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  1. Alex2828


    i'm glad I quit 6 months ago. They stuffed it up so bad.
  2. I quit 6 months ago, telling people rs was going downhill. I didn't realise it would be this bad.
  3. To be honest that was completely uncalled for, kinda disappointing to see slur like that coming from such a high level player... On-topic: Con: some prices are a little bit funky Pro: almost everything else, particularly i hated standing in w1 for ages Not dissapointing at all. Don't say "this isn't good" if you don't even pay for it. Not playing RS has shown me all those members have such a large, valid point.
  4. I logged in for the first time in 6 months to agree completely with this point. I quit RS about 6 months ago, and I still have great memories. But what the thread maker has said is so true (I use to love WWE too, just watch it every once in a while now). I'm glad when I quit, it wasn't fully ruined (great grammar hey?).
  5. THIS UPDATE IS SICK! Question though Can you have like the same Clan name as others. coz i got jad and i highly doubt i was the 1st person 2 get this. Basically, is it like usernames where everything is unique or not?
  6. Lol. why didn't i think of that :P. but he can't trade stuff can he?
  7. How much would my account be worth? Lmfao. :shame: :P
  8. LoL thank god my 66 prayer hasnt been wasted :P will have to get 70 soon haha
  9. We should, I often do at W16 Air crafting. How dare they take my customers ;) lmao
  10. Lmfao. There's your answer ;) Is this thread locked yet? I don't think anyone has a greed with him :P
  11. Lmfao. The point is he can't hit on an 86, not the food aspect. And there are much better foods then tuna lolz. Maybe a jagex mod?
  12. Alex2828


    27? 77 :D but agreed. change is needed.
  13. I'm crafting airs world 16 atm. I get great XP but lose a tiny bit of money. The higher it gets though the more money i can make from rc. so yeh that's my theory :P.
  14. Around 70-80 I guess. But 100 tickets now is actually equivilent to 35 tickets before. The xp per hour is halved ;) No darkdude is right. 100 tickets now = 65 tickets before. Still good, but slower. hard to judge how long it takes without actually doing it though. it could take forever now. EDIT: i was wrong. LMAO they nerfed PC :P. sort of good thing.
  15. Yep. Can't login. i think ur fine if ur already in though.
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