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  1. Personally, as a F2P, I don't mind the ads, but I never click them. And that is a good idea, whoever said it, to make the ads go away after clicking them. That would earn more money for Jagex and the player could go on with their playing. By the way... who said ads can give viruses? I don't think it's possible to get viruses just by looking at them. If you click on them, sure, that's a different story. But not from displaying them.
  2. Oh for God's sake... I don't know, Tip.it seems to be going downhill. I guess more people from RSOF have found it and are now flooding us with their genius. :wall: Also, what kind of advice is this, to go report this? I mentioned this bug MONTHS ago, and asked if I should report the person who was abusing it. And what did Tip.it respond? "What a noob, can't you leave the guy alone? Why do you have to be a wannabe mod? GTFO of our forums." And now, all of a sudden, it's okay to report. D'oh! And to compfreak and magzar: you don't seem to understand the bug. It is something that can be abused, just not quickly. Basically, the idea is to stay in one area and kill the same type of enemy for a while, then bury bones. If this hasn't been fixed, it will spawn a random. Guaranteed. It's a slow way of gaining exp, but it's still a glitch/bug that is being abused.
  3. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I will miss you gnomecopters... :cry: You were the closest I'll ever get to being members...
  4. Oh yeah! The Tip.It pic is once again resurrected!!! Forum Name: magicianxy RuneScape Name: Magician Xy Name to use on picture: Magician Xy Picture: URL: http://www.freewebs.com/magicianxy/images/self.png
  5. Wow, I can't believe this thread is still being discussed. It kinda dropped to the second page a few months ago, and now here it is again. Well, if it continues with good discussion, I'm all for it! I still think GoP could be fixed up a ton. And with Jagex's promise to make this and "update year", I am fairly certain that they will look into this minigame to improve it. If you take a look at my sig (<3:) you'll see I've already gotten the runecrafting top, and since making that sig I've got the hat too. But I think I'll be taking the advice of some the above posters and quitting for now. I really can't stand how horribly made that game is, and until Jagex fixes it, I'll be boycotting it. Which, if anything they say is true, shouldn't be too long. :^o -.-
  6. Just my personal opinion, but I thiink there is a difference between "noobs" and"newbs". Newbs, as their name implies, are new to the game, and therefore don't really know how to play. They can be annoying sometimes when they ask for help constantly: "can u bring me 2 varock? weres drynor? i ned flour 4 quest plz" But all in all they're pretty harmless. But noobs... seeing how their name is spelled (oh so similar to boobs), you can guess what the main problem is with these guys. They are incessant beggars, whiners, complainers, annoyances, hindrances, and generally mess up the game. Noobs are basically anyone who is rude to another or does not stop bugging another person after being asked to stop (this is a fairly vague and general definition). Newbs by definition are low level players. Noobs are any level players.
  7. Wow. Just wow. I can't believe how incredibly STUPID some people can be. The only intelligent thing said during that whole report was when the news reporter (at the end) said to be careful not to go to websites you're not sure about. Well, duh!!! It's idiotic poeple like this who go and screw up the game. They are openly admitting to RWTing. And then criticizing Jagex for not doing enough to catch cheaters! To be completely honest, I hope Jagex sues this idiotic family for breaking the rules and defamation.
  8. No, I think this post can stay open. After all, we're discussing funny stuff about quick chat, not the suggestion of more options, right? I don't have a story for quick chat. The only thing I can add here is that I find it annoying that people imitate the quick chat format to fake high skill levels. For example, someone says, "My Mining level is 99" when they were just asking people minutes before why they can't get into the mining guild... :wall: ^not a true story btw lol
  9. The problem is that the GE search only does a substring search; that is, it checks whether what you've typed in is part of an item name or not. Ideally, it would check for misspelled words too (ie, "dager" would return "dagger"). Also, I thought I read in one of Mod MMG's posts that spelling of items and item names were going to be one of the things looked at for updating with consistancy.
  10. There are so many flaws with this idea. You say that players should all get the same items and get the same opportunity to get them every year. You claim that the purpose behind releasing these items is to have fun. That's only somewhat true. All holiday items have a very simple purpose, and that is to show others exactly how long youve been playing. If you've got an Easter item from 2005, that shows that you've been playing since at least then. With rares, there is a similar purpose: It shows others how rich and wealthy you are. Yes, there is nothing "functional" about party hats. But then again, party hats are not about functionality. They are about showing off. Turning items into coins? As one of the posters above me said, the economic impact of that would be huge. There would be a huge surplus of gold in the economy with nothing to spend it on. Everything would go down in price, or up, and then sideways as the whole economy of RS is thrown belly up. And my final point: You say that all of this should happen right away, just like what happened with the wilderness. Similarly, people will get over the loss of party hats and other rares. I don't think so. When Jagex got rid of the wilderness, the compensated by releasing Bounty Hunter, Duel Arena for F2P, and Summoning a month later. Then they RE-INTRODUCED PvP. If Jagex were to get rid of rares, they would need to compensate somehow. Obviously not by changing items into gold, for reasons stated above. Then what? And no, I am not writing nachalo in the top of my post! ;)
  11. The reason they left that article there is simple: back before we knew about all these gods and how they came to be, there was Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak, three brothers. They fought in the God Wars, or whatever happened, then stopped becuase they didn't want to destroy Gielenor. To explain this to players, Jagex put up this article. Now, with all the new quests that go into more detail about the "truth", and especially with the WGS quest, Jagex had to update their history. They didn't want to get rid of this article, though, because it's a kind of relic from the past, to show how simple Runscape was back then. It's got a kind of sentimental value. Therefore, in order to keep the article, they just put the disclaimer before it about this history not necessarily being the right one or whatnot. Besides, for the beginner player, this history is sufficient. Don't need to know the super details that early. :P
  12. Like the guy above me said, Jagex only posts news about the biggest updates; that doesn't mean they don't work on other stuff behind the scenes. Anyway, I haven't heard from anyone else that's having a problem, my guess is your internt is a little on the slow side on some days. Happends to me too sometimes.
  13. Now, without claiming to be a computer expert, my professional opinion would be that your internet is broken. I suggest getting a new one at Internetz R' Us. :lol: Good updates, though I'm sad they didnt make the teleport f2p... Ah well. Everything else is ok. I hope Jagex knows that for at least a week, Runescape is just going to be a giant swearfest, though. #-o
  14. I actually was a bit disappointed as far as the quality of the articles today (the randoms one and the mole one). The randoms article was filled with grammatical and spelling errors. That would be fine if it were a topic or thread found on the general discussion forum, but this is a Times article which should have been checked to look more professional. The randoms article in particular had a lot of misplaced capital letters and odd sentence structure. Aside from my grammar nazi-ness, I thought the articles were ok. I didn't particularly agree with the randoms article; I actually enjoy randoms when I get them. And Molly is hard to catch? Not really. I get her every time on my first try. She doesn't move fast at all. And the mole one was good too. At least it tried to interject some humor.
  15. The best thing to do, in a situation like this, is claim to get something amazing as a drop from whatever they claim you're stealing. Noob: OMG! liek, stop kiling my dragns! Me: Ok, fine, after this one... [kills dragon] Me: WOW! Dragonic visage! awesome! Noob: Wtf that's mine giv it bak h4x0r noob
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