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  1. Seen a few theories flying around about what happened in the finale, I think this is probably most likely. [hide]Sherlock asks for Molly's help, presumably for after he 'dies'. The child in the interview room screams when she sees Sherlock despite him having never met her. Sherlock gets John to stand in a very specific spot. Sherlock has to get Moriarty to kill himself, then he can use Moriarty's body and the mask Moriarty used to scare the child to trick people into thinking he's dead. He throws Moriarty off the building with the mask, and uses his homeless network to make up the crowd and the cyclist, the latter drugging John with the drug from the Baskerville episode as he is knocked down, therefore John expects to see Sherlock (and subsequently does). Molly does the post mortem and lies that it is Sherlock. The only problem I can think of with this though is the hitmen that were watching through the snipers, surely they would notice a switcheroo? There was a rubbish truck driving past and some people have said Sherlock may have jumped into that instead. All very exciting anyhow.[/hide] EDIT: Just read Langzor's post, I pretty much just said what he did. :razz:
  2. New series starts tonight, thoroughly looking forward to it.
  3. This is more a question about steam really, I want to buy Football Manager but it's cheaper to buy it off Amazon (£17) than Steam (£30). The only thing is I want to play it on my PC and my notebook, but I'm worried that buying it as a CD will mean I can only use it on one? Cos sometimes you get product keys for games. Anyone got any advice?
  4. Spurs on the up again with a good result against West Brom, not quite sure how the scoreline ended up being 3-1 though. WBA played really well and Spurs were shocking at the back at times, not to mention Adebayor's abysmal finishing.
  5. Also got a glitch in the Companions quest, been told to do some training with Vilkas but he just keeps running round the whole map saying "Not here, let's go to the yard." <_<
  6. Any tips on killing blood/fire dragons as a Nord? Their firebreath rips through me ridiculously quickly.
  7. A Night to Remember was a pretty funny quest, really didn't expect so much chaos from one drinking contest. :P
  8. "You weren't supposed to see that!" No shit! It was a good episode to be honest, hopefully the next one keeps the momentum going.
  9. It all makes sense now! I thought open was literally 'open' a new webpage so I tried spot.tip.it. :P Was good fun, thanks for that. Website looks awesome as well. ;)
  10. I was one word out apparently, very interested to see what the answer actually was. I was looking all over the forums and website expecting a clue or even the answer hidden away somewhere. :P
  11. Fire dragons are a [bleep] when you're playing as a Nord. Really want to be able to make my own dragon armour eventually, been hoarding bones and scales for a while now.
  12. Is this determined by who you go with in the tutorial mission when the dragon attacks? I didn't really know what was going on at that point so I went with the guard, would rather be part of the rebellion though. :/
  13. Yeah I tried to take on a Giant at level 1, he kicked me against a rock and killed me instantly.
  14. I sorted my XBL out at uni so been playing this online as well, currently 10-4-0 on H2H seasons.
  15. Anyone played it? I finished the main campaign a few days ago and will probably go back to get the Riddler challenges done as well as the side missions. I enjoyed most of it, seemed to lack a bit of Asylum's charm though as I didn't think there was enough of Joker in the overall storyline. Mark Hamill was outstanding once again though.
  16. I think my problem is to do with the port MC uses and my internet connection at uni, any ideas? I don't think it is my firewall in particular because I tried allowing MC and then turning it off and neither worked.
  17. I've tried logging in but it just seems like my character is falling in space and then I get disconnected.
  18. Just watched EP3, was quite shocked at the end by Shane! :P
  19. If I can fix my PC I'll definitely get involved with this, used to play MC on a server with friends but that died down.
  20. I completely forgot I brought it to uni with me, booted it up the other day and got through a few missions. I think I've nearly done the main campaign now, it's such a good game I'll probably end up playing it through again sometime.
  21. I'm glad LoL won first place, a lot of my friends play it and I have tried it this year so from my experience of the game and the updates Riot made they deserved it imo.
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