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  1. We got a new skill less than a year ago. People have been waiting for the Elf city for years. That's why people are voting for it.
  2. It cost 540kr, which translates to €60,84 I was quite surprised too. I can't remember if it was more or less that what I paid for last gold premium membership.
  3. I live in Sweden, and I only had to pay €60, just like the canadian rate.
  4. Yelps. If discontinued npc's count then Molly.
  5. Na I meant someone who doesn't play/make rs videos.
  6. Silent sound exactly like another dude on youtube I watch daily. Maybe it's just me.
  7. Too bad the Divine Herb patch costs 20 irit to make to begin with. But if someone else makes it then it's nice.
  8. It's a scam. The lava titan has a teleport option that brings you into like 45 wildy. They try to get you to teleport and then have someone waiting to kill you in wilderness.
  9. Terrible Not THAT terrible. What's terrible is the constant moving of the *bleep* cam.
  10. I'm pretty sure Jagex is going to rig the fight for it to be a dramatic draw. They aren't just going to kill off a god like that. Most the will do is have Zamorak retreat for a while.
  11. I think the used crew setup is 5 of each normal crew, 3 merchants, 3 JoD and 4 Oxhead. As for captains, one of each skill, all of them having +4% in that skill as traits. Then two extra seafaring with one having +4% morale and one with +4% combat. The captains will be a pain but the normal crews shouldn't be a problem. That's what I'm aiming for atleast.
  12. I think that's just the by product as result of using Divination. Like the xp you get from summoning a pet compared to making the pouch. Since it's a gathering skill you'll get a lot more getting the stuff.
  13. That's the first thing that comes to mind. I'd be surprised if you actually could. Anyway so far that update sounds nice, finally you can get cosmetics that don't cost you money. (Yes I get it, you have to be member to get loyality points, but still)
  14. With that said, people need to stop looking at the negative with something entierly new and look at the things it will bring instead. Not being stubborn and saying that everything new is bad.
  15. I wonder how the other gods will play their part in all of this.
  16. Man that's deep. Anyway on the side of which god and bla bla bla. Before TWW, I was siding with Saradomin as it seemed he wanted "peace" all around, but after TWW he turns out to be just a massive power hungry douche. When talking to Padomenes, he says that Saradomin is "The one true god. All other so-called gods are nothing more than pretenders to Saradomin's rule.", "Only Saradomin is born to be a god. The power of the others is the result of greed and envy - stolen power.". "When the fight is over he will protect and guide us." "But those who refuse to see the truth and stand in our way as Zamorak does now. They leave us no choice: they must be destroyed!" So there's really no peace, it's a matter of just killing off those who don't believe in Saradomin and leave the only ones who do alive. Since there's no godless faction in this battle I just chose the god I used to follow over the one I didn't.
  17. Please become a god killer, please become a god killer, please become a god killer. Or atleast screw around with them.
  18. So I got the emote, pretty sweet. Wondering what the other tier's will look like. Also as posted before, I also got the "The Boundless" title from random Tear collecting. I got it early on, at around 250 tears or something like that.
  19. This I don't care for either of them anymore. I want the others to join in aswell.
  20. Woo bluescreen'd So yeah I'm gonna keep all of this on hold for a while.
  21. So anyway, everything looks nice and pretty, but if you ask me, Jagex pushed this a little too early, there still are many things to work on in HTML5. I know, I know it's still beta but still, just my opinon.
  22. Oh dammit, I started up, had black screen closed window and logged in again, and the cutscene is over -_- I guess I'll have to watch it on Youtube. Oh and I crashed shortly after.
  23. 1 Day 1 Hour and 16 minutes for me. You sure it wasn't a bug?
  24. I tried NIS with HTML5 yesterday. I can say it performs much better for me than HTML5 only did. Can't wait for this to be released in less than a week.
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