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  1. It's been a while since I last played, but I always thought they should introduce a new skill or a manner of "training" your character in specific fighting styles or martial arts, so to speak. Such as making your character more effective at defending themselves, so they could possibly even parry attacks during combat. It would be interesting to see a couple of players with Godswords dueling and see lots of "parry" splashes or something of the sort. Not to mention there would also have to be training to make characters hit better with certain weapons. Maybe if they ever add the eastern lands in, they might include it. It would certainly balance out any new super-powerful weapons they might throw out.
  2. I would have to place Theodore Roosevelt as my personal favorite, as he was a man for the masses, not the elite. He took action against large companies that were creating monopolies and gave the "little man" more protection and support from the government. Not to mention he was forced to overcome adversity in many situations, just to get to where he went. He gave undeniable proof that he was there to take care of the country's populace, not its' rich. High on the list, though, are also: FDR, Washington, and Clinton FDR for keeping his head and making every attempt to bring America out of the depression. Washington because he truly set the tone for America's future presidents and was an exceedingly humble man. Clinton because whether he truly stood out or not, he did solve the US debt issue and left us with a surplus when he stepped down from office. No matter how you look at it, maybe he wasn't the best president, but he certainly wasn't the worst, and he was charismatic and took care of business. Obviously, I despise Bush, for understandable reasons.
  3. You could look up some battles on eyewitnesstohistory.com and actually get a good idea of how they wrote back then, and what it was really like to be in the situation. I'm not sure what your instructor is expecting, but you might get extra credit for writing the journal sort of in-character to someone that would have actually lived in that time, using terms and speech that would have been heard during the Civil War.
  4. Bari, the picture is what really got me interested. =D> Dunno who pixeled that, but it's hawt. Awesome write-up, though! I'm loving it. I certainly hope they release something dark and evil.
  5. Oh, far too many to name. But here's a short little list: Armor by John Steakley (Sci-Fi) The Malus Darkblade Series by Dan Abbnet and Mike Lee (Fantasy) Basically anything by R.A. Salvatore (Fantasy) Lord of the Rings <-- I'm such a sheep. (Fantasy) The Dhampir Series by Barb and J.C. Hendee (Fantasy) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown Timeline by Michael Crichton (If you watched the movie, trust me. The book is waaaay better.) I don't really like Sci-Fi books much, and mostly read fantasy. I haven't even begun to read Eragon, heard bad things from people that share my tastes and so I figured I wouldn't bother. I feel kinda lame seeing names of books I've never even heard of on here, but I'll probably wind up looking into many of them. :) If any of you like deep science fiction with awesome twists, read "Armor". It far outstrips anything else on my list.
  6. I'm with Nick. I hate it when innocents get killed. Years back, a school near me was forced to adopt a uniform dress code because some freshman girl wore an outfit that was almost completely one color and a handful of gang members followed her into the girl's bathroom and stabbed her to death. :( We've never had anything even near that happen at our school, other than someone setting the old one on fire a long, long time ago, but that was at night and no one got hurt. I hope we never have something like that happen, but our town is growing progressively more crime-ridden, so I don't hold out any extensive amount of hope.
  7. My mother is a dog fanatic, as am I, and we've owned many different breeds. All in all, the smaller dogs are always more aggressive, but they really can't do any damage. The large dogs we've owned are generally more placid, but, obviously, if they wanted to, they could certainly cause injuries. Years ago, we had a tiny chihuahua that was so mean we had to send it back to the kennel because it continuously drew blood from our hands when we tried to pet it. Yet, just recently, I got a Doberman, and it's nothing but a big baby, and has never once showed the slightest bit of aggression. Dogs are unpredictable, you can't blame anything on the owners except their training. I've seen pit bulls, dobermans, and rottweilers that were lazy and loving, and I've seen them turn into violent animals rather than pets in an instant. I have a friend whose dog (that had never bitten anyone) just turned around and clamped onto his face after having been their pet for more than 6 years, and for no apparent reason. Lots of people train fighting dogs here, and I can't stand a bit of it. I've been in trouble more than once for getting angry and almost fighting after hearing someone talk about their methods of making their dogs aggressive. In Chile they breed massive fighting dogs that are nothing but born and trained killers. They literally make the dog in that video from the first post look like a harmless puppy. Most of any dog's aggressiveness and violence can be attributed to the owner just because most dogs that act that way are trained that way, but dogs are still unpredictable and you can never be sure that they won't turn on you or someone else. Banning them is probably pointless, as is making the cost of keeping them too high. The only way to keep them under control is through heavier enforcement of the laws already in place against such animals, I think.
