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  1. I'd say that if you're cuddling you're miles ahead of someone in the friendzone. Who cuddles with their friends?
  2. Miranda Kerr vs. horse with a blonde wig
  3. But's he's already been on twice before already. Maybe he won this time?
  4. Zoe is objectively hotter than that Cheryl lady. Everyone voting for Cheryl is literally wrong.
  5. 23 seems to be the number of regular users so 23 votes should be fine. Especially when the victory clearly belongs to somebody.
  6. Riku3220


    If anyone ever finds their way to the San Antonio area of Texas you should go to Biff Buzby's Burgers. Hands down the best burger I've eaten anywhere. Five Guys and In n Out are also really good though.
  7. Riku3220


    I long for the day we get snow in Corpus Christi. Everything would be shut down immediately. The last snowfall was over 10 years ago though and it's 73 degrees outside righr now.
  8. Riku3220


    I recommend buying a panini press for any beginning chefs. I use mine to grill all kinds of meat. Also it makes really good toast.
  9. Riku3220


    Bring literally anything that you want and that you think other people might enjoy. I don't know about Canadian potlucks, but if you don't bring anything to an American potluck then people think you're a dick. Dress is dependent on context like Bonez said.
  10. Dormer actually won and then Muggiw changed his vote. <.<
  11. Do 25 different people even regularly browse OT?
  12. Riku3220


    I preordered the collector's edition for Street Fighter 5. It comes with a sweet 10 inch statue of Ryu and a 48 page hardcover artbook. This is probably the best collector's edition of a game I've seen in years. The only way it could have been made better is with a steelbook covers for the game.
  13. Half shaved head can be done well but it just isn't working for Dormer in those pics. Gotta give it to Clarke.
  14. Guys it's 2016. Smilies are a thing of the past, you've got to use emojis now.
  15. I finally got around to beating The Witcher 3. Lately I've just been playing a lot of Black Ops 3 trying to get gold/diamond weapons and hero armor because I won't really have anything to do until Street Fighter V comes out next month.
  16. Riku3220


    I bought into the hype and bought a couple of lines for the Powerball. $4 down the drain or sudden multi-millionaire? We'll find out tomorrow night.
  17. We make cars hard to access for psychos and inconvenience legitimate drivers. Driving is a much more important skill in life than shooting yet it is much less accessible. But, and here is the big but, cars are the most lethal weapon most of us have access to and more people are killed by cars each year than guns so the regulation makes a lot of sense. The only thing you have to do to get a drivers license is prove that you're capable of driving a car without incident. Then if you do something stupid they suspend or revoke your license.
  18. Rpg I don't understand what that has to do with open or concealed carry. It just sounds like a criminal shooting at a cop, which would happen whether or not guns were legal to carry. Saq, the one Wal Mart I've seen carrying guns sold rifles as sporting/hunting equipment, next to the fishing poles. It's not like they're running a deal where if you buy a pack of chicken you get a Glock 17 free. Also you talk a lot about making guns harder to access for psychos, but I've yet to see any suggestions for making that happen without making it also inconvenient to people who aren't going to do harm with them.
  19. Perhaps the next trip you make into the U.S. you could stop by a gun show or a firing range. I feel like you won't be as nervous once you experience them a little.
  20. I live in Texas and right now a big dividing issue among Texans is the new open carry law that just went into motion. Open carry is the ability to visibly show that you're carrying a firearm in public without having it be a criminal offense. As of January 1st, open carry became legal in Texas for anyone who has a handgun license (longarms such as rifles don't require a license), and on August 1st, citizens will be able to concealed carry their weapons on public college campuses. Businesses and private property owners can forbid firearms (both concealed and open carry) on their property as long as they display the proper signage.The law, coming in after what seems to have been a year of constant mass shootings, has of course prompted debate. Both pro-open carry and anti-open carry people are boycotting stores that don't see eye to eye with them. People have quit their jobs citing that they no longer feel safe when the people they have to deal with are able to openly carry guns. So being that I have the opportunity to discuss this with a wide variety of people from around the world, what do you all think about this? Would you personally feel threatened or in danger if you saw somebody with a gun? If you don't like the idea of open carry would you still be okay with concealed carry? Also I'm curious to know about how much experience you all have with guns, and if you think your opinion would be different if you lived in a more gun tolerant/intolerant country. My dad was in the military and my mom was a police officer so they've both have been around guns and have had training for awhile. They own a few and go to the range every couple of weeks just as a fun thing to do. They both have had permits since only concealed carry was allowed but they never really took their guns out unless they were going to the range and they don't have any plans to openly carry. They never really brought guns into our home until I was a teenager but even then, growing up in Texas/Oklahoma/Missouri with friends whose parents were either avid hunters or also military/police I was never really sheltered from guns. I was never afraid for my life that one day either my friends or their parents would snap and go on a shooting spree or anything like that. They've all had training. They all knew how to use and handle their weapons safely. A few people have told me that they were considering transferring to a school out of state because they didn't want to be around people openly carrying, but I don't really see the sense in it. Personally I'd much rather know that somebody has a gun than not know if they have a gun and the way I see it, if somebody wanted to shoot up a place they'd do it with or without the open carry or even concealed carry laws. I know that gun control debates have been getting heated in these last couple years, but try to keep the discussion civil. FAQ about Texas open carry laws
  21. Nah, if they believed that I wouldn't be around for Christmas. Besides, I prefer gift cards over the garbage that my aunt's parents (no real relation to me) keep getting me. Last year they got me a money clip (I don't carry cash), and this year they got me a personal grooming kit which half of it is literally impossible for me to use.
  22. Christmas loot: Vacuum cleaner, white chocolate Pringles, a ball for my cat, Star Wars hoodie, $25 Best Buy gift card, $20 Dominos gift card, $20 PetSmart gift card, $300 cash. Not too bad.
  23. It seems like the general consensus is positive. I've got a couple bottles of Curve Crush so I guess I'll try it out next semester.
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