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  1. This update would have been great for pking..Oh, the irony!
  2. The problem with this is "experiment" is that there are too many variables, seeing as you simply logged onto free worlds and member worlds in different locations, which leads to a possible difference in time, juxtaposed the two, and drew results. It would be hard to conduct such a proper experiment, seeing the extremely wide variance of players and the worlds they choose to be in. The only thing that I really drew from this this was that the f2p-p2p "greediness" flame war is still burning strong. While it is true that lots of low leveled free players are perceived as greedy, it is not indicative of other free players' conduct. As an aforementioned poster stated, wanting free items that someone offers is not truly greed, which brings up the question of what truly is greed.
  3. What the author meant was that as head of the NATO's U.S European Command , he has control over over NATO operations in participating countries, and therefore "control" over Europe.
  4. [sarcasm]But look on the bright side- the less than 1% of people who cheat by doing this can be thwarted! This is a great day in the world of Runescape! Sheesh. Sounds sort of like the current administration in the U.S and their violation of human rights... [/End sarcasm] For those who were wondering about high alchemy, this is from the Runescape Main page:
  5. The problem stems from the fact that Runescape Classic had a different combat system. In the old system, there was no "teaming", eating, running, teleporting, and their was no protect from melee. Also, there was the "3 hit rule" that many pures based their stats upon. Nowadays it is much harder to kill someone if they're constantly regaining health, running away from you, effectively using a skill that you didn't train(prayer) against you, or worse, just escaping the battle entirely. Thus the "honor" system was established in order for pking to be more fun. The problem with the honor system is that their is no way to enforce it. Some pures follow it not to be respectful (from you've stated in the original post, it is clear that these people are the opposite of respectful), but as a way for them to get free stuff. The honor system can be compared to the ancient combat system in Japan- more ritualistic than anything else. When the Mongols invaded Japan, they easily dispatched the Japanese warriors, who were not used to the fighting style of the Mongols. Similarly, people who eat often, run, use prayer, and teleport will easily defeat someone who adheres to the "honor" of pking. Honor in pking is an admirable thing, but greed on both sides of the issue (wanting free stuff as opposed to keeping your stuff at all costs) makes the system not work. If you desire and "honorable" fight with another, the best way is to use the duel arena, or to make sure that you know your opponent, to make sure that he/she follow the prescribed rules.
  6. If you think about it, 242M in Runescape Classic was incredible. Let's say that pink hats were 5M at the time, he could have bought 48 with that money. Nowadays, with purple trading at 180 each, more or less, that's 8.6 Billion gp, 4 times the limit. Factor in that Gasheart had a collection of different hats, and with the increased prices of them today, that's easily 10+ Billion gp, possibly more. Not exactly your average bank. :D
  7. The answer to your question is no, but your question is based on some truth. White in Runescape Classic normally meant that you were the same level as the player/monster in question. However, if you had a slow computer, or if you "lagged", then some players would appear as "Null- Level 1" in white, because your computer had not received the information about the player yet from the server.
  8. Good reference- "Make Love not Warcraft" episode of South Park. However, you make a corny joke sound cornier... :roll: -To Lenin, is it possible that you got "Kiss my Axe" from my signature? I thought of it on my own, but it's possible that someone else did somewhere else..
  9. I...Didn't get the second joke :oops: . Drugs.
  10. Is it me, or is it getting hot in here? Must be the flame war :twisted: . Just kidding. On a note to contribute to this topic, it has been shown that a certain scents do have an effect on what you buy. I read about an experiment where shop owners placed the same shoe models in two areas, one with a pleasant scent, and the other without the scent. This experiment was done in differen stores, to reduce anomalies. The areas with a scent sold more shoes. It is possible that casinos release a scent into the air to make people gamble. How many casinos, or if they do it at all is a different question. Oh, and this should probably be in "off-topic".
  11. Survival expert's name is Brenda. Runescape's sky is blue, you can see it when you look through a sextant.
  12. What about the addition of mithril arrows and adamant arrows to free servers? This event didn't make people quit membership and flock to free to play. If that didn't, why should an addition of a few bank spaces make people stop becoming members, and make Jagex lose lots of money? Speaking of which, does anyone remember when Jagex added 48 slots to member's accounts? Surely this didn't drastically affect their income! On another note, Jagex could use adding free to play bank space as a sales pitch for members, by adding spaces to the free world, and giving more spaces to p2p. This would show that Jagex does add to free world, but adds more to members world. - X fat4lyfe X
  13. You know, this sounds a lot like runescape classic back in 2001. Imagine less inventory spaces, fatigue slowing you down, no bank to help you level. Imagine much less players so items cost more, and the rarity of good level armor because there were a select few players who could make it. Rune was just a thought for a while, because nobody had a high enough level to make it. At one point, steel scimitars were a great way of making money- just look at the archives of this website's news. Anyway, I seem to be rambling, so my answer to the question would be "yes".
  14. I do hope you realize that if you get the 14 mill soon and buy the santa hat, it will be in the season where santa hats normally crash. There is usually a gain between the start of summer, and the end of summer and a little after that, though. :D
  15. The problem with the comparison with Runescape and Earth is that while they are similar in some aspects, they are very different in others. While there are obvious consequences for wrong actions on "Earth", on "Gielinor", you can ignore people completely by the tap of a button, and escape a situation by pressing "log out". Because of this freedom to avoid any rules. it is harder to enforce any rules that are either written or conceptualized. The term "Anything Goes" stems from this concept. Some people do not care about the emergence of codes, and will not see themselves as ruining "codes", but rather playing the game their own way.
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