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  1. I'm not too bothered about using AHK seeing as I only want to go from 78 - 80 Mining, but I'd prefer using mousekeys over not if it makes it faster xp/hr.
  2. Anyone? I'm also struggling with mousekeys, can't seem to get dropping down particularly quickly.
  3. Might end up getting all 80+ finished in the next week or so. :thumbup:
  4. What should an inventory and equipment look like for doing power mining w/mousekeys and urns if I'm also using lava titans? Also, is it best to do granite or sandstone or iron? What xp/hour will I be getting. Any guides appreciated as well.
  5. Finished my last exam this morning, all went well and I'm hoping I get the results I need for uni come August. Got this when I came home, only two left to all 80+ now! :thumbup:
  6. http://www.ea.com/uk/football/videos/ugc/74803189 http://www.ea.com/uk/football/videos/ugc/75276586
  7. Given their approach to bots and a lot of other aspects of the game since they reintroduced free trade, I'd have to say yes they are.
  8. The thing is, I can sort of understand Jagex taking the decision to implement a loyalty program to give people incentives to keep paying for membership, but this move kind of says to people "pay by prepaid card or you might miss out on content." With holiday items for instance EVERY player has the opportunity to get the items within a reasonable time scale, but some players might not even have access to these prepaid cards which immediately puts them at a disadvantage. I also don't see why I, a member for over four years that has paid by debit card for the majority of this period, should not be able to access these items unless I switch to a more expensive and inconvenient payment type.
  9. People that pay with other methods should surely be able to access these items as well... :???:
  10. I would be interested in going but I'll be at uni then and I have no idea how it would fit into my timetable, plus I doubt I could afford it.
  11. Haven't updated in a while, here's the latest from me. Will get 90 Fishing soon, haven't been on much really just doing level 1 clues here and there for lulz and a chance of a zam page. After my exams I really want to finish up all 80+, then either continue with effigy skills or go back to dung.
  12. A quest that took 15 minutes and then a further 15 minutes for the extra hunting. That's one-third of our updates this month, and it might be that we don't even get any content from the loyalty program straight away because everybody starts with zero points. It looks like a pretty thin month in terms of updates Jagex. :???:
  13. 70k xp is like one hours fishing xp so I think the quest is worth doing for me anyway, will be interesting to see if you get 26k hunter xp per catch of the new fish thing.
  14. 21 levels till Completionist Cape if I added right.
  15. I haven't used DGS in a while because I stopped to skill and also because of exam pressures etc, I want to come back after my exams but I don't have any tokens for the rings right now. I'm 83 Dung with T7 Berserker, I will easily be able to get the tokens when I come back because it's only like 450k xp to get them but I will be out of the transitional period because my exams don't finish till the end of the month and I still haven't finished my goal of all 80+. Will I still be able to do floors with DGS to get the tokens or will I need to go to 117/148 until I meet the requirements again?
  16. I've been trying this method as well, I haven't done loads or recorded any yet but if you wanted me to go for a large sample size and record the value of each clue and an average time for each I'd be happy to do so.
  17. No microtransactions then? What a surprise, 3hitu is talking out of his arse again. :rolleyes:
  18. That underlined/bold is exactly what they want to do, they've mentioned it loads of times before. Really? I've never heard them mention it before, care to link me a source?
  19. If they introduce microtransactions, which I'm more against than for anyway, I'll be able to accept it more if they only allow cosmetic items to be bought with real money. It'll be interesting to see how it works either way, I'd like to think that their definition of a loyal player is a long time member as opposed to someone who is going to put money in their pocket in the short term.
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