me on to the reason I play, I enjoy questing (Of course I like skilling and PvM also) but the main reason I play is to do the quests. Meeting new people is also another plus. Runescape will change whether you like it or not, a lot of people dislike change because they enjoy what they know, yet they complain about it being boring at times because it's 'the same old thing'. Sometimes I feel the developers can't win. Of course I disagree with their sudden injection of RWT, but they are trying to make the game better (An example is Combat Beta) - They are attempting to make an aspect of the game that has been the same for so long, more involved and more interesting. I think the fact that when most of us joined, we were much younger is also another major factor. People 'outgrow' things, in this case people have outgrown Runescape.
  9. To make more profit by exploiting something they said they were against (RWT) I still find it a fun game to play though, even if the updates I've seen (so far) have been anything but exciting/something to look forward to. Buying cosmetic items with real money is fine for now (Solomon's store) - (some are still against it however), but what everybody's worried about is this: http://forum.tip.it/...ummer-blow-out/
  10. Bastion is an awesome game, which I would definitely recommend - check out the trailer. Batman AC is also a great game, good story line and a fun 'open' world game (It's kinda of like a restricted sand box type map) Portal 2 is also a another great game, full of secrets and stuff to find, while also being challenging enough to keep you interested.
  11. Seems like you could be right - People who have stayed subscribed over those two months have a chance to 'choose your fate' - sounds like a luck of the draw type thing.
  12. Probably the opposite actually, they're hinting at this now in hope that giving the players time, they'll 'come around' to the idea. The Exp thing could be handy, although couldn't that be seen as RWT in a way? Pay for membership and we'll give you 'free' exp - Basically pay for exp?
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