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  1. I registered three years ago - and let my contributions to the forums since never be forgotten.
  2. Banned for having an avatar that's too.. happy.
  3. RS of course, WoW, DnD, Minecraft, Battleon, Ultima Online, Pokemon Crater, you name it, basically every hobby there is.
  4. The stupidest thing I got grounded for happened the day I hit manhood. Feeling pumped full of manly energy, I marched to the kitchen and demanded a bacon sandwich in basso profundo. I realized we didn't have any bacon, so I decided to go to the shops. Being a man, you know, doors were a thing of the past. So instead of using the front door, I took a detour through the living room french windows, and marched right through them. Following the resounding crash came a cry of, "YOU'RE GROUNDED!" from my mom. Didn't let me go out until they got replacement window panes. But I was only doing what men do. WTF is that?
  5. This is one of those times I would quickly move to the food stand, but I don't think Tip it has one.
  6. Kevin


    It doesn't come up on my Pokedex! What is this you speak of? Maybe you haven't upgraded to the National Pokedex yet. I was a widely respected and liked member here a year and a half ago, but got in a spot of trouble with the rules. The admins let me come back, however, and for that I thank them. Today, I attempted some gaming olympics, and tried to play RS, WoW, Minecraft and DnD all at once.
  7. Kevin


    Fair play to you and your 7,601 posts, but I value quality over quantity. My posts are substantial in intellect and enlightenment, and am sure that they will engage many Tip it forumers and pave my way to power - that alongside my current reigning title of supreme overlord of RS, of course.
  8. Kevin


    My first public appearance since my untimely departure last year. No doubt after I've climbed the hierarchy of Tip.it respect again, people will look back to my debut return post in this very topic.
  9. Kevin


    Today, I make my debut return post to Tip it. Many greetings to you all from your supreme overlord. And an excellent 6 hour RS playtime today.
  10. 7 warning points under my profile name. It's a bit like stepping on the scales this morning and seeing a similarly undesirable number (although - the number on the scales was double my warning points, actually) but nevertheless, I'm a changed man now. Let the number never rise again - er, my warning points, not my weight.
  11. Kevin

    3 word story

    John noted that and shouted, "Hey, Leave that kid who's called Kevin :thumbsup:
  12. Kevin


    And you weigh how much now? One bite of that and I think my tin foil attire would become two sizes too small. What. Lasagna isn't fatty at all. And you don't look very fit judging by that picture. There is a beautiful person inside me. quite a few of them Now can we all just please now, stay on topic. I got a complaint from a moderator, something about off-topic posting in this thread. You know you're making it right then..
  13. That was an accident

  14. "Shiny added you as a friend."

    Dude, if you want a signed photo, I'll gladly give you one. I just finished making another stackful. Don't need to get all corny on me or anything

  15. China will become the worlds strongest power because their caffeine intake is monstrous. Yes, that makes sense.
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