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  1. It seems to me that they are hitting some brick walls in creativity and are hoping the community can bail them out by offering the honor/privilege of listening to and possibly implementing our idea(s).
  2. It would happen to me every time I opened a door in dung. Jagex's response to the issue was for me to upgrade my operating system. I had to wait a year (not being to dung at all during that time) before I was willing to upgrade--my school actually had a computer exchange, so I got an updated computer which a newer version of Mac OS X.
  3. it's not that surprising of an effect if you follow the wall street adage of "sell on the news" to lock in your profits
  4. Unless they changed it... In my pursuit of 99 crafting, I bought my bstaffs from the magic lady in the chicken house in Lunar Isle. You could buy 64 at a time, then world hop and buy 64 more, rinse, lather, repeat. It was a lot of running back and forth from the house to the bank because they weren't noted. Idk if they are noted now or if she still sells them.
  5. I opened a clue scroll and got a puzzle box. I have completed the puzzle box, but since an npc didn't give it to me (it just popped up upon opening the scroll box), I have no one to give it to to get another clue/chest. Am I simply screwed or is there something else I can do? lol
  6. Given the recent change to how you can acquire the strange rock in your POH, can you still get it the old way of just standing around? Or do you have to actively construct something? Thank you.
  7. I've been thieving master farmers for a while and I am curious as to whether I am unlucky with regard to not getting a few specific seeds or if the master farmers do not provide those seeds. The seeds I am particularly wondering about are: spirit weed seed wergali seed evil turnip seed Has anyone ever gotten one or more of the above to confirm the possibility of getting them from the master farmers? Thank you for your help.
  8. front door it is... just be patient with the lock pick and you will get in eventually (depending upon your thieving level)
  9. there is one near port khazard (half way between ardougne and yanille) another good spot is the grand tree mine--there are several iron ores very near each other (some very minimal walking may be involved, I can't remember is there is a triangle specifically)
  10. I think you can cannon 25 hp monsters faster than you can chin 110 hp monsters. :unsure: I'm not going to get into an argument here but just off the top of my head I couldn't think of a place that a high enough concentration of skeletons. Under the volcano on Crandor (near the Dragon Slayer room) there are several skeletons. If you find a server with lots of people, they should respawn fast as well. That is the spot where I found my skeleton champion scroll.
  11. Since all of the scroll droppers are humanoid, what are the likely new races? Troll? Dagonnoth? Some type of demon other than lesser (greater, black, etc.)? Others?
  12. Are there any clans for females only or where most of the members are female? thanks :-D
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