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  1. It was in the ArenaScape forum. Not too embarassing, I suppose. I've just edited my grammar. :D Not so embarrasing? Sheesh, most noobs step in and embarass themselves like that. Shame! ;) First one on these boards, nothing special...back on Scape, though...wish I'd known, would've been fun. I was like 14 at the time. Probably nothing embarrassing though, I'm more of a reader than a poster anyway.
  2. been there, done that. Wish I'd been there... I did see Arsenal - Man U in their first ever Emirates game :) That was AWESOME, until Henrik Larsson was substituted...ofcourse Man U lost without the swedish hero.. Damn tip.it, YouTube tags not working again.. But yeah that vid is an even better example of how intense a penalty shootout can really be. (Amazing save as well) There was nothing wrong with your video, ofcourse, just wanted to showcase some Swedish skillz ;)
  3. Alot of pressure, bad penalty. A better example, IMO, is Thomas Ravelli's save in WC '94, deciding penalty in the Quarter Finals, there's some pressure for ya:
  4. Soccer at the Olympics is NOT some of the best soccer around. Traditionally international teams do not send their top players, and the best international clubs do not let their best players leave even if they for some reason felt they wanted to. This has changed a little bit just this year, with Brazil and Argentina suddenly deciding they wanted to bring their best teams, but other than from those two countries I don't think you'll see some of the game's finest. That being said, I can understand how it sometimes seems boring, but it's a tactical part of the game to force the losing team to put a high pressure on the defenders controlling the ball, so that the opposing team has to move forward. I'd even be so bold as to claim that the reason football (I'm european) has such an incredible dynamic, is the LACK of a shot-clock or so, and if there ever was an open debate as to wether to add one or not, I'd be very much against it. See, the difference between football and some other sports, basketball and handball come to mind, is the way offensive play can arise in so many ways. The quick counter-attack from an overextension of the offensive play, the steady build-up from great midfield passing, and even the sort of handball attacks where you roll the ball on the opposing field and force the defenders into bad positions. Now, with a shot-clock, however, the best way to defend would be to just fall back with 11 men. Just pile them up, meaning all the technical, tactical and physical excellence needed right now would be echanged with a bunch of brutes trying to force the ball into goal. That's my opinion. So, if you want to watch some great, dynamic, fast-paced football, go watch the English Premier League, or perhaps the Spanish Primera Division. There you'll see the best players in the world and the best teams, not the Olympics which always has been a tournament to which countries send their U-21 teams.
  5. Korla

    Browser Games

    Used to moderate the Swedish forums over there. Pretty cool game, but I got insanely bored of it. And it just takes a massive amount of time finding PCWs and stuff, crazy. Have they added any more maps yet? When I played they added the 2nd. Also used to play ARENAScape, still do sort of, organize some tournaments or whatever, trying to keep that game alive. It's a decent game, and the forum is great (it's right here on TIF, on the very bottom). Warriors 2 is a fun game, as is Travian ofcourse. Warriors 2 is slightly different from most browser games in that it's 99% single-player. And you can store fights indefinitely, so that whenever you feel like it, just load it right up, no need to stay super active to play it.
  6. I have an International Superstar Soccer 2000 in neat condition, manual and everything. Thank god living in Europe sometimes pays off :D
  7. Korla


    That happened to me, I googled around for a bit, and found a trick. You need to uninstall the EA download manager. Idiots at EA can't make a game work with the product the force you to use for downloading it. Well, it might work for ya. Good luck.
  8. Korla


    They can't publish their penis monsters because they will be quickly removed and the game isn't a MMORPG as far as I know so even if they do create them no one except of the person playing is going to see them. They will get tired of creating penis monsters anyways, so I don't think it's a big problem.Actually, in the full version of the game the world will get populated with randomly chosen creatures from other players. Unless they have moderators watching stuff 24/7, I don't think they can guarantee a 100% penismonster free world. I haven't read a great deal, about Spore yet, but I was under the impression that you could chose to ban creators of creatures from your universe. Maybe they even went so far as to allow you to choose exactly which creators' have their creatures put into your game.
  9. Major ouch for Sweden right about now...grrr I suppose my prediction of Russia shaping up was right. I think if they get their defense fixed up (ignore the Spain match, for example), they will be one of the top nations in the world in a few years, they play a great offensive football.
  10. Well, what can I say? Sucks you right in :D
  11. Programming (Java) Maths, we'll be doing derivative, currently at limits, whatever course that is in English. Chemistry Studying Nanotechnics engineer at Uni.
  12. Planescape, the way the story made you care and wonder through all those hours about the true identity of The Nameless One, and just to see the ending of that compelling storyline. How they with such small means made the game feel epic is astounding.
  13. I have to argue that pokemon is one of the hardest games to complete. Something being hard isn't the same as taking a long while to complete.
  14. Planescape: Torment Baldur's Gate saga Chrono Trigger Mario RPG for the SNES Icewind Dale 1
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