  8. It's a recurring trend... In the past, good rappers have been shot (excluding 50 Cent). I myself am a rock fan, but I love Eminem. He's one of the few rappers I would actually consider to be talented in any way. I may have to pick up this album, if it's really any good.
  9. Rappers do only sing about that, and you're right, some of those are the good things in life. But when every single mainstream rapper sings the same exact thing to a slightly different beat with a different rhythm? That's lame. I rarely listen to rap, myself, but when I do, it's always Eminem or Ludacris. Eminem for his amazing talent with words and emotions and Ludacris 'cause he's hilarious... :lol: I listen to loads of rock and metal, though, and there is no rock or metal about cutting yourself. That's emo. Unlike rap, emotions go into rock songs, not bragging, not attempted "thuggishness", and certainly no "gangsta" posing. As for new rap, even I have been sorely unimpressed, and I rarely listen to it. Kanye West has a few good songs, but comparing himself to Jesus shot him down for me. Diddy? No. Nas is one of the few good recent rappers, even though he's been out a while. Most of your others I've never heard of, but song titles probably tell me enough. Chris Brown isn't so much hip hop as he is an Usher wannabe with all his songs about wooing women rather than buying them. I like the song "Mr. Lonely" by Akon, I thought it was relatively original for today's rap scene. What it all boils down to, though, is that even the rockers on this site know that rap died a while back. And it's just not what it used to be.
  10. Picture this: You're standing at the barrows chest. You open it and search it, but your inventory is too full to hold everything. You right click and see something along the lines of "Take Guthans Spear; Take Veracs Helm". Then Evil Bob shows up before you can eat or drop and grab anything. Never happened to me, but I dread it every time. I always make sure I have at least 5 spaces in my inventory before I open that chest.
  11. I would never classify them as emo, and I find them to be an awesome band, many of their songs are catchy and interesting. I love Welcome to the Black Parade, and I'm buying the album when I make it to a music store tomorrow. As for Falco, I think you're probably barking up the wrong tree. Comments like that are not going to be taken easily here, mainly because you did not offer any constructive debate to the topic. Many people here like the music, and it is not your place to patronize them because you do not. Get a life, and stop attempting to make yourself look good on a forum where you understand nothing. Back on topic! :P Deloria, I would love a full opinion on the album, since I would trust your thoughts on it. After I've gotten it and had time to listen, I'll certainly throw in my two cents.
  12. I think you're insinuating they have the sound of black metal, but are Christian? Still, sounds interesting, even though I'm no fan of black metal. Might have to check some of it out.
  13. I could, and most certainly would, take another life, with no regrets. It would of course, have to be a situation in which the other person had done something I felt deserving of such actions. Any damages to me, my family and loved ones, or my friends could constitute such. In a war, I would definitely be the guy hunting people down. There are people right now that, if it were legal, I would happily go kill. Maybe I'm just a little crazy... who knows?
  14. I've read them and I don't see a problem with it. I've read them as well, I simply don't count them at the top of my list. They were good but didn't really "catch" me the way other books have.
  15. I would highly recommend "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky to anyone who has not read it. It is a truly inspiring book, and one that is certainly reflective on high school. 10/10 If you're more into fantasy, check out the books about Malus Darkblade, by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee(8/10), or possibly the Dhampir series by Barb and J.C. Hendee(8/10). Pretty much anything by R.A. Salvatore is good, especially the books about Drizzt Do'Urden(9/10). If you like your fantasy with a modern twist, I've heard Anne Rice was good but have yet to pick any of her books up. Alan F. Troop, however, writes amazing books about dragons in a modern setting. 9.5/10 If you like science fiction, I have little to offer, as I'm not a big fan of it. I have read one absolutely beautiful book called "Armor" by John Steakley. 10/10 Song of Fire by Joseph Bentz <3. Read it from the library in the seventh grade, and it took me 7 years to find a copy for myself afterward. If you can find this book, read it. 10/10 (Please note, this book is christian-related, but not so heavily that it would offend anyone of other religions.) These are my favorites in the genres I've sampled, which accounts for the high scores, since I chose only my favorites to list.
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