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  1. Sleep.. in a bed. I think he sleeps with juliet actually :twisted:
  2. I'd contemplate suicide.. but that's just me.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up for us. end of story
  4. They could possibly put it on the border of the inventory since its used all the time. I also think the dance emotes are cheesey as hell. Seriously, it looks like a fisher-price thing now.
  5. I'd give it to a real life friend.. so if you do come back they can sell it and split the money with you. :P
  6. I agree, make it like the other games (wow, guild wars, eq) but with the same concept of runescape.
  7. I CANT WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS! Nice gem buying sir.
  8. A rip-off. The guys at R:AR are my heros \
  9. http://www.memoryx.com is good also, i just recieved 512mb of laptop ram from them and its working perfectly. For the guy who made this thread FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY whenver your installing it \
  10. Same here, all the once in awhile i'll come on to just pk. Mainly i enjoy playing this once in awhile for fun, like a regular game, rather than my life. ::I regret selling a red mask for 200k a few years ago.. Not buying a party hat. Getting my main banned. Many things i regret.
  11. Whoever said the world 18 thing, sounds like a good idea.. 100+ people traveling on the portals to level 52 wild :twisted:
  12. Ahh, you got so many accounts.. your giving me a headache :boohoo: Well good luck sir! ill be on i wear skirt or p--a--n--i-c
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