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  1. The reason for the lock of the topics was said in the previous thread you made on the exact same topic. They're locked because Jagex doesn't want them there because it's the wrong subforum. And your so called "corrupt mod" isn't corrupt, just following the orders of Jagex.
  2. New Zealand Lol what? Heck is another word for hell. Are you Australian and annoyed us Kiwis are beating you in the Olympic medal count? From a random assumption I would think they used the word heck either to be funny or because of religious point of view. Not to offend anyone.
  3. Stealing, no doubt. He must get all the loot from deathpiles that people aren't able to retrieve.
  4. Can you summarise in brief words so i dont need to listen to an 11 minute podcast? New NPC, said to give players "premium" services, speculated to be rwt.
  5. Introducing! Bonus XP Weekend Ticket! Now a rare item in the SoF! Win it or buy it and get to participate in the next private BXPW! I can totally see it...
  6. So that's how to pronounce Ardougne... I'm sure it has been mentioned before but I don't think I've ever heard it vocaly.
  7. Hey guys, remember back in the days when Jagex wasn't all about the money? Those were good times.
  8. I know this is a bit off topic maybe but when did Jagex chanage so that p2p items doesn't appear as "Members object" when you become f2p?
  9. Just becuase 90% p2p and 70% f2p players use the SoF each day doesn't mean that they are enjoying it. Reason why everyone does it even if it's hated is because it's shoved in our face every new day. In reality, if the SoF was located at as specific location, say... Falador? And you'd have to go there to spin it, I doubt that it would be the same amount of people "enjoying" it. Imagine if mtk was available to everyone without having to complete a quest and the whole interface where you gather approval and deposit money was a popup when you first login each day. That would be the same deal... Except people would like it. It would be same with every new update.
  10. Am I the only one noticing the Stone of Jas pattern on the QBD lair? Or is it perhaps just a coincidence? Looks like a decent month for once.
  11. I'm gonna assume it's the same as any other addiction. Unable to stop, no matter what it does to you. Good or bad. And then quitting, overcomming the addiction, that is if you had one to begin with.
  12. A summoning tank could get 86-95 summ for example though MUCH easier. Yes, that's very much true. Although I still can't imagine how many lamps that would require.
  13. What Jeremy841 said. Spending money and buying xp with SoF on a level 3 character is a REALLY stupid idea seeing as the xp you gain depends on your current level. Ever tried using magic lamps on a skill that's level 1? You'd end up spending a forture getting say, hp and summoning to 99.
  14. Yeah, getting java error code. Even when accepting everything.
  15. They finally put in microtransactions and brought in RWT... Sad times...
  16. Yep, ever since after the bot nuke, fps on most computers have dipped. I used to be at the cap of 40 fps most of the time except in places like ge w2. After the nuke, I suffered from fps drop.
  17. They mean price/spell is expensive. Damage/spell is a lot better though.
  18. He took the number of the different colors on the wheel only. He didn't count that it stays on the different colors for a different period. Say, longer on white than on super rare red.
  19. I don't think so seeing as then they would like "lose" their Golden Joystick award for No.1 F2P MMORPG.
  20. Oh wow, I recently became non-member, I spun, got medium magic lamp... BUT WAIT! Medium lamp is members only! Meaning I would have to be member to use it, even though it's in the f2p list. To claim it I would have to become member or discard it. If I don't click discard, the fortune wheel would be there forever until the next day. Well done Jagex.
  21. Livid Farm I would rather train Firemaking there. Have fun running both to the bank and burning logs between the rounds.
  22. Nothing, but you will not get any more effigy drop until you have 4 or less left in your bank.
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