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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Happy New Year Neko!!!! <3 ya!

  3. Happy New Year princess <3 @->--

  4. Hope you are doing well. Miss talking =)

  5. Hope you are doing well. Miss talking =)

  6. Happy birthday :D

  7. Hai Mr.Neko! I noticed i didnt have you added as a friend her on TIF - we cant have that!

    *hugs* :)

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Congratz to you and your family on the new addition! Much love !!!!

  10. Probably problem that your graphic card have legacy drivers, and 9.3 is older than drivers from Win 7. I used this procedure, and it helped.
  11. I was not at barrows for a long time, but my food of choice was karambwan's. Cheap (100ea at Tai Bwo Willage EDIT: They are not that cheap anymore :cry: ), and heal 18. Also, karambwan's have delayed healing (when you eat it, you get healed with small delay), so if you eat it when your hit animation start, you do both hit and heal. I always kill brothers in this order 1. Dharok 2. Karil 3. Ahrim 4. Verac 5. Guthan 6. Torag and if Dharok or Karil are not in tunnel I do not use p pots.
  12. Path trough maze: Start North East of Shilo village, near nat altar Climb-Up Vine East Climb-up Vine E,S,E, Climb-down Vine W,N,W, Climb-down Vine S, Cut Vines, Crawl-through Cut vines S, Squeeze-through Vines S,W, Climb-up Vines S, Climb-up Vines S, Climb-up Vines Here is Karmajan Jungle eagle E, Climb-down vines Look for Swing-on vine to east N, Climb-down Vine E, Climb-down Vine S, Cut Vines, Crawl-through Cut vines S, Squeeze-through Vines S, Climb-Up Vine E, Climb-Up Vine E, Cross Vine (Bridge) E, Climb-down Vine N,E,S, Climb-down Vine S, Cut Vines, Crawl-through Cut vines E, Climb-Up Vine S,W, Climb-Up Vine W, Climb-down Vine N, Climb-Up Vine W, Cross Vine (Bridge) W,S,E, Climb-down Vine E,S,W, Climb-down Vine Dig Loose soil (End) You need machete to cut vines E=East W=West S=South N=North It is easyer than it look here, because I was writing almost all steps, even if they are only possilble ones.
  13. You can try crafting. Buy dragonhide leather, and make body's, then alch them for mage exp. If I was you, I wold not go for 99. I would invest in geting 69 construction, and make gilded altar (with small help from tea and crystal saw). Rest of money yse to increase prayer (it should be enough for about 90-92 prayer), and when you can aford it, invest more money in prayer. I was 116 when I got 99 prayer, an I think it was worth every gp I invest in it.
  14. This is only method I use to train construction. You hire butler (not demon butler - waste of money), and you buy oak planks (or better if you want faster, but more expensive exp). Then, you need workshop in your house, but I think that you already know that. Now the main thing. In your inventory put noted planks, money (you pay 5k for every 8 or 10 runs butler make), hammer and saw. rest fill with unnoted planks. I personaly make oak curved dining tables (takes 6 planks). As sone you get into house use noted planks on butler, and he will offer to take them to bank and unnote them. Give him 20 planks. Then start making flatpacks and when he returnes from bank he will fill your inv with planks. If you can not take all planks from him, he will stand next to you until you talk to him again. When you get some time, use it to drop flatpacks from your inv. It culd be a bit faster if you find somebody to take oak carved tables for free, but I could not find anybody interested. It is prety fast exp (I did not try to make laders, so I can not compare). And one last thing, when butler talk to you (to tell you that you do not have enough space in inv), do not talk back to him. Continue with making flatpackswithout finishing conversation, and he will stand next to you. If you finish conversation, he will walk away, and you will have to run after him to get planks from him. P.S. English is not my native language, but I hope that you can understand what I was telling you.
  15. This is house layout that I sugest for all my friends. It is 10 rooms (including garden). They make house wery usable for later trening, and you have some rooms left for dungeon. If you want to know why is every room where it is, here is explanation. North of portal is chapel. If you ever try to go for prayer 99, you will apreciate chapel directly north of portal. Next to chapel is study for making teleport tablets, and on exits of study 2 portal rooms. West of garden is another study, for making bones to peaches tablets and another portal. There are 3 portal rooms for 7 portals (Falador, Varrock, Lumby, Ardy, Yanille, Camelot and Canafis) East of garden is Quest hall for glory teleport. I have made Canafis portal in portal room that is next to chapel, and I used that for banking while I was trening payer (House teletablets for going back to house) There is enough rooms left for dungeon, throne room, skill halls, etc. Only thing that is diferent in my room is that this picture is rotated, so my chapel is on south (and I know from personal expirience that north is better orientation), and I have formal garden with exit portal.
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