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  1. Maybe all the extra materials will go to build a Lumbridge that isn't constantly lagging.
  2. "MMG! MMG! Everyone kept buying gold from RWT because it's half as expensive as bonds! I know! Let's tell them RWTers are DDoSing runescape!" :rolleyes: Many MMOs suffer DDOS attacks in retaliation from gold farmers and cheaters. The forum for Garry's Mod (Facepunch) gets DDoS'd every time they ban another cheat program, and so do many other games. Not saying that is guaranteed to be the case this time, but it isn't exactly uncommon.
  3. I don't care about that, I just hope that they don't put a giant permanent ugly scar elsewhere with the other world events.
  4. Good to know. I was hoarding points thinking that a more useful reward would be coming. No point since I already have the title and emote.
  5. Nope. Reward #3 unlocked and it was the hat that I received on day one. Are you serious, Jagex?
  6. It is interesting watching the scenery get slowly torn bit by bit every day.
  7. Nothing's been set forward by the Gower brothers in years.
  8. D&D Tracker: Thank [bleep]. I hate how much of a pain it is to track D&D's right now. Buckets of Improvements: Generally never a bad thing. I'm expecting Jagex to "accidentally" change the game's font to something painfully unreadable only to fix it the next day, like they usually do with these kitchen sink updates. Barrows: Coolio Jones. Not really interested since I don't do group content. Solomon: Same old garbage. Either way, looks like a good month.
  9. So glad. BoL was like citadel, every day, twice.
  10. And once again Jagex has turned Lumbridge into a barely functioning lag-fest.
  11. I have access to all of Jagex's press releases. I find this way beyond extremely hard to believe... Like as if this was a bad joke at Halloween... Link to Source Article, please? :geek: ~Mr. D. V. "No Link? No Proof, and therefore Unbelievable!" Devnull Why is it hard to believe that someone who runs an MMO website would be on the press list for an MMO developer? There is no source article, what I posted is a direct copy and paste of the press release that was sent out at about 10am (eastern) this morning.
  12. Jagex is circulating a press release today stating that the amount of gold being injected into the game by gold farmers has dropped 81% since bonds were introduced. https://www.develop-online.net/press-releases/runescape-close-to-eradicating-gold-farming/0185146
  13. The chaos giant doesn't really look scary. It looks like the product of a mother who drank too much and maybe shot a little heroin during pregnancy.
  14. I wonder how that internal conversation went. Random employee: Sir, our reports have come back. 40-50% of the population are buying gold. Gerhard: God our community sucks.
  15. It's like the regular Barrows with a slice of cheese, and you get a side of fries and a drink for a few bucks more.
  16. Because you give Jagex a simple task, they'll manage to figure out a way to screw it up. I'd hate to see them cook. "I made grilled cheese." "There's no cheese." "Ah crap." "Or bread." "Ah crap." "And you burned the house down."
  17. My other problem is: Super September. Thank you Jagex, pick the month that most of your base is going back to school/college/university to launch an event that would better be suited for August or July.
  18. "Log in once a day, every day, for the whole month" Not even one week into the month and I've already stopped caring. Impressive. I like games that have temporary content, but once you get into a daily "slip up once and you're [bleep]ed with no recourse" challenges, the game is no longer a game, it's a job. One that demands you schedule your normal life around it.
  19. Who at Jagex thought it was a good idea to make the chronicle fragment require a microscope in order to hit it with a mouse?
  20. HERESY! I try and set records on how fast I can get through quests by spam hitting the spacebar, in combination with the 1 and 2 keys. The day Runescape Lore dies, will be a good day for Runescape. Yea, why would people care about lore in a role playing game? Stupid Jagex, what we really need is more mini-games that are just mindless grind, otherwise our brains hurt from all the thinking.
  21. Yes they are. Real world trading is the exchange of real money for virtual goods, as much as Jagex used to deny it and then amended their rules to admit.
  22. If anything will kill Jagex off, it's self-imposed bankruptcy from their growing line of failed projects. MechScape, Stellar Dawn, Funorb, 8Realms, Transformers as an MMO, and hopefully not Transformers as a MOBA.
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