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  1. Nope, its all just coincidence. The only reason you attribute it to karma is because you had done something nice right before you got the drop. The reason it seems like this happens to alot of people is because you only put emphasis on extraordinary things, such as getting a good drop right after doing something good. If you were to look at the big picture though, most of the time you do something good, you wont get a nice drop right after.
  2. It is a rip. I seriously doubt this guy wrote this. It's an internet meme thats been posted on tons of forums all over the internet, including 4chan.
  3. I've seen this many times before. You didn't write this did you?
  4. I think my problem is that I am attempting to put too many ideas int here at once. I am about to do something drastic...I'm gonna split this into two separate stories.
  5. I listened to the whole thing. It doesn't sound like anything from runescape. If they were similar though, it would be because it is just a generic sound.
  6. very possible. You don't have to be 5 years old to do something like that.
  7. doesn't sound anything like the effects from runescape.
  8. I know the feeling, that is when I do my writing (If i do any at all) Just make sure to fix any mistakes you notice.
  9. I would say well done. Could use a little bit of work on grammar/spelling. I thought you did a good job of turning an in-game event into an interesting story.
  10. I think I understand what you are saying. I was actually trying to avoid it, but magic was going to be a major part of the plot line. I have been thinking of ways to take out magic as much as possible. Next time I edit I'll see about taking out some of it. What I need to know though, is whether I should take out all magic or just a little. I'll probably not allow Alex to use it, but is the flashback/dream scene alright? I'll add some more detail in there next time I edit. For now I skipped out a little on making the fights long because I want to put some of the story out there. Either way though, there will be a lot of fighting in a little while.
  11. Not everyone likes leaving their incomplete stories to rot. You've still got a lot of work to do on this thing. The grammar is still bad enough to detract from the story and the meaning. It is very hard to understand. Plus, the story seems incomplete. The main conflict within the story is almost nonexistent. What little plot there is just doesn't make sense. Also, it ends without a clear solution. If this was only the first part of a series it wouldn't be so bad, but as a stand-alone story it just has no point.
  12. Why would you ever post anything less than your best? I myself would be ashamed to post something if I thought it wasn't good. Go read my story and tell me. I'm actually looking forward to some replies. Are you? Because it is my right. Everyone who reads a story has a right to say how they liked it, whether they can do better or not. You aren't required to write an award winning novel to determine if a writer has skill or not. If you'd like, you can go to my own story and critique it. But I would advise you to tell the truth. If you give a bad review out of spite, it only makes you look childish. I have no intention of selling any novels. True. I merely informed you on what you could work on. Start focusing on something you are good at. Or actually spend time on your writing rather than just spouting out whatever comes to mind. No but I myself would want to edit my writing drastically before posting it anywhere on the internet. Maybe it still sucks, but at least I know I spent time on it. I write papers for my english class all the time, does that count? Most of all, you need to take a chill pill. Maybe my posts come off as mean (that is just how I am), but don't take such offense. I was just telling you my thoughts. If my opinions truly don't hold any weight, then why are you taking such offense at them. As far as the writing goes... All I can say is that you need to think before you post your stories. Make sure they are clear of errors and that they feel complete. The reason I say your writing skills lack so much is because it has such little substance to it. It always seems as if you only spent ten minutes typing up the first thoughts that came to your head.
  13. I'll have to agree with mr. dude here. None of you're stories appeal to me. They just seem like random ideas that you wrote down and never finished. On top of that, your writing skills are rarely any good. Like mrmegakirby said earlier, you might do well making comics, but writing anything but that is just not for you.
  14. June of 2003. Almost to 6 years now. But I haven't really played seriously for a couple years now.
  15. How do you know? If you were you wouldn't know that you were right? Well yeah it does. It may not matter and I may not give a [cabbage], but the people who read this will think it subconsciously. No it doesn't. It makes us look like idiots because we are arguing with brick walls. Yes, but you are wrong and I am right. There is a lot to be said by that. Finally, you admit defeat. Actually all of the intelligent people are agreeing that the GE just needs to be removed, or at least altered to make prices more accurate. Attacking junk trading itself will only cause more problems. Actually most people already agree that junk trades aren't beneficial to the game. The only difference is that the intelligent people realize that it is completely necessary until the GE is either fixed or removed.
  16. Ok thanks, I'll look forward to it.
  17. /facepalm ...do you realize how stupid that sounds? You're saying the merchants basically just buy and sell the shields back to each other. What would be the point in that? Maybe a few could gain money from the others, but the majority of them would end up going bankrupt. That or the price would always remain the same and no one would gain anything. Why am I bothering to argue with you? You all are obviously just idiots who will never understand how the economy really works.
  18. $5 bucks. Thats what I got for it last time I sold it.
  19. For such a mundane subject you don't know very much about it. What does that make you? Oh and who ever said anything about taking an economics class? I haven't taken one, I'm still in high school. The merchants don't rule the economy, the consumers do. The merchants only raise their prices when the consumers are willing to pay more for an item. Again, its about supply and demand. You clearly don't understand anything about economics.
  20. I was in to final fantasy VII at the time and sephiroth was taken.
  21. Most of you people don't seem to understand economics. Prices are not only set by the seller. Yes they have the final say in how much they sell it for, but if no one is willing to pay that much then they will never sell it. For example, Lep claims that 500m is too much for a Spirit Shield. If it truly was, then no one would buy it and the price would end up dropping. Also, you blame the high prices on 100 "rich idiots". So are you saying that only those 100 people are able to obtain Spirit Shields? Lep, your rant-like post only made you look like an ignorant fool. Stop complaining because you can't afford something. I can't even believe that this stupid thread is still being used. The only people who seem to be in support of this idea are the whiners and the commies who want a Jagex controlled economy.
  22. that is a hell of a lot better. =D> 8/10
  23. bump. Next chapter is up, I'll probably add more later. Btw, does anyone happen to know the character limit on posts? I'm thinking eventually I'll have to put the story in a new one. EDIT: COME ON PEOPLE! If you read this tell me what you think. I don't care if you spit in my face and tell me its a pile of [cabbage], I want to know. :thumbsup:
  24. Well then, don't complain when people show you your errors. Thats all Nom was trying to do and you got upset. :shame:
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