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  1. . . . but mostly because I will never have to do it again." - Mark Twain. (1-85 F2P, 85-90 P2P, 90-99 F2P): \.
  2. That is incorrect. Franzk HAS maxed out combat, he is the only f2p 126.
  3. In the kiteshop shield in falador, on the second floor, I swear to you there are two cooked chicken spawns. It's amazing, actually. Check it out next time you're there :) .
  4. I liked it :D . Should of thrown in the Mysterious Old Man though, I seem to get him more than any other random :ohnoes: . Wonderful job with the article, o-Mysterious Editor of ours (has it been solved yet? I haven't checked in like 2 months :$).
  5. Uhh..did anyone realize this thread was made a YEAR ago? And yes, I examine everything. My favorite: "One horsepower. Wooden suspension. A beauty" :lol:
  6. We lose too many friends on RuneScape... May he rest in peace. He is in a better place now...my deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. However, just like those before him, we will never forget him. As said earlier, "legends are never forgotten..." Pray for him.
  7. Well now, isn't that a nice thing to say? Tell you what...if you can hold down a full-time job, have kids, be the Crew Leader and administer the forums here AND THEN still find enough time to play the game enough to get your stats up, then you must be a magician. I'm not. I was wondering why your stats were that low, guess we know now :-w I'm still surprised you find time to post as is =X Oh, and Lord Gromit, I think Ard got you with the fact that a good writer can write from many different perspectives; so we have to really pick up the little things we notice in each article, like the mention of "the blokes at jagex towers", the re-occurring theme and mention of the love of pest control, farming, etc. PM me if you find any other small things like that-it'd be a big help. BTW, after seeing all the responsibilities Kiara says she has to take care of, I find it difficult to believe that she writes most of the articles. My guess is she has written some, thats almost certain, but very very few compared to the other people\Editor(s) involved. She posts the tip.it times every week, I don't think she'd want to write most of them too...
  8. Well, if you got on someone's account, technically you could just roam ALL over RuneScape looking for the box.... few problems with it: What if you leave it in a members spot and become f2p? What if you forget where it is? What if you leave it in a spot like the wilderness by accident, or what if the spot you leave it in is space needed to add monsters and quest NPCs to the game? Just a few issues with it. It does SEEM like a good idea, just needs some tweaking.
  9. I examine everything :P If you go to the air altar I believe, and examine one of the flowers (not sure which) I think it has a different examine than the rest in the altar..strange.
  10. I just block the adverts................ SwiftSwitch ftw. :D
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