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  1. But if all the things in this life will most certainly fade away soon after your death, then what's the point of living? All the work you did in this life will only last for a very short amount of time... Why even bother in the first place? If this is the only chance we get then all the more reason to give your life a meaning and make something of it. This may sound dumb, but why? What reason do you have to give your life a meaning other than for the sake of giving your life a meaning?
  2. It certainly implies it. What point does atheism give to the universe? Atheism is not something. It's a lack of something - god belief, and that's the extent of what atheism entails on a base level. Atheism assigns no point to anything nor does it say anything is pointless (so what you quoted is accurate), however atheists can assign their own meaning to things. Exactly, atheism is a lack of meaning. Things cannot assign meaning to things that are more universal/authoritative than them. For instance, a student cannot assign his/her own meaning to a course because the student is within the course - the meaning must be given by someone outside of the course (the university, or professor). Just like an atheist cannot assign their meaning to the universe because the meaning/point of the universe cannot be decided by someone within the universe. It must be assigned by someone outside of the universe, and atheism all but destroys the possibility of there being something outside the universe, and thus destroys any possible meaning for the universe.
  3. It certainly implies it. What point does atheism give to the universe?
  4. Yes, and yes. My lung capacity and general fitness levels have definitely taken a big hit over the years. Do you regret this fact?
  5. Has it noticeably affected your athletic ability? Do you suck running long distances now?
  6. While most who should read them do not, we'd have people complaining if they weren't there. - Ard Plus if they were gone I wouldn't have any self-authored stickies left... THAT would be a crime.
  7. Well Josephus claimed Christ was a performer of miracles but his testimony is disputed as a forgery. I am sure that there were other gospels not included in the Bible that mention Christ as a miracle worker as well.
  8. For the life of me, they mentioned this multiple times in philosophy & religion classes.. I can't remember what it is called, but there is a category of religious people who do believe in God, but believe he does not actively take part or affect anything that happens in the world (in other words, he just put the materials and living organisms there and abandoned it). I believe you are thinking of deism.
  9. You make it sound like God is only relevant to creation and that I only believe in God to fill the gaps in the origin of the universe. It smells like a straw-man.
  10. Then matter is your "god". It's whatever seems more logical to you. For me, a hunk of matter as the necessary being just doesn't cut it.
  11. I swear I can sound like a broken record at times. What is the difference between a 'god' starting first or a dense mass of matter starting first? Basically, why is god not subject to the same questionings? That -- my friends, is called a double standard. Because there are rules governing matter stating that matter can't just "start" from nothing.
  12. I don't believe Christ was merely human but we'll disagree there as well.
  13. Any rational human can look at Jesus' teachings and know that he wasn't mentally ill; can you name a schizophrenic that has developed any kind of following whatsoever?
  14. That wouldn't be a good gift. Anyone can cover a song; it would take me 10 minutes to learn "Hey There Delilah" perfectly. That's not much effort for someone you care about. If you want to give her a musical gift, then write her a song. That way it's actually from your heart.
  15. It depends what your definition of cheating and dishonesty is. It seems that the husband did indeed catch the wife in a lie.
  16. Aren't you romantic. Good luck finding a meaningful relationship based on practicality. I can be romantic without a materialistic ceremony that binds two people together in an already existent relationship. The last time I checked, marriage is much more than a wedding ceremony. It's anything BUT materialistic. Then why go common law? It is more formal than "just love". I wasn't attacking, I was defending. The only belief attacking was done by you when you stated marriage as a waste of time. That is the only insult being thrown around here.
  17. Aren't you romantic. Good luck finding a meaningful relationship based on practicality.
  18. I can't wait for my friend's pond to freeze over. Then on Saturday afternoon's we're going to play pond hockey and then head over to the rink in the evening for ice hockey in a league that we play in. Then afterwards we get drinks, pizza, and wings. Saturdays are going to be incredible this winter.
  19. Stuttering is a minor issue for me. I suffer from the "prolongation" you described although it only happens ~once/week. I do have a question, because I can almost always predict it will happen and just change the sentence structure of what I want to say and prevent it... have you experienced this?
  20. Exactly, and it's just the right to vote in one election. The article implies you would regain your right to vote after the election has finished.
  21. insane

    Deer Season!

    It's not killing another creature that is the most enjoyable, else we would have "kill your own animal" farms, where animals are kept in cages and shot there for enjoyment. It's the act of the hunt that is found enjoyable, hence we have hunting lodges. Why do you think cats play with their prey?
  22. insane

    Deer Season!

    Sure, hunting is where YOU draw the line. Why should other people draw the same line as you? And if they don't, what gives you the right to tell them off?
  23. insane

    Deer Season!

    Hunting is something I've always wanted to try but I've never gotten around to it. I might try and get some friends together this winter and do something. I live in Ontario so going up north to do it would be tons of fun!
  24. Reading might not make you more intelligent, but it sure makes you better at expressing the intelligence you naturally have. And since we have no other way of grading intelligence except from what is expressed, people that read will appear more intelligent.
  25. Yea, we just don't post as much as we used to.
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