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  1. Umm well truth be told I haven't actually done any dging since I got 70 (apart from a couple of solo floors for scroll of cleansing.) I've been lurking in the dgs cc but I'll probably start doing some floors soon.
  2. Small update I guess. Making 500 of each extreme plus 200 ovls on BXPW hopefully, which should net me 93 Herblore now. After that I'll fletch and w/e till my timer goes down. I've started putting peng points on Prayer now, going to start dumping money into that when I make it and edge towards 95. Might start dging as well for some chaotics etc.
  3. Just wondering how many ashes an infernal urn can hold (accursed and infernal)? Is it worth bringing some urns along to any slayer tasks or should I take the extra time to yak them? I used a yak on my latest abyssal task and it didn't seem too bad banking them, but for Nechs or Black Demons should I just take some urns along for the minimal xp? I can see it being worth it on greater tasks as I don't really need the extra inv space for anything.
  4. Looks like a decent month, I'm interested to see how the Smithing update pans out but the other updates look good as well.
  5. I had saved a few herbs from MTK but nothing major, but I sold up some stuff and should manage to get 93 Herblore if I've calculated everything correctly. After that I'll just fletch which was what I was going to do before I found my saved herbs.
  6. I'd still vote yes, it has been pretty much what I expected and has impacted me almost exactly as I predicted it would.
  7. Ok so I found supplies in my bank to make 333 Ext Att/str/def, so coupled with my herbs from MTK that I collect in a few days time I should manage to hit 92 Herblore on BXPW. I also bought supplies to make 35k adamant arrows, which will get me close to 90 Fletching but not so much now that I'll be doing herblore as well. I might try and do some dung in the meantime for a Scroll of Cleansing, will probably solo it cos I only need like 3k tokens.
  8. Found some herbs I had lying around for such an occasion, once I collect my MTK I'll probably managed 92 Herblore before I start Fletching. :thumbup:
  9. It must be quite nice not having to worry about how the BXPW will mess up prices. :razz:
  10. Meh just gunna have another low key weekend, buy some fletching supplies while I can and jump up quickly to 90 and probably just do Agility for the rest of the timer.
  11. This might be a stupid question but for low level dungeoneerers how does it work in the cc for starting floors? Just stay in there and wait for a keyer to make one or what?
  12. Where is the best place to buy fletching supplies (namely adamant bolts unf and feathers)? I want to hit 90 quickly but there doesn't seem to be any sellers on the RSOF and I can't find any at W2 GE.
  13. Not much to update so I'll just leave my reaction to the refereeing in my football game this evening.
  14. Downloading as we speak, would be interested in playing once I get to grips with the game.
  15. Spurs were great last night, Flamini and Gattuso should have been sent off though. Looking forward to the Arsenal-Barca match, hoping for a few goals. :thumbup:
  16. 625 mining xp for the decorated urn seems really low. :mellow:
  17. Yeah is pretty fun. Actually down to 20M now lol, gunna leave it for now and maybe come back another time. Seems a bit like a gamble though.
  18. Did some box staking this morning, went from 10M -> 32M in 1.5 hours. :thumbup:
  19. Feel really sorry for the people losing their banks, yes they did something stupid but you can't help feel bad about the fact they are getting cheated out of their items.
  20. Kranjcar just scored an absolute belter! <3:
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