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  1. About three hundred million I think. :oops:
  2. When training slayer in a multicombat area, the monster xp is divided into two halves: whoever does the most damage on the monster gets half the xp; and whoever deals the final blow on the monster get the other. With this in mind, it would be possible for someone to get friends to do the majority of damage onto their slayer monster, and then finish them off themselves. Doing this would theoretically get you an untrimmed slayer cape.
  3. lol then its not a bug Oh, it is.
  4. I always thought it was possible to get a dragon med from it? :-s I'm probably wrong though.
  5. It's something to do with a gnomeball. I shall say no more. :-#
  6. Apparently, some people who entered the black hole were tricked into dropping their disk of returning, thus leaving them stuck there forever. :XD:
  7. confused


    Some partyhats used to be more expensive than crackers.
  8. Magic just pwns. \ Range is almost as good though. Magic + Range > Melee :thumbsup:
  9. Mages would be faster for FM but are harder to come by in large quantities Pyred magics would be awesome xp. \ And cutting onyx gems would have to be the best crafting experience.
  10. The chests don't take huge amounts of time to open... it's your choice whether to or not. Your problem is that you're spending too much time thieving your second highest room. At your lvl, it shouldn't be hard to be able to check every urn for snakes in your second highest room, and loot all the urns in your highest room.
  11. Some people just enjoy training certain skills.
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