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  1. im a 10 year player was pmod 2x 0ver 5 years .was pmodded during the lastbot infection the trophy (crown) made me stand out and i became a gobetween to link a goldsite admin whistle blower who wanted to give jagex 50k bang to rights rwt accounts .the end result was jagex banned his 2 accounts he contacted them on. totaly disregarding the 50k paying rwt accounts .for my work in this matter i became veiwed upon in pmod fourums with suspision.being hung out to dry by jagex was not nice so i told them where to shove the trophy. that was 5 years ago. it was plain to see then that jagex policy was to earn cash whatever. time moved on and company policy was that maxed players were being looked upon as trophy holders(pmods) i decided to give it another go when asked simply because i do like helping ppl .but overtime knowing the freetrade era was about to redecend and knowing jagexs marvolouse anti bot dectection was total bluff i was looking for a way out that came when i recived my 1st offence in 10 years and was muted for trying to be funny in a ginger persons cc. i made sure my appeal would end in my demodding . great interview m8 say it how it is
  2. im a recently retired pmod i was muted for trying to police the coppercab cc i uttered the word ginger . jagex rewrote the rules due to my appeal......time to end my pmod role knowing what was to come. the freetrade wildy update. jagex needed a new player base since word of mouth intros to the game dryed up .would you recomend the current crap content we get ??. so to get this new player base (by player base i mean paying mebers)they decided to match there greed with yours they allowed you to vote wildy back with promises of a super duper bot detectin system.yet hold events by 1 jmod to ban bots (approx 107 banned per hour).proveing without doubt that the marvalous bot detect system is no better than a jmods personal touch. rember you voted rwt back they dun the pontius pilot act and washed their hands you are all to blame not them ok so 107 bots banned but they have a option to buy back their acounts meaning that the event was eyecandy for the gullable and a cash making event for jagex. untill jagex issue zero tolarance rules.your wasteing your time at these brown noseing events. theres 30 bots on every free world in stronghold securty soon they will be members. jagex cant /wont cope with the numbers of reports per day if 1 report needs 30 mins to process a jmod can do 16 in a 8 hour perioud the sheer volume off reports suggusts the system cant cope .... so crack on waste your time reporting . if jagex would support me id still support them as a pmod untill then no
  3. Hi Tamey! <3

  4. He retired from rs in 2005/06, can't remember exactly but at least before summer 2006. He then went to WoW, but I believe he has retired it. I'm still really randomly talking to him in msn (I like never use it) and he seems to be doing quite well. well ty hoto next time you talk say hi from me i have some nice memories from rain from when i was a new player
  5. hi hoto rainbowdolph tryed to trade me 20 white phats for the runes i had collected saying one day these will be worth alot.i declined needing cash to fund my smithing. i dont know what hes doing these days but if angel queen is his sister we say hi almost daily yo fook great pics m8 to be able to smelt rune back then was a free pasport to 99 smithing and untold riches to be able to mine rune back then was a cool 400k a ore many a day i would turn 3k ores into 1k r2h only possibal with the frends i made to many to name. the smithing exp wars reduced the rune prices down to 10k a ore but still a big profit if you bought bulk lol. great times i still to this day never take pics sorry
  6. 747 days and a few hours lol then theres my 2 pures
  7. not much gets past you drew yes the ingame office was above the palace in al karid. nice pics i started playing after easter 2001 it mitght have been after the easter egg drop.long before rc became a skill i think there was only 2 possibly 4 servers at the time .i made my cash in wildy telegrabbing nats and comunicating with up to 60 players that would sell me ther runes.i gave good deals knowing they would comeback to sell more. inturn i would sell my runes to memmbers who would come to vorrok world 1 to buy. here i met rainbowdolph brother to angel queen who became my rune buyer. i would acumulate vast amounts of runes in very short times and gained a reputation within the small merch comunity. one trade rainbowdolph offered for my runes was 20 white phats with a prediction one day these will be worth millions lol i declined wanting cash as i was 24/7 funding smithing. in 2001 as halloween was getting closer the rs population was buzzing as to what will be the next holiday drop so lmao me and manxy2 decided to manipulate what would be dropped and 2 months before the drop we started to pm our frends saying if u see a halloween mask seller ill buy it for 5 million. soon we were in vorrok "buying halloween masks" and selling to eachother a item that did not exist yet after each sale we would say wow thanks and run out of vorrok fast or log out. frends would pm me have you a mask yet i would always say i just sold one lol so we kept up the pretence. the week before the drop the whole off vorrok merch market was buying a item that did not exist some nights my ribs were sore with laffing the demand was massive everyone wanted one. everyone belived they existed yet in 2 months no one had seen one . it was easy back then to predict almost to the hour when the drop would happen so i placed a few chars( lmao i wont go into numbers) in the wildy and got myself a lot of halloween masks. no player was scammed or hurt to my knolage during this con :D
  8. anyone remember a rumour about a ingame office where offending players would be teleported to for a ticking off by a jmod.?? well it kept me in line. but i always wanted to go there well just recently i had a chat ingame with paul and i asked was the office a myth or real. paul stated the office was real but no player ingame knew where it was due to the windows being blocked out.he reveled to me its location ......feel free to guess.........ill repost later how halloween masks came into the game bit devious on my part but what funny times we had back then
  9. 45 mins time taverly at whitemagem house workld 99
  10. hi well today im maxin out all are welcome time will b 11 pm gmt on world 99 location not yet decided
  11. fook please dont post things that make sence it tends to make others look less clever
  12. this is becoming a joke abuse the system get rewarded well jagex i have 1.6 mill exp to total max please create a agility bug i will abuse knowing that the worst that can happen is a temp ban...... send out the right message. before you create a bug that will destroy peoples confidence in you and the game
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