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  1. I believe theres an option when you chose to edit the first post of the thread. Im not entirely sure though.
  2. Enjoyable as always. I've been watching your videos for quite a while, before you started posting them here, so I felt as though I ought to say something.
  3. This is something i'd also like to know.
  4. I very much approve of this goal! Going for the same thing myself so the best of luck to you. Quite a fan of the bank commentary too. :shades:
  5. How long were they selling for that much after the update?
  6. It's probably not the best idea to use the horn at Dorg. The bulk of exp you get is from the Goblin after completing a lap and is not doubled by the horn.
  7. I was already going for 90+ so at least this will make me skill harder to achieve it before the update. Thanks Jagex for hinting at updates like this during university time. The name sure sounds rushed.
  8. Yup, totally is. I did the same thing myself.
  9. I have two questions that I thought i'd ask before maybe trying this out: Is Skype used that much in amongst the cc? Is it okay to participate if i'm not that much of an active tip.iter anymore? I've resorted to just lurking these forums during the last 2 years or so after writing that I had quit Runescape in my tip.it blog. I've been incognito, under a different RS name, ever since ever since. Thanks in advance.
  10. Judging a whole demographic there. That makes me lose faith in people who say they stand against prejudice.
  11. Your are quite worthy I must say. Enjoy yourself! :
  12. Just dropping in to say a hearty congrats to what seems to be an ever increasing trend of 99 achievements. I can't say I'm surprised, mind you. That said you deserve a great deal of praise. Hope you've been well, I miss you and take care! :
  13. Thanks, you do, I've never heard that one. Well, um grats eh? Hiya! So I am back; To say I'm not coming back. Not because Runescape is eating too much of my time, not because I hate what's happened to the game (although I don't have anything to say negative about Jagex, just thought I'd mention I'm not someone to say that); but simply because I'm bored. I never was social in my playing of Runescape, I didn't get involved in many team/partner activities or went to many parties or even for that matter used clan chat to speak a lot. I think that's what has lead me to become bored with the game. Skilling and occasional Slayer can only go so far. Random pictures of fun: 1st (of 2 overall I might add) DK trips with Sjakie TET Events: SnC Event: First KBD Trip with Elitoh1: I haven't achieved too much compared to some of my friends, which I regard highly I may add. I don't regret achieving any of them the reward and most of the journey has enjoyable as entertainment itself should be. Finally I'd like to give shout outs to everyone (of which I can remember) that helped me through my Runescape journey. In no particular order: Sheynara Ddwl77 Sjakie 1 1 3 Chocslice Etpelletier Scorpaeon Zaideey92 Zzzuperman Shotdown12 Wouter828 Colossus110 Kn1gh7 K1n6 Enchanter194 Blak Blade3 Hephaistos50 Lalala7324 Bows4life27 Smither Sid Th3 Crusader Ledzeprox99 Voldmort0 Agarpo Shadow Latio Ice And Spec Sir Hartlar Dalek403 Nabbagad I R Teh Noes/Saruman44 Celt23 Elioth1 Boy Power45 Ryno258 Mpets17 Mullet181 Shadowking72 Memo545454 Originalwar Gabe93 Walla Nintendo Loz Boomzor Pur H0t Ch1c C S T 4 R Maelus Nac Fan Operator280 Giggsy 45 Wheels4587 Mood Catrix Bk Bowser Look Its Rob Amiti Blade Chazzawatts N Odie Dimented Frog Zarrocks Bro Eradicate It Mrs Jek Undeadbovine Gimli Ownz Welephant Ham Is Cool1 Zero3883 Cccc1996 Sorry if I missed you, there is still love right? Beginning of this Blog: My greatest achievements: Santa Hat - 17/6/07 Max Quest Points - 7/8/07 99 Woodcutting - ?/?/07 Draconic Visage 99 Fletching - ?/?/08 99 Firemaking - 30/6/08 All Skills 70+ - 24/9/08 1900 total - 5/12/08 Final Highscore: Please add me on through Hotmail/MSN/Live if you can: [email protected] You may wonder or even state to yourself - he'll be back most first time quitters do. I am quite sure I won't do that so take care all! (Yes, this means no 99 Magic) BURNT MEAT ;)
  14. Thanks mate, I will. : Ty, indeed. ;) Haha, thanks! An oldie but a goodie. Song Of The Week Justice vs. Simian - We Are Your Friends
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