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  1. Bring a sextant, watch and CHART
  2. I havent dropped a lot of items.. but ive alched rune items - full helms, kites etc. cause im too lazy to sell em :)
  3. how about u explain ur decision rather than getting several pages of "they r f2p, they pay wat the get for" replies. it kinda helps and makes for a more interesting discussion. maybe if this could be applied across the whole forums... Those who pay for the game deserve to get the full version. Those who choose not to pay does not deserve more than a demo version.
  4. Nah.. f2p doesnt deserve to get such big updates.
  5. I meant "kill," of course... Like I said, I have done this before, I know that no one can do it for me. I was suggesting my friend take care of the axes... And no, this one is not outside the hut, it is inside... I have had both, and this one is inside. There is no clue inside the axe hut... only outside.
  6. but didnt get anything good from the chest.. :s i tried 3 veracs, still no i tried 2 dhorak (my heart was beating fast, i dont know why :P). but still nothing.. EDIT: 2 guthan, STILL NO BARROWS ITEM Try four Dharoks... :) I have a pic of that somewhere.
  7. for me its about 7-9 doses of prayer potion and about 50-60 magic darts (50-60 deaths + 200-240 minds) and maybe a shark or two per trip.
  8. Evil Bob: Ranged for some time, then high alched a drop i got. Forester: Ranged, then high alched.. Frogs: Fought in barrows then tried to teleport.. Miles\Giles\Niles: Ranged then tried to teleport.. Basicly.. i trained one skill for very long and cast a spell (not telegrab though.. cause i telegrabbed items when i ranged, i got the event when i high alched).
  9. YoAdee

    Worst Movie Ever?

    * Star Wars episode 1 (havent even bothered to see ep 2 and 3 yet). * Freddy vs Jason * Alien vs Predator * Signs * any movie with Will Ferrell
  10. Equipped: Full mystic blue Slayer Staff Zammy Book (Whatever god cape i have atm) Ammy of glory/magic Ring of life 50 rune arrows Inventory: Lumby teleport(s) Ectophial Minds, Deaths (for magic dart) Spade D scimmy 4 prayer pot (4) Magic short, full black d hides 8 Sharks
  11. I gave him a dwarf weed.. got a Magic Potion (4)
  12. Brimstail (Gnome Stronghold).. look for a hollow rock in the west part of the stronghold.. also.. this is in the Tip it guide.. try checking it next time.
  13. The tip it guide reveals it.. but dig near the red spider egg spawn in karamja volcano.
  14. its blurry cause its saved as a JPG pic, look at the fountain in the upper left corner.. its blurry too.
  15. I'd say you keep: Baxe Spade (Sextant/Chart/Watch) = one of em so drop sextant, chart and watch and you should keep Baxe, spade and casket if you would die.. and leave NOTHING for pkers :)
  16. ah nice, just wondered cause it was the "old" rune t and sara plates. you can teleport with the casket and open it in varrock.
  17. say.. when did you get this clue?
  18. isnt it very very slightly left of the white dot? i might be wrong here.
  19. Go to Yanille and walk out east of the city. You will find a path to a small island.
  20. the caged greater demons in the ogre city cave drop em :)
  21. Thats a small island east of Yanille i think.. they wont poison you. The spiders are lvl 43 i think.. sth like that, so bring some food and youll be allright.
  22. You think? I sure had a rough time darting him, for sure. Magic is only 90, maybe yours was higher. He would fizzle me alot and would keep the damage really low. I had better luck using the whip on that guy. Of course it didn't matter much, because he rarely connected. He sure does now, though doesn't he. Hehe. I actually had fun with the new dude. It was more challenging and was something to experiment with. And I was having the most amazing luck. I think they've improved the drop rates as almost every brother dropped something this time. Very few 500ish gp drops. One trip I got the helm, bloods, deaths, minds, and 2 sets of chaos. No gp. *gasp* You can tell what they dropped by the numbers. 1 drop of bloods = 40ish 1 drop of deaths =80ish 1 drop of choas = 160ish 1 drop of minds = 300ish 1 drop of gp's = 500ish Dont' be jealous now, as this is the best run I've ever had. 10 trips Guthan helm Karil skirt Ahrims top I was having fun. :) I think I'm hooked again. My magic level was like 85 before the update and i hit the occasional 18 on him.
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