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  1. I got my Interface Alpha Access in the inbox earlier today. Starts tomorrow. I had almost forgotten about that. The new interface is held on a dedicated server with a seperate save game, so there's no risk at losing your items.
  2. 19/04 - 16:16 -Fixed facebook and other single sign on logins -Reduced lighting intensity on player and NPC models
  3. 19/04 - 13:54 -Enabled secure websocket connections to the game worlds to help people behind outdated proxy servers -Fix for when game tab is not focused causing logouts and crashes -Added handling for multiple NPCs and players standing on top of each other -Fixed tooltip on pets -Fixed crash bug with resized windows and some post process effects -Fixed dungeoneering map -Added option to turn off custom cursors -Fixed another clan variable crash -Fixed a crash with removing head bars -Fixed a crash with NPC variables -Added handling for multiple NPCs and players standing on top of each other Should fix stacking problem.
  4. I noticed that too but it only crashes if you have it on max settings. I'm not crashing on lowest.
  5. Shadows and Draw distance is the two major performace impacts. The other settings changes maybe 5 fps total when going from lowest to highest.
  6. You all need to go check out Runespan. There really need to be an increased draw distance for npc's and monsters there. It would look amazing.
  7. It's lifted but as the j mod said in the thread on rsof, they ask that you hold your images and videos for a little bit so they can get some optimization done. In other words. You're free to post, but they prefered if you didn't for a bit.
  8. Be sure to check your spam folder. That's where mine was. Ok so on the NDA thing. Although I'm not giving any images. I have to say. You have to go to a spot that's elevated. Like Karamja Volcano, White wolves mountain or the Ancient pyramid and just look at the glory with everything set to highest. The water, the bloom, the draw distance just makes everything beautiful. When areas are loading I get around 8fps if it's not a busy place. In towns like edgevile I get 3-5 fps standing in bank. In places with medium activity and everything loaded I get 11 fps standing still. Like Karamja Volcano And in empty places I get 20-30 fps.
  9. I'm in. Although I'm getting 5 fps. I have to say Polypore dungeon looks amazing. If I turn off shadows and set draw distance to low I get 28 fps... Once areas with not that many structures has finished loading. I get stable 20+ fps with everything on high. Like the last area in tww. And lastly, there's no music </3
  10. Holy quad post. The new interface looks like it's gonna take some time to get used to. I hope it gets even more customizable in resized mode.
  11. Other than the increased draw distance, skyboxes, lighting, and water shader. I don't think there's anything more that's that new. It's not really a graphics update like rs HD was.
  12. I believe that's parts of the geometry not loading properly. It happens sometimes when the camera is pointing at a specific angle.
  13. I like the idea of city or area wide chats. Like a chat for everyone at castle wars, a chat for everyone in ge, etc. But I think a worldwide chat is a bit too much. But you never know.
  14. I don't think so. Haven't found a way atleast. Either way it's not like it's hard to login and cancel it anyway.
  15. Well then now I need to learn how to do kill Kree. Both Greaters and Aviansies are now bosses. This will be fun.
  16. So it wasn't just me. And here I thought I just clicked through it fast enough and never saw what the last 3rd spin was. It was supposed to be for the entire year.
  17. Oxhead and Horseface is said to be really rare right? I have no idea what to say about this. Refreshed the top two, bottom was there from yesterday.
  18. I have a feeling that it will come next week because we got the rules update on gambling yesterday. Also, isn't War Bands the only update left planned for this month?
  19. Damn Jagex, I'm REALLY proud of you. You finally got the courage to put an end to the gambling business. Hopefully it will all end now.
  20. As said earlier. EoC is being frequently updated and changed. Armour update, monster defence, monster buff, glitches, all kinds of stuff. Not to mention new equipment and abilities. It's hard to rewrite a guide because sometimes you'd have to rethink your whole strategy. You're gonna have to stick to youtube and player experiences for your monster hunting. Trial and error to your own stats. I had no idea what to bring to Zammy gwd other than the word that he was weak to fire spells and bloodfire barrage was the best strategy. One or two runs later I knew what to bring.
  21. I feel there's both pros and cons with it. As of now, there's no risk at all when dying. I want the gravestones back to the original timer atleast. That way you still have to rush back to get your items. Like at Corporeal Beast. You don't get a gravestone but you still get a shot at getting your items back if you're quick enough. And as said earlier. Someone lucky enough to be at the right spot at the right time, and having their net worth increasing a lot because someone died somehow doesn't sit right with me.
  22. Are ya serious Absolutely. Based on this topic, you guys (not you necessarily, but overall) don't like him very much. Still, he does what he wants, he plays the game his way, and as far as I know, he doesn't scam anyone, so he still gets an enjoyable experience out of it. Runescape has the great ability, that I don't find in other MMORPGs to actually let you do what the hell you want, and I think Vann takes that in stride. I think you're confused of what the spirit of the game really means...
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