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  1. A well needed update for the creaters of Runescapes. What will happen to make KBD slaying guide I wonder...
  2. Pk'ing in level 12 wilderness without teleports while wearing full Verac with a beserker helmet. Glory amulet, barrows gloves, and obsidian shield. Wielding a dd(s) and a whip. Especially when you get into a humorous argument with an ancient mage which results in him attacking you. Then you pot up and strike him for 32,32.
  3. Hey! I used to pk agility runners. I was also pk'ed by agility pk'ers. The nice thing is that you don't really lose anything other than time if you get killed. When I ran the course I would bring a dd(s). I would befriend people and get them used to me. My health would be low so I would last a long time. When I did run out of food, I would sneak attack them with a single special attack and steal their food. If they came back to get revenge I would just switch worlds behind the ladder below. If they follow me to a world for revenge I would get my gear and fight them. I got a dd(s) and mystic top from doing that. Like stealing Verac's helm from people whom I did KQ trips with...I am not proud of what I did. I think of it this way. I die and lose things, people pick them up. People die and lose things, I pick them up. Now I don't purposely try to get them killed. If they do on their own however, I will grab their stuff. If they died in an unfair manner I gave most or all of their stuff back. If they were a friend, I gave all of their stuff back. If they died for being an idiot, then I don't bother giving their things back. Just my two cents. P.S. Would any of you fine chaps happen to have an Xbox Live account.
  4. I would sacrifice some of my time to preserve my food. Ghasts annoy me.
  5. Just found out about this. Careful when barrowing. With the newest update Verac (the NPC) now hits through prayer just like the barrows set.
  6. The special bar regenerates at a set pace. The Magic shortbow special has a 55% drain rate. If you were to track the set pace of this then it would be possible to fire one arrow, have the special recover from 45% to 55% and then fire a second snapshot.
  7. The release of the new spell "Teleother Annarkarl." That would own so much...
  8. At least we can all agree that nothing in Runescape requires skill. It's true. If you have tons of money or alot of experience in a skill it only means that you are capable of pointing and clicking at the same spot on the screen for hours at a time, several weeks pass. In the end what do you have to show for it? Mad point and click in the same spot skill? Luck, patience, knowledge...
  9. Uh..ok...Mr. Jack Thompson... :roll: Who really cares about the thieving skill anyway? It's only useful in certain quests. Other than that it's pretty worthless.
  10. I think you mean level 68 There is a level 56 with a fire cape. 68 isn't the lowest. However that one does seem to have a santa and a fire cape on at the same time... hm...conspiracy... :-$
  11. A topic about Slayer monsters?!?! Gasp! Where's Bloodveld? Yeah anyway...Slayer is the stupidest idea for a skill in the game besides firemaking, IMO. It brought some nice drops...that's not a good point to argue because Jagex could have just had the monsters released but not introduce an entirely new skill. Basically all you do is kill random monsters...hey, that sounds an awful lot like standard combat. Netherless I would have to go with Bloodvelds. They are good experience and drop a fair amount of blood runes.
  12. You know what's even more impressive? A level 56 with a santa...and a fire cape. PWn3d!!1(Shift+one)!!1!
  13. Take a look at this... http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?p ... le_d6.htm# Now look at this... http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2monster_id=748 Please realize that there are over 20 of these things in every corner of the Temple of Light. While you try and complete the above puzzle (which is the last of six) you are constantly attacked by these things. Also understand that each of these things has 15 hp. High combat, fast respawn, extremely difficult light puzzle, and one annoying agility obstcle in the middle of it all...
  14. How about some hotkey's? At this point in time the entire game is a point and click system. Nothing takes skill except the fight caves and Pvp combat. (to an extent) If they added hotkeys you could... F1- Autoequip god staff Click on someone to cast god spell F2 Equip Dragon Dagger F3 Set special attack Click on someone to use the Runescapes version of the n00b combo. This would add a whole new aspect to the game. Making it much less of a point and click.
  15. I usually high alch on the wilderness overpass. Bring some mage runes to beat up people who pass. The agility shortcut is one-way and is too steep for them to attack back with spells etc. Take one step back and your in Trollhelm. :twisted: Good stuff.
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