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  1. Tried killing Glacors a few times, got about five kills and three deaths with a few different methods but couldn't get the hang of it so gave up. :P Should finish up 94 Crafting soon, might move onto 97 FM after or maybe 92 Fishing.
  2. Got 89 Smithing and finished the Ardy elite diary. :thumbup:
  3. Just did the new quest, was amazing! Although I got stuck for twenty minutes (literally stuck) in Kethsi when an agility obstacle failed and I was trapped in a 1x1 square. Mod Paul came and sorted it out though which was cool.
  4. Awesome quest, really enjoyed the puzzles and boss fights. The cutscenes were really good as well.
  5. Gf QA, fell down on Kethsi agility puzzle and I'm now stuck.
  6. Thanks guys. :) Did the Falador and Varrock Elite tasks, used the lamps on Fishing as I thought that would be most beneficial for my goals. Will do Ardougne Elite once I can boost to 91 Smithing, might attempt Taskmaster emote in the future.
  7. Good luck with your goals! I voted Barrows because with your Magic level I'd be worried about being crashed at DKs, unless you got a team together in which case it could be good for you.
  8. Got this with bars to spare, was all a bit rushed seeing as I couldn't get on until this morning. :thumbup:
  9. Just looks like a brutal green dragon to me.
  10. Haven't been on too much, did the new quest which was good and have just been doing Temple Trekking. Going to get 88 Smithing on BXPW hopefully.
  11. Was disappointed that Spurs lost so convincingly to Man City, but seeing Arsenal fall apart like they did cheered me up.
  12. Going to do Temple Trekking and got all the characters to 99 I think, I will be keeping all my rewards banked till I'm done and I'm collecting snake hides and talon nails as well as vyre corpses so I'll see how many I get by the time I'm done.
  13. How are Jagex greedy and pathetic for wanting to get more people buying their product? :unsure:
  14. Sounds like a good way to get people to introduce new players, pretty similar to how WoW do it so I can Jagex getting some success out of it.
  15. I read a review of it and I might get it, will probably watch a few gameplay trailers first though just to see how it plays.
  16. I've been working towards all 80+ for ages, and wanted 95 Prayer since curses came out. I finally got enough cash for the latter when I got a whip vine drop on release day, on my first kill of the mutated Jadinkos. It has taken me absolutely ages to get from all 70+ to all 80+, particularly with RC, Mining and Hunter. Very pleased to have finally finished such a long term goal, probably going to continue getting effigy skills up now as a new long term goal.
  17. I took a gamble on Ivanovich (said he was 75% chance of playing) and Rafael wasn't announced when I'd last checked (a couple of hours before the match). Didn't want to change the totenham players because putting them back in my team would require multiple transfers and I thought I was covered as I didn't know about Rafael's injury. When you say another week of unlimited transfers, are you talking about the wildcard or did they change it so we get two weeks of unlimited transfers automatically? Ah my bad, I didn't realise you were talking about players that weren't definitely injured.
  18. This update looks really good, I think I'll probably enjoy playing it as well as using the rewards.
  19. It told you which players were injured and that the Spurs game was off, you could have made changes until a couple of hours before the first game. :-? Good start for me, quite glad we have another week of unlimited transfers as there's a bit of chop and change I need to make for next weeks games.
  20. I'm actually quite looking forward to all these minigame updates, I've always liked Temple Trekking so hopefully they do make it even better.
  21. If I can get 100k xp a day (there or thereabouts), I'll be done by next week. Peep Show and Torchwood boxsets will get me through. :P
  22. SirHartlar

    England Riots

    I actually find this to be true. If the riots hadn't been beamed into the media 24/7 for the last three days until they seem almost glamourised, do you think it'd be spreading? It's putting ideas in people's heads. Who can't think 'I could go for a new x, if they can do it without police stopping them (which is pretty much all the news has been saying. looters going unpunished, not enough police) then there are people out there immoral and desperate enough. I don't BLAME the media but they're not helping! Small pockets of trouble in Salford & Manchester, I really hope it doesn't kick off into a major riot and, if it does, they stay the [bleep] away from my Primark! Primark often looks like theres been a riot in there anyways. ;)
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