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  1. it was an ok read but sub-par on the argument.
  2. i especially like the larger chat box in your version triquos
  3. Doesn't the -ville in Edgeville indicate that it's a village, not a city?
  4. right now it seems like everything but the knowledge base and the main page are down. it does seem like something big is happening, not just routine maintenance. edit: if there's going to be a rollback i'm going to be royally P.O.'d. unless it was only like 5 minutes worth. if not, i'm going to be... well, yeah, P.O.'d
  5. this was really a great article, as it applied to real life as well as RS. this article spoke to me in both ways, so now i can hopefully use what i may have learned to better my experiences. QUALITY ARTICLE!
  6. that's why i said this "hidden" update isn't something glaringly new to me. in fact, it makes sense that a human player would get priority over a NPC in a fight.
  7. i honestly remember it being this way for a while. more often than not it would happen when i'm on a coordinate clue in the wild, and a hobgoblin would be attacking me, but once i dig at the right spot the zammy mage would automatically be attacking me and the hobgoblin would stop. nothing new i'd say.
  8. to start, i think that the first letter was a fairly good one, as it gave some humanity to JaGEx, that so man of us seem to forget. now, to bambino, i applaud you. you quite rightly put that prankster_king fool in his place. every point you brought up was valid, and made me realize that his article was nothing but fallacy after fallacy. great job.
  9. hmm, k, i'll take that into consideration then.
  10. do gardens, both normal and formal, add to the tally of rooms for your house?
  11. oooh hey cool, thanks for the graph shadowbot. there you go everyone, a shiny new graph for you to look at.
  12. i didn't think about doing a graph, nor do i have the software.
  13. so today i logged into RS, ready to finish up my lesser demon slayer task. of course, this was going to be pretty boring, so i tried to think of something to do while i slay. i'm not sure when or how or why it came to me, but i decided to make a mini-log of the RS highscores. long(not really) story short, here they are. august 4th, 2007 2:20 pst(GMT -8) - 2:48 pst max total: 22 attack: 19,921 defence: 11,613 strength: 22,451 hitpoints: 13,778 ranged: 7,572 prayer: 2,639 magic: 6,653 cooking: 21,567 woodcutting: 6,995 fletching: 20,700 fishing: 2,913 firemaking: 3,586 crafting: 833 smithing: 693 mining: 547 herblore: 248 agility: 459 thieving: 1,938 slayer: 391 farming: 319 runecrafting: 303 hunter: 959 construction: 205 (4 level 98) notice that the time slot in which these numbers were recorded was very short (only about 30 minutes). this is due to the fact that people are always leveling up and gaining experience points. this also means that a few of those numbers might be one or two off if a level 98 player suddenly got to level 99 in those 20 or so minutes. i didn't make very many special notes, with the exception of the 4 level 98 construction players. i'm not sure about you as you were reading these numbers, but i for one had many questions come to my mind while i was typing in these numbers into notepad. but i'm not going to pose any questions. that's your job as a reader and as a TIF goer. Discuss what is on your mind after looking at this. edit: i also added in the number of players with a total level of 2277
  14. i also think that the writer was taking a rather pessimistic view of the community nowadays, as there are still quite a few mature players i find in-game. however, i do agree with the noted fact that everything has almost become too easy. abyss rc-ing, pouches (though i benefit from both), string all, smith all, fletch all, cook all, anything all, its all become waaay too easy. gone are the glory days of a player who gained those 13 million+ experience points for the then-rare level 99 in a skill through sheer determination and resolution. example: fletching "achievement" capes. i've seen so many of those that i've decided that if i ever get 99 fletching, i either won't even get the cape or i'll get it and throw it straight in the bank. that's how discouraging leveling has become.
  15. i'm sorry, but the grammar in the second letter was so atrocious i pretty much lost the point the writer was trying to convey even before i was half way through it. as for the first article, its kind of nice to see the change in the nature of tip.it times, what with invoking self reflection and all, but, this isn't a therapy session. it really takes a more one-on-one basis in order to change the people who act like jerks in-game, and a broadly scoped letter won't help much.
  16. i just got back to P2P some 3 or 4 days ago, and i've already gotten at least one HYT. fun stuff. i hope to get more.
  17. no offense to the TIF crewbies, but i think the so called "hot topics" definitely helped in the deterioration of the quality of our beloved forums. now people are wanting to just make a topic that'll get a lot of post counts, and stupid questions/"A or B?" topics are what stupid people (which outnumber the more intellectual) want. i also think that the combining of General and General P2P added to the problem.
  18. ha, at first, i wasn't expecting to see much from this blog, but after giving a good read-through and what not, though its mostly pictures (which i personally love), i see that we have a lot in common when it comes to RS. you've also inspired me to start burning down some willows again. thanks muchly! and good luck on any other goals you have for yourself!
  19. adolescents these days are exposed to way worse language than the words on that list anyway. i agree, theres too much catering to angry parents/anti-video game freaks in the world, but hey, what can you do?
  20. well originally i wanted Mr_Hyde, but that was taken, so i tacked on 1218, my month and day of birth. thats pretty much it. had i the chance to take it back, i would find something other than numbers to put on it
  21. i think you're one of the biggest morons ever. this update is definitely something for me to look forward to when i get back into members (which should be relatively soon). KTHXUSUCK
  22. i remember a while back there was a little movement for making world 59 or 50something a temple building world. i have no idea how thats going now.
  23. for me it would be gray fox's last scene in MGS. that was truly the definition of epic for me.
  24. 2/10 its probably only fair that i should mention that i've been pretty inactive in the past few months, due to school and what not.
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