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  1. Granted, instead she plays with you and scratches you into submision. I wish I was in heaven.
  2. ^Ditto Nicest I have done: I have done the same for many other people
  3. In addition to wineo's comment I would like to point out the fact that most autoers have multiple autoing accounts, even if they introduced a limet it wouldn't hurt the autoers. But it would be devistating to everyone else. Honest mages wouldn't be able to buy as many runes as they needed, as a result demand would rise and prices on runes would skyrocket.
  4. Good God, you just don't quit do you? We must have done this twenty times by now but no, you just have to continue to be an ever loathing git and insist on trying to make "the un corruptable wish." Is it just me or does every wish this guy makes, make him look like a bigger jerk than the last one? God it's gettin hard not to cuss you out. Fine you get your stupid Gengar and Deoxys. A metior hits the planet and we all die, including you and your stupid freaking pokemon. (Well worth it if it will shut you up.) I wish lya_helix would never be aloud to make another wish.
  5. Granted, A pnoy is a miss type of pony. I wish lya_helix would stop trying to make the supposedly uncoruptable wish and being an all out (insert what you will here) while doing it.
  6. Fine, You live on for ever. never getting older, you see all your friends and family grow old, frail, sickly, and die. But you continue on, untill life holds no more enjoyment or supprises for you and you are doomed to wander the world with nothing to do, no one to talk to, simply existing. (Carful what you wish for.) I wish hillary clinton was dead.
  7. That is MUCH better. Thanks man, you really are the best.
  8. Close, but with smaller text and more removed to the bottom left hand corner.
  9. Hey 4be, I have another job for you. I need a personal sig. But I don't have any renders. I know I want Blues and Blacks, something to do with water, but not to much. The main text is: WaterofGod and Under that, in smaller text: proud member of Militos Deci. Also, I don't know if you still have the file or not but I'm sure you can pull it from my current sig, can you make me an avitar of the sun in my sig? nothing fancy and no text, just the sun. Thanks, Give me a ring if you have any questions.
  10. the button slowly changes to an evil smily and you get sucked into the abyss that is tutorial island, forever. presses a button with a gold coin on it.
  11. because they never took economics what is the square root of pie, no not pi, but pie, the kind you eat
  12. I honestly don't think it would be that big of a deal. In the "how long could you last" topic, people are forgeting one thing. All animales, including humas though I don't think we are animals, have, not only a natural will and drive to survive, but a natural ABILITY to survive. If you were put out in the middle of no where with no food no water, just the cloths on your back, you would FIND a way to survive. I don't think we depend to much on our selves. This is how society works. We discover new knowledge and impart that knowledge on specific people so that we dont have to know everything to live.
  13. Yesterday I was playin wall ball. Now the wall I was playing on was made of these bricks that are kinda like concreat buth they arn't smooth, they just out all over the place and are really sharp. Well it had just rained REALLY hard the day before and when I ran for the wall, I sliped on the mud and hit it at full speed. I tore my arm up and busted my knee open. The worst part is that I have bad knees, so when I hit it I froged my mucle and now I can't bend it. didn't stop me from goin to the gym though \
  14. They will probably just change the forumula up just a little, to avoid copyright laws, and then provide it for themselves. (if they use it at all)
  15. Waterofgod


    It is, but his screenie just shows the flash symbole.
  16. $0.30 a gallon?!?! thats it! I'm buying my gass from venezuela! Of course, when you factor in shiping and handeling, and importation tax...never mind.
  17. because this one is more funny. Why are we here? (please think RVB)
  18. Granted, but i hate it so much that I kill you for wishing that. and to TBM, Granted, but because you don't have any power your famly hates you and chaces you world wide to kill you. I wish I could do this: :?: with my face
  19. Banned for not useing punctuation or capitols.
  20. I honestly think thats absurd. There is no logical reason not to use it. Honestly, if you were to sit down with the leaders of canadia and say "why wount you use this?" they couldn't give you a good answer.
  21. Yall just confermed what I thought but I wanted to be sure, Thanks. Mod, Please close this EDIT: Closed~ Posters request~ QueenValerie~ Tip Global Mod.
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