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  1. Gold members are automatically in, right?
  2. You're write. A novelist has real deadlines. To put it in another perspective, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was filmed, edited, and all three were released into theaters in less time than some of Jagex's quest sequels.
  3. I stopped caring about the quests a long time ago when it became abundantly clear that Jagex was just going to continue to renew, and subsequently break, their vow on completing existing series before working on new storylines. Stephen King writes entire novels faster than Jagex can put out a single quest, which is pretty sad.
  4. You can currently press logout and it will log you out after you complete the current wave. If you are logged out due to a system update, or lose connection, it will knock out your progression. They're working on fixing that in a future update.
  5. I'd like a glimmer for smaller items. Things like seeds can be hard to see in many areas.
  6. I kinda like that. A lot of vanity items used to be completely useless since you really couldn't see them.
  7. I agree, most people don't understand rares. You certainly don't. I voted yes on everything because I want to watch the world burn.
  8. Stopped trying to log into the beta. No support from Jagex at all, nobody responding to my thread on the official forums.
  9. Boy it took about twenty minutes for me to go from excited to not giving a crap. Get in after a half hour of trying and the game has clearly loaded the Java version.
  10. Got my daily magic log task done two seconds before the servers went down. Like a boss.
  11. From the mail! Tbf like Mod Chris said - since this is basically a beta for the rendering engine and all the game data and account data are handle by an entirely different unaltered system losing items in the beta due to glitches is next to impossible. That bit of the mail is just a cover yo ass kinda statement though. Firstly because many will assume its like eoc beta and go charging in, lose all their gear then whine and secondly because of the unlikely event some glitch-tastic explosion happens and you do lose items to it. Both cases Jagex got the ass covered on giving items back or doing rollbacks as they upfront warned you. Only item loss I can see happening would be because the client crashed during combat in which case you still have the benefits of the gravestones.
  12. https://www.fortifymyapp.com/?utm_source=tribalfusion:&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=display/dm:_N5823.Tribal_96078609_270616546_53668194_2309966
  13. They're discontinued, which makes them more desirable by people because their quantity can only go down and compared to other items there isn't a whole lot of them. People are naturally attracted to acquiring rare and exotic things because there is a certain prestige around being one of the few who can afford them. Pretty basic economics.
  14. I'm getting it popping up maybe every four or five links I click on. It's incredibly disruptive to viewing the forums.
  15. This has been going on for nearly a decade. Jagex: We're going to do amazing upgrades to our graphics. Starting with Lumbridge, then Varrok, oh hey we've got new technology let's start over. Lumbridge, Varrok, Falador, oh hey new technology let's start over. Lumbridge, varrok, Falador, Ardougne, oh hey new technology...
  16. I'm sure they'll do a second poll after this one ends asking people how they want rares implemented if they do pass. I like the idea of having them as treasure trail rewards.
  17. Yea, that HP ad is really getting annoying. It used to pop up once per day, now it's coming up every hour or so. It wouldn't be so annoying if it didn't screw up my browser.
  18. Do the video creators really need to make a new thread for every single new video?
  19. I know it's because of the massive change in visuals, but that screenshot looks so...fake. It looks like something you'd see in a fake "get ur rs3 beta here" phishing email. If I had no idea about RS3 and got that in my inbox, I'd delete it.
  20. This has never happened in other games or programs that scan your hard drive, despite the paranoia of the internet.
  21. You're right. It'd also be full of gold selling spam bots.
  22. When is HTML5 coming to OldScape?
  23. Yea how dare Jagex do exactly what they said they would and put changes up to a vote. They should listen to the tiny minority who want everything the way it was and cater only to the 13% who vote no on everything and then insult the people who vote yes.
  24. "Hi my name is Kof and I like to steal RuneScape accounts by posting ridiculous spam."

    1. Omali


      That's what you sound like.

  25. The asylum might have bad wifi. As someone who finds value in accuracy, I find common misquotes rather obnoxious. It's like how "Elementary, my dear Watson" or "beam me up, Scotty" are some of the most recognizable quotes from their respective properties, although they never appear in those works. The Albert Einstein misquote is essentially for one ignorant person to say to other ignorant people so they'll respond "well it doesn't make any sense to me but Albert Einstein said it so it must be intelligent" without putting any critical thought into it. To put it into perspective, imagine if you spent all of your life writing a book series only to have the most popular quote be something you hadn't written.
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