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  1. Over the last few days i've rediscovered some spare time in my life, so decided to take up my boyhood obsession of Runescape again! I'll be carrying on all my goals from when I used to play - mainly getting a first 99! Magic was always my favourite skill and also my closest to 99 so over the next few days ill be pushing for that! When I first logged back in last week I was level 95 Magic, with grinding/no lifing the last week i've just hit 98! Will post when I hit 99 :) Also since ites been years since i've played my friends list is dead, is there a tip.it clan chat or friend chat I could join?
  2. It's definitely not a traditional forum. There's far too many people, a lot of the dicussion is pointless - albeit funny - memes and other trash, you barely get to know the people there, and so on. It's mostly a townsquare kind of thing where you go to get the news, it's not a forum. The discussion there is very shallow, ephemeral and fleeting, usually done for popularity (though, with the like system that exists on this forum too, but posts on Reddit get hundreds of likes, whereas on TIF, usually a handful at most), and most threads on Reddit are forgotten about in a day or two at most, as they disappear from the front page, whereas discussions on traditional forums can last forever, and there's depth to them, it isn't just a transparent popularity contest. THIS! It's all about getting to know people on a forum. None of that on Reddit
  3. I'm just starting to play RS again, so will be using tthe tip it forums. Not interested in the reddit or the other social media platforms. Forums will always be the best. You get a family vibe from them.. Beg some people add me up in game though, having not played for so many years all my friends seem to have quit. Scary Crayon :)
  4. What like the update from runescape classic killed the game? *rollseyes*
  5. It's sad that there is already such an influx of bots. Was always going to happen though, would be nice to see JaGeX implement a similar system for bot control that they have in EOCscape
  6. There is nothing wrong with playing Runescape. I used to get to mick taken when I was at school, but kids will pick and nagg at each other over anything little thing, its part of being a kid. Now i'm a bit older I don't really play RS as much (altho gonna log on to see what RS2007 is like), I just see RS as any other game.
  7. Might have to try it. So overpriced!
  8. Enjoyed the episodes in general, not the best though. Although his new companion is hot haha. Will be an interesting next series I think.
  9. THIS! Castle wars needs to be updated massively. Can see it coming in 2013 tbh. Castle Wars is as much a part of Runescape as any quest/skill is for me
  10. Super hyped for this, looks like its gonna be a big one, if that pull it off, it'll destroy all MMO's haha
  11. Rumors about a Real Madrid - MU keeper swap. Would love Casillas at Old trafford me!
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