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  1. [hide]1) On average, how many hours do you spend playing games per week? [ ] - 0-5 hours [x] - 6-10 hours [ ] - 11-15 hours [ ] - 16-20 hours [ ] - 21-25 hours [ ] - 26+ hours 2) At one time, how long would you continuously play a game that you are enjoying for? [ ] - Less than an hour [x] - 1-3 hours [ ] - 4-6 hours [ ] - 7-9 hours [ ] - 10+ hours 3) Which genre of game(s) takes up a majority of your gaming time? [x] - MMO [ ] - FPS [ ] - Strategy [ ] - Simulation [ ] - Action Adventure [ ] - Roleplaying 4) In your opinion, which of these is the most important in creating a great gaming experience? [x] - Gripping, well told Story [ ] - New and inventive game play mechanics [ ] - Graphics [ ] - Soundtrack [ ] - Final reward (achievements, leaderboards etc..) [ ] - Social interaction (chat / play with friends etc..) 5) Which platform do you play most of your games on? [ ] - PC [x] - Xbox 360 [ ] - PlayStation 3 [ ] - Nintendo Wii [ ] - Handhelds (PSP, DS, Gameboy) [ ] - Other (please specify) Please only answer the questions below if you feel comfortable in doing so. 6) Gender? [x] - Male [ ] - Female 7) Age? [ ] - 10-15 [x] - 16-20 [ ] - 21-25 [ ] - 26-30 [ ] - 30+[/hide]
  2. Wait, this is a serious music video? I thought it was a parody of something. :unsure:
  3. More incentive to go for all 80+. :thumbup:
  4. Did a few really good floors with people in the DGS chat, had one that was a bit of a stinker though. :-P
  5. Damn, wished I could've gotten myself a Divine that would have been sweet. :-P
  6. To be 90% sure you get a +6 bonus you'd need to go through 287 stews.
  7. I'm currently level 70 looking to get a lot higher, have a few quick q's. What should I have bound? Currently Prom2h/Plate/arrows What should be my method of doing floors? Which to C1 and which to C6 large etc Any guides for a newb non keyer?
  8. Just looked at your latest monster drops, those three abyssal heads would've made me sad/mad a year or so ago. :razz:
  9. I'm pretty much done with BXPW now, finishing up a fishing trip at Cavefish which was a nice bit of extra xp. I'm going to start DGing now I think, aiming for my first chaotic and then another as well so I can start MHing effectively. Will probably C1 up to like floor 30 and do 5:5 larges after that.
  10. I don't have Void so what should I look to replace that with? Also, seeing as I obviously don't have the best gear for these are there any other bosses I could solo that would be better cash for me or would things like Dks be pretty similar?
  11. With the most part of my BXPW over now, I want to start looking at making some money for skills and now that I can use overloads I definitely want to get back into monster hunting. TDs seem like a good option because I can do short concentrated trips, and get effigies and charms. I have had a bit of experience there but I probably need to learn new luring methods, so basically I just want to know what the best ways for me to kill them is. My stats are: Maxed melee, ranged, mage 97 Summoning 93 Herb (got overloads) No chaotics 83 Prayer I have barrows armour and fury, but no Bandos. If theres a video guide that is useful feel free to post. I also need help with inventories etc cos I have never used ovls before.
  12. 90 -> 93 Herblore (and close to 94), 87 -> 89 Fletching. Done just over two hours now, not sure whether to go for 80 Thieving and finish that up or use the bonus on Agility. Overall I'm really happy with the herblore though, made just over 200 ovls (3) and have some herbs leftover from Scroll of Cleansing so it's been really successful for me.
  13. http://forum.tip.it/topic/108285-spicy-stew-guide-with-statistics/ Old guide but useful.
  14. Barca seem incapable of shooting outside the six yard box. It was a shame RVP was sent off for such a ridiculous reason, although in all honesty Barca should have wrapped they game up much better with the domination they had.
  15. Jesus christ I didn't realise his injury was that bad. Liverpool were amazing though, just hoping Spurs pull it back against Wolves now.
  16. Anyone got any tips for a beginner to a game like this? I've just been playing through standard games on the easiest difficulty trying to pick up as much as possible.
  17. SirHartlar


    I thought the movie was pretty well done personally, definitely worth a watch.
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