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  1. The cashpile is hidden in the second picture, you can see the scroll bar isn't all the way down.
  2. I hope it is a good game of football more than anything, but I want Man Utd to win because I'm sick of the theatrics Barca keep employing in matches to get the attention of the referee.
  3. Just finished the Vice desk, not going to spoil anything but all I'll say is I'm disappointed how that desk finished. The story is still great so far though, and it makes up for the slightly repetitive gameplay.
  4. So you are being uncompromising and unhelpful towards them because you dislike some of the TEF community? I thought the TIF staff said this wasn't personal.
  5. SirHartlar

    L.A. Noire

    Surprised to see there wasn't a topic on this already, has anyone been playing it? I've really enjoyed the story driven gameplay although if I'm honest I thought it was a bit repetitive until I finished up the Homicide desk.
  6. Only about 200k so far, hopefully will get the rest soon though, not sure if I want to stay here till 80.
  7. Disappointing to see Blackpool go down when they were so close to staying up at 2-1, two great goals from Super Pav to grab a late win for Spurs though. :thumbup:
  8. Attack the Block, was very funny and definitely worth a watch.
  9. I'm not going to lie, that is absolutely incredible! Thanks for choosing my request. :grin:
  10. Do you still pixel much? I remember when you were first starting years ago. I never really got into it if I'm honest, only did about two small pieces that were very poor.
  11. - 4 capes to be hung on the wall [Fire cape, ranged 99 cape, defence 99 cape, all 80+ cape] - 2 sets of armour+shield/robes to go on the stands [Full elite void, some barrows (dharok?)] - Name [Riff] - Anything else you'd like to add/change (the weapons on the wall, a pet, etc.) [Chaotic maul on the wall if character not holding it, maybe a phoenix pet] - Did you pick the cabbage?!?! (._0)! Hell yeah, took a full inventory. :wink: Thanks if you decide to pick my idea, it looks very good so far so good luck finishing it. :)
  12. It only appears for you, and it springs up in the lava stream that you are mining. It would be very hard to miss tbh.
  13. I haven't been in a public place like this for a long time, I'd almost forgotten how god damn stupid and annoying most of the RS population.
  14. I'm liking the update so far, got 3.45k smithing xp from repairing a boiler which is a nice bonus as well. If this is good xp I might even manage to get 80 mining.
  15. I was going to give this a go, not much point now seeing the high standards of entry so far. :razz:
  16. Congrats mate, getting quite close to maxed now. :thumbup:
  17. The different threads we have now are all discussing different things though, if you merge that into one thread it's just going to be a mess. I think it should just be left as it is.
  18. Lol I got my void, tried TDs but couldn't get luring down just yet. :razz: I got exams coming up soon so won't be playing as much either.
  19. You might not remember me, welcome back anyway! Good luck maxing out. :thumbup:
  20. SirHartlar


    I got a beta key, first time I tried it the game froze when I was choosing an empire flag and I have subsequently not been able to load the game at all. :thumbup:
  21. Then there are those that have paid since 2004 and only stopped recently to deal with more pressing bills, such as food, clothing, gas... and yes, I am one of those people. Like I said, there are exceptions to the majority of F2P players that haven't ever paid. If I was Jagex I probably would give you access to the cape, but then again it makes the whole process a lot harder for them and they aren't exactly prize winners when it comes to slightly complicated situations are they?
  22. They can give back by viewing the ads that Jagex put there, and I don't imagine many F2P don't pay because they want to spite Jagex. Maybe they don't have access to ways to pay, maybe they can't afford it. I do think that if Jagex are going to keep spouting that they have the world's largest F2P game, they need to treat F2P with a bit of respect. I doubt the majority of F2P actively view ads to support Jagex, and I don't really consider that support when they aren't giving them anything themselves. If they can't afford to pay less than a fiver a month then they should be grateful for what they have anyway, most countries in the world have access to many alternative payments other than credit or visa cards so that is a bit of a non-issue. Jagex has given a hell of a lot of people a free game with over a thousand of hours of content, that's pretty generous enough don't you think? What if Jagex spontaneously cancelled their membership - which was on a credit card and just renewed itself every month -, but charged them for another two months on the back of that until they made a complaint? That's why I'm F2P and, as a player of over five years, I feel I still deserve a Veteran and Classic Cape. Well there are inevitably going to be players like yourself that are different from the average F2Per that haven't contributed to the game and would 'deserve' the capes, but at the end of the day Jagex can't really cherry pick who gets them and who doesn't because it would only cause more complaints.
  23. Completely disagree with the point made in the first article about long-time F2P members being given the Veteran/Classic capes to show Jagex respect them. If they really were that 'loyal' to the game they would be paying the minimal membership fee and giving Jagex something back for the game they play.
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