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  1. I'll be honest I don't fancy going back to DG for rigour just yet, but everything else is really useful info. How about luring?
  2. Ok so I just need to wrap up getting Elite Void (need one helmet) and I should be ready to go to TDs. I haven't killed them in years so it'll probably be a completely new learning process, I need advice on luring spots etc as well as equipment. I have overloads, chaotic maul, void but no claws for spec. Maxed combat apart from prayer and summoning (no turm/ss or steel titan). Any links to guides appreciated, looking to max my kill p/hr.
  3. 5000 CW games and all the champion scrolls? Jesus that really is a completionists cape.
  4. [bleep]ing Heurelho Gomes! Spurs need to get another keeper in during the summer, Manuel Neuer preferably. ;)
  5. The Barca vs Real game last night was an absolute joke. I really despise the way Busquets goes down like he's been shot in the face and then the entire team bar Messi surrounds the referee waving imaginary cards. Don't get me wrong, Di Maria and Marcelo were also guilty of play acting and calling for cards but it does make me wonder how Barca can claim it was a footballing victory for them. People will complain about Jose's negative tactics for the big occasion but Barca's tactics for the big occasion are to put pressure on the refs and get a 11v10 situation.
  6. Quick update I guess, still working towards Void which is pretty boring! I have elite top/elite bottoms and gloves, just need melee and ranged helms and I can get started on TDs.
  7. I'll probably watch it, I'm not a royalist by any means but it isn't often you get to see such an occasion so I don't want to miss it. I'm more interested to see if people in the UK are celebrating the wedding at all rather than watching it.
  8. Picture thread is still in this forum, it is stickied at the top so it doesn't move. And yeah W99 is still the "official" TIF world as far as I'm aware, I'm sure you'd get a few HYT's in return if you said it at Edgeville bank. Was just hoping i'd see familiar faces but to no avail... Are there any particular names you remember? I might be able to tell you if they still play or not.
  9. Picture thread is still in this forum, it is stickied at the top so it doesn't move. And yeah W99 is still the "official" TIF world as far as I'm aware, I'm sure you'd get a few HYT's in return if you said it at Edgeville bank.
  10. Heh I remember you. People don't say HYT nearly as much as they used to tbh.
  11. Nah I'm definitely coming back to get 90+ DG, just doing other stuff for a bit. You can close this btw, I bought the maul. :thumbup:
  12. Thanks broski :thumbup: Just got this, also applying to Heart Unit so I can get some void (hopefully).
  13. Just got my first chaotic, chose the maul in the end over the rapier. Might take a break from dung for the meantime and get myself equipped for TDs (void, super prayers), need to make cash for effigy skills, 99 Summ and 95 Prayer. :thumbup:
  14. Ok so I know the default answer would definitely be rapier, but I'm not 100% sure I would use it as much as a maul. I don't plan on levelling Slayer again for a long, long time. I want to start killing TDs for money so I can raise my effigy skills, and I figured a maul would be better for this. I will get both eventually but I want to take a break from Dungeoneering to start raising my skills and getting money again for a while.
  15. Your gravestone timer goes down when you are in limbo, so it doesn't make it any slower at all for killing bots.
  16. Bought supplies for 94 Fletching, should have that soon. Still undecided on maul or rapier first, leaning towards maul.
  17. I would give the mod a guided tour of Runescape to show how wonderfully their bot detection system is working. Highlights of the tour would include, but are not limited to: *Aubury in Varrock *Living Rock Caverns *Sorceress' Garden *Soul Wars *CT Green Dragons
  18. Finding it quite hard to get dungeons with DGS atm, really want my first chaotic but hopefully won't have to resort to random teams.
  19. I just find it amusing that those on the other end of the spectrum to the "efficiency clowns" seem to have an incessant need to justify the way they play. You can say "But I'm having fun" all you want, but that's completely missing the point. If you sincerely enjoy the way you play then THAT'S OK, what the efficient players are trying to do when they give advice is offer a way of playing that will inevitably get you places quicker. If you don't find it fun then don't do it, in my opinion the helpful advice given by many players on TIF is given constructively and is rarely shoved down people's throats. It's like people have this knee jerk reaction when someone mentions efficiency, they suddenly have to justify the way they play because they are worried about being seen as inferior or something.
  20. I hope people don't lose their DG binds or anything like that.
  21. What's going on ingame? I couldn't log in.
  22. I've always been of the mindset that the risk of botting outweighs the reward for me personally; I wouldn't want to risk my account. I've considered selling my account before for a decent amount of RL cash, but I decided against it in the end and I'm glad I still have my account to enjoy the game with.
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