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  1. I think this is a good update offering new training methods. It's just dissapointing, because the way they talked about it for over a year left the impression that this would be something more large-scale. A good example of a 'revamp' is the herblore update, which was developed by Paul. Also curses for prayer. Those updates gave reasons to level up the skills, something new and useful to expect until the high 90s. This update does nothing to add appeal to the smithing skill other than alternative training methods, which really wasn't the key problem. I mean, I would have been happy just by being able to smith, for example a platebody offering +5 str. Nothing game changing, just something nice as a reward for a high level in the skill.
  2. I'd like to hear what Jagex has to say about the smithing update. Why they chose to do this, was it always planned to be like this, why couldn't they have done a revamp etc.. Was hoping for some untradeable items aswell. Or even just some stupid cosmetic upgrades to existing armour requiring high levels. Not just new training methods. But who knows, maybe they're just trolling us with the BTS.
  3. I think there's a sparkle of truth in that :P At least, that's how I sometimes feel.
  4. Summoning is a by-product of slayer or any other form of combat. It could be the hardest skill, but only if you view it as an individually trained skill. It's a hard skill if you choose to focus on it individually and not consider other potential benefits. So it's the hardest skill for you, because you have done this. It's not the hardest skill for those, who view it as a by-product, which is the majority.
  5. I feel the same way. While slaying frosts there's always the thought in my head that I could potentially stake the money I'm making and save a few trips or not have to kill them at all. It's just hard to stay focused on money making when you know there's the potential to double your bank in a few seconds instead of 100+ hours.
  6. If the max rates aren't applicable to any of the contenders, then it doesn't matter, because it's the proportions that are important (for example: agility is approx 1/5 the xp/h of let's say cooking). The list is a very rough approximation anyway. It's the ratio of hours left between the contenders that is important.
  7. Thanks for that list. I've always thought that people arent giving suomi enough credit for how much ahead he is compared to others. And 3k hours is enough to sort out any gp problems if he ever has the need to do so.
  8. Efficiency comes into play when there are certain goals involved. The most efficient method is one, which gets you there in the smallest amount of time (factoring in potential gp/h). Then again you might not like that method (not "fun"), so you'll choose another in which case achieving your goal will take longer. Just a matter of how much you want to achieve and how much time you're willing to spend. Personally, I don't see RS as a very "fun" game. It's more of a time killer. My goal is to max out and I'd like to achieve that as soon as possible. :) It's a question of mentality and why you're playing RS.
  9. Toooooooony Montaaaaaaaana

  10. So here's a challenge: I've been collecting bird eggs and spirit seeds for about 5 years now through kingdom management. Can you find anyone who has more? :P
  11. Time=money. The time it takes to pick up those coins is worth more than the coins. Plus you'd have to consider the exp you're losing because time=exp(=money) aswell. This should be applied to all activties in RS if you want to use your time efficiently.
  12. yeah, it's not like the rest of the 13/100M xp will be any different at all ;) nice sample size lol, jagex is feeding from your tears. i personally like it and think it has a lot of potential. as a skill, it might be very slow to train, but it's enjoyable. there's enough content for it not to get repetative. and what's the difference, clicking on rocks/fishing spots/trees to satisfy your need for levels and xp, or completing dungeons. in the end, if you want it to be so, it can become mindless xp hogging, just like all the other skills. but only if you want it to ;) i mean, you dont have to train a skill if you dont like it... whoa, does not compile, eh? yeah, we'll still train it. and if we don't like it, we'll just do it for the xp and levels, sense of achievement, just like all the other skills.
  13. I don't listen to RS music, but the tunes that play in Lumbridge, Falador and Varrock always bring back memories of my first few months of playing RS2, when I actually had the music play all the time. It's weird that they have stayed in my memory for so many years. :huh:
  14. As you may have noticed, the first replica piece everyone recieved, is the same shape as the agility strange rock. My theory: normal bonus xp for all skills every week for adding strange rocks to the statue in the museum, and extra bonus exp for one specific skill (first one's agility probably) every two week, when we add the repica pieces the the statue in our house. This POH statue bonus might be something like 10x the museum exp, which is reasonable considering you can only get it once every two weeks. The reward we get for completing the statue will probably be something symbolic and humble (of permanent construction.. maybe just the statue in our house), but we can only hope for something better.
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