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  1. Did my first two dungs using Skype, hopefully can do some more in the future. :thumbup:
  2. SirHartlar


    I've only ever used cheats to enhance my own gameplay, never to hurt other peoples. Unlimited ammo and expensive cards on GTA IV is fine, getting outside the map on CoD is not.
  3. SirHartlar


    I'm not a big fan of really heavy drinking, but I'll have a drink if I'm watching football etc and getting drunk at a party isn't really a big deal. I've always been a bit wary of things like cannabis and I don't see myself ever trying it, but I don't have a problem being in an environment where others are using it really. If you are responsible then drink/drugs are fine imo.
  4. 45k free fletching and 11k free crafting xp daily, need to get my maul and start doing TDs so I can get cash for effigy skills. ;)
  5. Inb4 "why don't you train rc/farm/construction/hunter/dg". Great achievement, keep it up. :thumbup:
  6. Closing in on 80, need like 84 for chaotic though. :thumbup:
  7. No because you are a nobody in real life. Sorry to say but that is the whole truth. The roayl couple are famous, like it r not they have huge links to the Heritage and history of Britain, which for me being a historian is reason enough to like to celebrate the continuation of a proud tradition of my country. It is also the tradition of the country Jagex resides in, so they should be free to celebrate what they feel they want to. Should e not Celebrate Christmas in Runescape because some countries don't celebrate it? Should we not do Halloween because many countries don't celebrate it? Or should we just be happy that Jagex have a soul and want to celebrate a big event which is happening this month? The choice then is to be happy or be miserable and complain. Also, considering one of the Royal Princes has served in Afghanistan (or was it Iraq?) and the other, the one getting married, if my memory serves me correct is a qualified life guard and has worked closely with the British RNLI and has served in the military, they have actually done a lot more than you to deserve recognition. EDIT: Oh and also they said they are only doing the fireworks and party popper things, no actual content linking the KQ and KBD. I agree with you that it is better for Jagex to recognise and celebrate the event rather than ignore it, but you shouldn't make presumptious comments about people on an anonymous forum like that. Calling someone a 'nobody' and then saying they haven't done anything to deserve recognition just comes off as rude.
  8. Didn't know you still played! Gratz on the levels, 99 herb is nice. :thumbup:
  9. I'd only pay more if I was getting value for money. I pay a pittance to play a fun game so I try not to complain when Jagex messes up, but if I paid more I'd expect them to be more competent at running their own game.
  10. Basically I want to buy a laptop/netbook for when I go to university in the autumn. I willl probably be taking my PC with me as well which I could use for anything heavy duty such as gaming, but for word processing and browsing the internet I'd like something portable that I can take to lectures and to work with outside my room etc. I'd be willing to spend up to around £400 on one, although any money I could save by not going over the top with specs would be good. I live in the UK btw.
  11. Obt keyed some very good floor times, should get 77 later if I have time. :thumbup:
  12. Fletching pots boost +3, so you'd only need to get to 94 for effigies. :thumbup:
  13. C2 Fishing is really speeding up my goals for 92 for effigies, should get 76 Dung this reset maybe even get close to 77. :thumbup:
  14. Yeah I justed tested it in my house and it gave a +5. Still not sure though, because I imagine FM xp is more valuable because of the ability to blow up handcannons less. Anyone know if anyone of my skills would be useful for assisting?
  15. Does Chef's Delight boost by 5 at level 92? The mature version is nearly 30k which seems quite expensive for 30k cooking xp. But Cooking does seem more viable than FM at any rate.
  16. Xpx has done a great guide on C2 fishing in the guides section.
  17. Good luck getting that platebody, hope for a few visages on the way. :thumbup:
  18. Basically I want to aim to be able to open my own effigies eventually, and I was wondering what daily activities I could do to help make the process a bit cheaper. The skills I need to level are Crafting (90 -> 94)/Construction (90 -> 94)/Firemaking (95 -> 97)/Fishing (89 -> 92)/Fletching (89 -> 94)/Herblore (93 -> 95)/Smithing (81 -> 95). So far I've thought of buying battlestaves and making air staves every day, as well as buying up 3k broad arrow tips. That is only 8.8k and 45k experience respectively daily, but it's cheap. Is there anything else I can do that will make the process a bit cheaper? I also do MTK on herbs/coal but sell most of that for profit.
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