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    If you can get at least half of these right then you can talk shit about Americans and their geographic knowledge.
  2. Riku3220


    Once in jr.high I had to give a presentation to 4th graders about cigarettes. It was an all day thing since we had to hit multiple classes and it wasn't as bad as I thought. They were all attentive, not disruptive, and generally pretty chill. Obviously doing it 5 days a week for ~40 weeks is going to be a lot harder but it's still pretty doable.
  3. I'm waiting for those bonus pics that shifts the popular opinion.
  4. Most womenMy experience with female friends is vastly different than yours it seems.Aren't you a virgin though >_> Not anymore actually. But either way neither I or nor anyone I've known has ever cuddled with a platonic friend. Cuddling is pretty much universally seen as an intimate act. Like, if someone in a monogamous relationship saw their partner cuddling with someone else, that'd be grounds for a break up.
  5. Most women My experience with female friends is vastly different than yours it seems.
  6. Still playing Black Ops 3, just hit 6th Prestige. I only have 3 more specialists to go until I unlock hero armor. I've gotten diamond assault rifles and diamond pistols. One LMG to complete until I get diamond LMGs and I'm working on the launchers at the same time. Street Fighter 5 comes out next week and I can't wait it's going to be so fun
  7. I'd say that if you're cuddling you're miles ahead of someone in the friendzone. Who cuddles with their friends?
  8. Miranda Kerr vs. horse with a blonde wig
  9. But's he's already been on twice before already. Maybe he won this time?
  10. Zoe is objectively hotter than that Cheryl lady. Everyone voting for Cheryl is literally wrong.
  11. 23 seems to be the number of regular users so 23 votes should be fine. Especially when the victory clearly belongs to somebody.
  12. Riku3220


    If anyone ever finds their way to the San Antonio area of Texas you should go to Biff Buzby's Burgers. Hands down the best burger I've eaten anywhere. Five Guys and In n Out are also really good though.
  13. Riku3220


    I long for the day we get snow in Corpus Christi. Everything would be shut down immediately. The last snowfall was over 10 years ago though and it's 73 degrees outside righr now.
  14. Riku3220


    I recommend buying a panini press for any beginning chefs. I use mine to grill all kinds of meat. Also it makes really good toast.
  15. Riku3220


    Bring literally anything that you want and that you think other people might enjoy. I don't know about Canadian potlucks, but if you don't bring anything to an American potluck then people think you're a dick. Dress is dependent on context like Bonez said.
  16. Dormer actually won and then Muggiw changed his vote. <.<
  17. Do 25 different people even regularly browse OT?
  18. Riku3220


    I preordered the collector's edition for Street Fighter 5. It comes with a sweet 10 inch statue of Ryu and a 48 page hardcover artbook. This is probably the best collector's edition of a game I've seen in years. The only way it could have been made better is with a steelbook covers for the game.
  19. Half shaved head can be done well but it just isn't working for Dormer in those pics. Gotta give it to Clarke.
  20. Guys it's 2016. Smilies are a thing of the past, you've got to use emojis now.
  21. I finally got around to beating The Witcher 3. Lately I've just been playing a lot of Black Ops 3 trying to get gold/diamond weapons and hero armor because I won't really have anything to do until Street Fighter V comes out next month.
  22. Riku3220


    I bought into the hype and bought a couple of lines for the Powerball. $4 down the drain or sudden multi-millionaire? We'll find out tomorrow night.
  23. We make cars hard to access for psychos and inconvenience legitimate drivers. Driving is a much more important skill in life than shooting yet it is much less accessible. But, and here is the big but, cars are the most lethal weapon most of us have access to and more people are killed by cars each year than guns so the regulation makes a lot of sense. The only thing you have to do to get a drivers license is prove that you're capable of driving a car without incident. Then if you do something stupid they suspend or revoke your license.
  24. Rpg I don't understand what that has to do with open or concealed carry. It just sounds like a criminal shooting at a cop, which would happen whether or not guns were legal to carry. Saq, the one Wal Mart I've seen carrying guns sold rifles as sporting/hunting equipment, next to the fishing poles. It's not like they're running a deal where if you buy a pack of chicken you get a Glock 17 free. Also you talk a lot about making guns harder to access for psychos, but I've yet to see any suggestions for making that happen without making it also inconvenient to people who aren't going to do harm with them.
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