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  1. Gum! Clan Requirement: Visit citadel once/week, collecting resources is not required. Clan Rules: -No trolling -No racisim -No botting -No gambling hosts
  2. Gum was started by a few friends just for a place to hangout. But as the Runescape days become longer we are looking for more players to spend our time talking with. We are currently a small group (30 People), looking to reach tier 7 citadel (Currently tier 3). We do not have an off-site or anything fancy like that. If you are interested in joining pop in the clan chat anytime "Gum". Clan details: Leader: Envision (Trimmed Completionist Player) Members: ~30 Citadel tier: 3 Ranking system: Thanks :) ~ Jay
  3. I used Dharoks with 1 overload and 3 prayer potions, the rest rocktails.
  4. Yeah they need to show some way that you mess up cooking - I mean I guess it could crumble to dust?
  5. Dapledo has recently came back I believe.
  6. The new skills will be out before anyone even gets all 200ms I think.
  7. Jagex releases great areas and beautiful graphical updates, but how come they can't get rid of the 30k+ bots?
  8. Runescape has way too many bots. Botany bay is a joke update. Jagex is garbage.
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