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  1. The U.S. may be stronger when it comes to the size of their military and their influence in organisations like the UN, but China could give them a run for their money on both of those fields, and a couple of the European countries definitely have better military technology. Vietnam, Iraq, any of those names ring a bell?
  2. So what if Bush said it. What's he going to do about it if Israel decides not to listen?
  3. I don't like Al Gore one bit, but it would be ignorant to say he's not causing something good to happen.
  4. Some reasons why the test isn't accurate: 100 is a very low number for a good experiment 2.10 dollars + an obviously fake gift certificate aren't really good motivation to bother bringing it back it's not stealing, it's keeping what you find (sarcasm for this one)
  5. I speak English and Dutch fluently, and can read/ listen to (not very good at speaking) French, German, Latin and Ancient Greek
  6. I fail to see the connection between homosexuality and a soldier's funeral...
  7. I think everybody who values a few animals over developing medicine should get an incurable disease, just to see exactly what they're against.
  8. Say the things to people I never had the guts to say, then do something that will make sure people remember me.
  9. luna means moon, but I have no idea where I got pasa from. I've been using this name in games and forums for a few years now.
  10. :lol: and +1 to all those "thread fail" posts
  11. The Nobel Committee's got a point there, the world isn't exactly going to be a nice place when we start waging war over fossil fuels.
  12. "Get of your lazy [wagon] and work!" It would've saved me from a lot of problems.
  13. lunapasa


    Read it all up till now in a few hours, now I have to wait for each new page :( Ps: look carefully at the first sentence. Ehm... "throughout the storyline" ?
  14. One of the kids at that school should give a hug to whoever thought of that rule.
  15. So? People ban kids from doing things all the time, since when do they actually listen?
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