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  1. Yeah... I doubt however many signatures the petition gets, Jagex is not gonna do anything. I've seen people do this before with no success.
  2. General Graardor has let himself go a bit recently, so we've sent him to the gym for a while. His training is now complete, which should make him more of a challenge. As mentioned, I guess bandos armour is up for a rise in price.
  3. If you look at the Q&A video you'll see the bones move around with the camera angle, clearly showing that they are hovering over the tree. And yes, it was shown on purpose to give an example of the glitches that can occur without Q&A. They said they had a flying bone glitch they were working on. Edit: Looks like the last picture in the teaser update was indeed about the Demon Slayer quest being updated. As someone suspected.
  4. Hmm that's weird, I could have sworn I've had more than 1/day the past week. Maybe I'm dreaming.
  5. I can see it now. "A sink hole has been spotted around *city/location"! Head over and see if you can claim some lost items! But be careful not to sink in yourself!" Like a pit of quick sand. Fish up whatever random npc's lost when disappearing underground. Or something like that. Depending if it's actually a creature or not.
  6. Exactly. This is why keep saying that skill capes were one of the worst updates to RS ever. But do you think people would still bot to 99 if 99 was a fun byproduct of training agility, rather than the focus itself? What about if skill capes didn't exist? And who spends real money on RS GP? Kids with their dad's cc number.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtTiZNH1bic Few things: Kill Sunfreet Mine Granite Complete Agility pyramid Loot Engraved Sarcophagus Ride the Desert Eagle
  8. So I was slaying like normal when I noticed something rather fun. Comboing Ice Strykewyrms. Note: Ice Strykewyrms have 12000 hp.
  9. Good, because it was getting a bit ridiculous on how easy it was with the right tactic.
  10. By the release of Desert Achievement Diary, we'll see that you won't be able to block KK from moving around. Same as they did with Barrows.
  11. Jagex dev team must be raging hard atm. So much for hardest boss ever. Quicker to duo than Nex, which was done with a bug abuse too. Well then that settles the strategy to use against him. Kudos.
  12. I attended to that event. I was one of the 29 people who died. It was hillarious :D Because people were so spread out, anyone in the middle had nowhere to go. Plus with 50 players, 10 kalphites and the AoE balls, it caused massive lag.
  13. The thing is, you're either hit a low amount like 800, or you're insta killed. So armor is more of a protect from the minions. I'd say it's just as good to use wand & shield as it is to use a staff. Staff has higher hit chance but having a shield enables you to use abilities like preperation and resonance. Both two abilities which are very handy. On another note. There's a thing about his blob attack that I've been thinking about. The best way to fight it is having everyone standing in a nice circle or box around KK, or atleast trying to. If you end up unorganised and having, lets say "two layers" of players or "two circles" around him. The ones closest to KK will have nowhere to run once he does his blob attack because, sure they might be able to run away from their own blob but they'll be hit by the blob from the players that were standing two or three squares behind them. If everyone was in a nice one man box/circle around him. Then everyone would be able to avoid his attack. The only problem is that KK also shoves around the players.
  14. The way Jagex worded it. It can only be repaired with chitin. Yeah they made it REALLLLLLY sound like coins can't be used: "Drygore weapons degrade with use, and can be repaired with chitin gathered from enemies in the new Exiled Kalphite Hive. This will drop in the form of untradeable damaged chitin, but a smith of level 60 or higher can break this down into chitin scraps at an anvil. This will render it tradeable, and ready for use in repairs. Alternatively, speak to Bob in Lumbridge to repair your weapons in exchange for coins, or do so at an armour stand in your player-owned house." Oh sorry, must have missed that part >_> Anyway, I had a look into some armor. Bandos, arma and sub top all have +26 damage. No other gwd armour piece does. Pernix, Torva and Virtus on the other hand have +15 on the top, but also +15 on legs and +7 on helm, gloves and boots. The Nex armor set effect adds another +23 damage, giving a total of +74 damage for the entire set.
  15. I'm not sure how much effect it'll have. I mean bandos plate itself had +26 damage. The way Jagex worded it. It can only be repaired with chitin.
  16. Explains the butterfly-ish wings you get from the Guthix aura.
  17. So I got my 3rd ship ready to go. I got a mighty fleet at my disposal.
  18. I think that if you examine a kalphite worker it say something along the lines of "I don't think insect repellent will work". So yeah, unless drowning kk in it, I don't think he'll care.
  19. What you talking about? God statues was released last week.
  20. Rejuvenate.. now useless. A 5min cooldown. My god Jagex, way to kill one of the best shield abilities. Well, better use it now for bosses while I still can. Atleast we still have Resonance. When Jagex say "set" of armour, do they mean helm, top, bottom, gloves and boots. Or just helm, top and bottom, like it used to be? I might need to scrape some money together for Pernix boots and gloves. Either way, It'll be interesting to see where this will all lead. Once again glad I bought Penix a month ago when was somewhat crashing because I wanted it for the looks.
  21. The outcomes of failed voyages can be different. Sometimes you lose a crew member. Sometimes you have to wait for it to be repaired (or pay black marketeer to fix it). And sometimes it's just some silly text and you can put it right back out on another voyage. Atleast from my experience.
  22. So this just happened. Kraken vs Flying Kraken?
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