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  1. Look at the size of that beast. He's like a walking fortress, there's people on him.
  2. Green! Because the others are douches. And I see what you did there when there's no Guthix Godsword :P
  3. I failed my first trio mission two days ago, the next day I got it again and succeeded. I must be really lucky with crew and adventurer rolls.
  4. I believe you have the ideal crew setup. Now just try to get your last oxhead in the 3rd crew slot because there's no need for any new crew members other than perhaps captain. Unless you're going for traits.
  5. So the God factions update this month will be like... the introduction to the skill? A small part of it or something.
  6. Orb of Oculus can't be used in html5 beta =/ If you could I would have messed around in it a lot more.
  7. I thought it was rudders -> 4th ship -> crew -> ship upgrades. Unless you already got all ships then skip that stage.
  8. I thought Jagex knew it was a glitch and not supposed to be right together with some players, while other players argued you were supposed to be able to.
  9. Yeah, they said Guthix is the "Godless" side, which is the one I went with on TWW. So I think that's my new... "religion".
  10. I don't know what faction I'm gonna go with. I've always been in favour of Saradomin but he turned out to be a total [bleep] in TWW. Might go neutral.
  11. Does K'ril still do his prayer drain attack even if you're not using protection prayers? Or what's the note on that?
  12. I have to say and I'm sure others agree, that has to be one of the best things to come out of SGS. I got one myself yesterday.
  13. I'm not sure if this is a recent update or if this was added before. I haven't been to K'ril in a long time. On normal mode, he now uses his prayer draining and slamming through prayer attack when you're using ss. It used to only be when using melee prot. And if you turn off overhead prayers for a while, and flick it on, he does the attack right away.
  14. It's probably the armour bonus that was supposed to be 75. It matches the rest of the armour set.
  15. I want to see the faces of the people who think they did. I did get a nice 2.5m from it while the merchants were buying them out.
  16. Could someone tell me how in the world this happened?
  17. So next weeks update is the hit chance update, armour types and gwd? I'm interested to see what kinds of armour groups it is. When they mentioned tank they showed seasinger robes and bandos. Does that mean seasinger is going to have less offensive bonuses compared to... lets say pollypore or virtus if they decide to make those offensive. Or maybe Nex gear will be offensive while bandos/zammy/armadyl is defensive?
  18. I too have made that mistake, several times. This is step forward but I with they brought back the first one. One without a black background.
  19. The letter tab is not available as of now. Neither is the scale, sof/sgs hat or gambling icon. There's a lot of things that are "comming soon".
  20. + and - on numpad works too to zoom.
  21. I wonder if there's going to be another language. Comon Swedish :D That'd be hillarious.
  22. 23/04 - 16:45 -Fixed a major cause of slowdown in busy areas (friends list related) -Optimised some bounding calculations -Added a content download network tracker to 'displayfps' -Added player head icons (prayer/PK etc) -Added player customisation colouring/texturing -Fixed chat in chat box offset issue -Fixed scripting crash with display names -Fixed crash on selecting to join a friend in another world -Fixed crash for NPCs without chat heads -Fixed missing items in Grand Exchange search -Fixed compass graphic scaling Bit late but still relevant.
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