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  1. Well, if they can't obtain a census on quest points in game, then I doubt they can obtain a census on how many people obtained an item drop from a monster or the burrows. This means that Jagex never really adjusts the droprates of monsters (except that one time they announced for burrows like in week 1) and its all perception of random events and bad luck.
  2. They have given "a crp" before, why wouldn't they do it this time? Good question that I don't know the answer to. I do hope they give us lots of this "crp" for the 100th quest. :lol:
  3. I think that the guy in draynor village, marvin or whatever, will have some more problems with his crops and you have to plant them for him. Cause him and G.A.G can't handle making compost. And you'll need like 50+ farming to grow his special potatoes which will take 24 hrs to grow in real time. When they are done then they be like little ess pouches when hollowed out, except they can hold magic. Since the fairies are magic then these potatoes will become prisons for the fairies, because of the fairy godfather's dirty schemes. Of course, you will be required to uptain 100+ items from all over runescape to pay off the fairy godfather's randsom. (this will include everything from mud pies to monkey nuts) In the final confrontation, you'll have to try to read through 100 lines of puns and heavily accented dialogue to select the right sequence of words to tell the godfather to kiss off. The godfather then summons his gang of fairy hitman and you duke it out with the 3, lvl13, wand-weilding, hitmen. (undoubtly, somebody will post in the official forums "OMFG da faires killed me!!11!1!1!!!!") The end. Oh wait! Your rewards are... 3k farming and magic experience for all your hard work!!!!!!!! :roll:
  4. Funny, I missed that joke. Maybe its because I only spent 1.2 mil to go from 85 to 94 magic, got 1k of deaths and of bloods, and picked up an outfit worth 15mil while I was there. Silly me... why did I waste my time there with nobody, when I could have been clicking cammy tele with everbody else for a month instead. :roll:
  5. I can relate with playing the brand new SNES and final fantasy II. Heck, I can relate to playing the brand new final fantasy I on NES. :lol: I didnt pull an all-nighter or anything though. On topic, maybe a full day, 16 hrs-ish but I take breaks when nature calls.
  6. Sorry adunakhor, Jagex just couldn't keep up with you. They got many more customers to please now. Maybe its just time for you to move on. Game beaten...
  7. Was there something special about all your burrow drops in the last three months that havent been posted here already? :roll:
  8. Wow! :shock: You'll be the first in runescape to complete it. But maybe the last too if the reward is just xp. :lol:
  9. Do they all know each other? They seem to roam around in packs kinda like wolves. :twisted:
  10. Now if you could tell me how to get alot of pie dishes fast that would be useful. And I'm not talking about using the crafting guild to make them.
  11. i agree. herblore is the worst skill besides farming. slayer is cool but it takes absolutely FOREVER to lvl. I gained 20k slayer xp today....thats ridiculous considering i trained almost 200k str. anyways the pies r alright but are a little weird....a pie giving a stat boost? maybe to bloatedness, but not to fishing! Please convince your friends and their friends to share your views on herblore and farming. I'd like to increase my prayer pots prices to 10k ea and my super sets to 20kea. :)
  12. The whole skull thing is bugged. I was down there today "1 iteming" with my dagger. :twisted: Half the time, I attacked I didnt get skulled. Also if somebody attacks you and you dont have auto on but you go to strike back you get skulled. It didn't use to be that way. But, anyhow I can vouch that protect item still works. 8)
  13. lol at the pies. 3-iteming is tried and true; it has been since the wildy came into existence. it's what anyone does when they're just exploring a new area and are uncertain as to the monsters that are there and stand a good chance of dying. it's the bug that is the issue. and if you're in a crowd of people in the wildy, i think it stands to reason that any fairly sharp person will know to right clickin that exact risk.. and leesters doesn't really look to be dumb. Well apparently the "tried and true method" has never really worked all the time. :lol: Actually the point is that Leesters went to the wildy with things he wasn't prepared to loose. Things happen, it doesnt always have to be an intelligence issue. Its more of an attitude issue. But, if people like to wander around in the wildy with 3 expensive items (phats lol) in their inventory then thats their risk. Oh and I hope to god to be there when something goes wrong. :twisted:
  14. Leesters you should have known better. You have to know that 3 iteming is too good a thing to be true. Or considered that you could have lagged and click on somebody by accident regardless of the bug. You should have just taken some mud pies with you out there. :D They're made with compost and I loved saying "omg u got poo on ur face", after each hit. I went for the mage pkers. You wont skull throwing the pie, its when you follow up with the punch or kick that you do. But who cares just take some pies and throw and kick ur way to a free fally tele. The chaos monster didnt care much for the pie to face either. :lol:
  15. 500 million for a phat at the end of the year... Who is going to pay cash for that? :? Thats a pretty exclusive market. Those things only have value if somebody is willing to trade cash for them or the items they offer up in trade. I think phats will increase until a point that nobody can break into the market and then theyll just be exchanged around by phat merchants until they crash. They'll crash back some when the merchants want to liquidate them to get new exclusive stuff if Jagex comes out with lots of new desireables at once. (e.g. Lvl 80 equipment)
  16. You just had a nice lucky streak or you forgot if you fell. I mean 500k is a while at the werewolves so you may have just forgot that you fell once or twice. My perception of luck is that it is streaky. I can go several hours at the werewolves and not fall and then fall back to back to back. I'd keep bringing the potions and a little food since the course is alot faster if your always running.
  17. Maybe there could be a burrows forum here. :idea: It seems like their is an endless number of people posting guides, suggestions, and their loot.
  18. Its a nice place to train besides cammy tele, alching, or other expensive methods. The clothes are an added bonus and look awesome. (See Avatar) That place is cheap and fast xp. Only 1.2 mill worth of ess got me from 85 to 94 magic in just 2.5 weeks! 8)
  19. infinity gloves +5 magic attack and def no other bonuses for reference mystic gloves +3 magic attack and def
  20. F.Y.I. your pouches still degrade. They degrade when you take ess out of them. Going in and out of the abyss doesnt effect them.
  21. I've done the werewolf course from 60 to 81 agility. The fastest xp I can get per 1hr while using super energy pots and skipping fast through all the obstacles is like 40k. Its usually 35-40k for me cause my attention wonders, I miss the stick etc.. I can't speak much for the wildy course since I stop going there at lvl 60. Cant really see the wildy course being better with all those failable obstacles that require you to do them again if you want the lap bonus. Plus I wouldn't carry super energy pots up there, would you?
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